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60-DAY NOTICE: Usher's SELLING Tameka Raymond's HOME!

Tameka Raymond just got notice that her home is going up for sale...courtesy of ex-husband Usher.  Get the deets inside...


Tameka Raymond, the ex-wife of Usher, may have to find a new place to live as Usher is putting hers up for sale!  Tameka, who has been living in the 12,000 sq. ft home owned by Usher since 2009, was recently given notice that it will be going on the market in 60 days!

And with their bitter custody battle behind them, it seems like Usher is tired of footing Tameka's bills and dumping the home is one way to cut ties.  

Ironically, in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tameka spoke about the "golddigger" label and being able to take care of herself.  We guess now she will have the chance to prove it.


Watch Tameka on "ET" talking about the golddigger label:




Ummm um um...Dwayne got his

Ummm um um...Dwayne got his kids, Ush got his kids...the women just ain't winning right now. Sorry, love him with every fiber, but (1) girl keep you a stash (Shaunie), and (2) keep you a "just in case file" of all his dirt and shenanigans cause when he get the "7-month itch", you get the "7-figure itch" simply because you were ride or die despite of what humiliation and heartache you had to endure. A "real" woman scorned (not a gold digger) is a force to be reckoned with!
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this whole situation is sad,

this whole situation is sad, but she still didnt have to get up and go to work this morning so she'll be alright. no sympathy for the rich. no church in the wild.
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Can't lie...I feel bad for

Can't lie...I feel bad for her. After all HE chose her and HE cheated. I'm sure she didn't force him down the aisle or to cheat with her bridesmaid. She is still the mother of his children. He is getting over now but karma is a mean and bitch.
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Everybody feels bad for her i

Everybody feels bad for her i don't so he cheated on her but if i can remember when she met him he had a woman too OH y'all forgot about that. Karma did kick him he got a woman that made his life a living hell took his career cause he cheated on Chili so I think they both due a new life

This must be one of Silly

This must be one of Silly Chilli's aunties, honey if Usher didnt marry Chilli he was single. Nobody is here for u talking about him cheating on that silly ass little old girl Chilli. and from what I've read she was separated when they got together. Many people cant wait for a full divorce before dating or meeting new people. Chilli was wrong because Dallas and Usher were friends, Atlanta is a small place, in terms of music industry folk. Stop talking about someone he dated when he was 23. Who cares??? He married once and was terrible to her, look at this now, further proof. Low life Usher. smh
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I really don't know what the

I really don't know what the big deal is. The house was suppose to be put on the market through the divorce. She had two years after the divorce to find a house and move. She chose not to. Through the divorce the house was suppose to go on the market after 2 years. He put the house on the market and Tameka refuse to move and refuse to allow the house to be shown. The house was put on the market and she would never let the realtors in the house. So this is not any new news. So Usher took it off the market. Now he is going through the courts to get her out of the house and sell it. Something that should have been done a year ago. Months ago she sent a tweet about she was looking for a house and couldn't find one. She also still gets child support from him. So I'm sure she can find a house. When it is time to move on, its time to pack your bags and move on.

Hmmm you sure know a lot

Hmmm you sure know a lot about Usher's divorce, contract and agreement. You sound lke one of his sheisty lawyers. To me, he is a scum bag for sleeping with her bridesmaids and then leaving her for this new dirty looking biddy, she looks smelly and old. Ushers stock has gone down MAJORLY. His wife was no pageant queen but she is pretty, intelligent sounding and strong. More than can be said about his monkey looking, nappy headed ass. He's a rich dummy. I cant imagine him taking a house from her and their kids, disgusting. If you are his slimmy lawyer, tell your client to go to hell, signed a former fan.
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Usher is Disgusting person,

Usher is Disgusting person, he should be very very careful. These spiteful things have a way of catching up to people.
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I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with what Usher is doing. He has custody of the kids, so why does he need to continue paying for his ex's lifestyle. Women have fought long and hard for equal treatment through history and to be seen as independent, self-sustaining individuals. Here is Tameka's chance. If she signed a pre-nup, then this is what it meant. If not, then she is free to lawyer-up and seek some alimony.

This comes as no surprise. I

This comes as no surprise. I completely lost respect for Usher after learning of his reckless behavior during his interview with Oprah a few weeks ago, including admitting to sleeping with Tameka's bridesmaid and attempting to justify his actions. I'm not in any way insinuating that Tameka is a Saint, as she's had her own moments of media buffoonery, but that Negro fool child named Usher Raymond and his overly-obsessive Momma are both extremely MESSY. I would like to hope that at the very least, he offered Tameka a chance to pay for the home, herself, before placing it on the market for sale!
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That's a piece of shit, homo

That's a piece of shit, homo libra man for u....ewwww
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she will surely be able to

she will surely be able to flex her INDEPENDENT muscles now...AS EVERY be WOMAN SHOULD! i didnt even know she was living in a house she didnt even own...maybe she'll try to buy it from Usher.....
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(walks in, walks back out)

(walks in, walks back out)
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GOLDDIGGING 101... When marrying a rich entertainer or athlete, make sure you got some property, vehicles, and bank accounts in your own name. That way if it don't work out, you'll still be winning. Vanessa (kobe's wife) should teach a class for these silly hoes.
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Golddigger? She can't be to

Golddigger? She can't be to much of a Golddiger, because the house would've been paid for in CASH and put in HER name from jump. That was very foolish of her. Even though she no longer has custody, she is still the mother of his kids, good grief. He could let the woman just have that house, so when his kids visit they can be in familiar surroundings. Sounds like Usher hates this woman's guts.
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hates her guts? i think he is

hates her guts? i think he is prob DISGUSTED by her! he is further showing that shes an incapable parent. i feel for her! but she cant go jumping and mouthing off and doing interviews and think the soapbox u standing on (which u did not buy) wouldnt be SNATCHED from underneath u! she outta accept what is. restart ON HER OWN and in the case she regains custody...fight for child support. im sure she hasnt played fair...and now Usher is just like, "fuck it" i dont blame him.
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Tameka you know what to do

Tameka you know what to do next girl, reality show! I'm sure Mona's blood sucking ass is already circling VH1 with a pitch for her new show lol we so need more bitter ex's to complain about the old relationships that help them hold to relevancy. Come on you know I'm right
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LMAO....yo ain't NEVA lied!

LMAO....yo ain't NEVA lied! Tameka probably thinks too HIGHLY of herself to go on that MINSTREL SHOW, I think she should join the cast of that new celebrity exes show on TLC. They've already cast Lamar Odom baby moms, DMX ex wife, and 50's baby mama. She LITERALLY has NOTHING to lose (man, house, children, career)!!!
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He coudn't have ever loved

He coudn't have ever loved her!! I don't know many men that are this COLD BLOODED when they were MARRIED to the woman, and also had his CHILDREN..He's not thinking about how his children are going to feel that their dad is DOGGING out their mother!!!! this is beyond sad and its not about being no damn gold digger!! HE CHOSE TO MARRY HER! and give her TWO CHILDREN!!! this is not just some random woman he had a fling with!! GTFO!!! Some of ya'll can't be married or even had a long enough relationship to think this is how that shit goes down.....EVERYTHING does change when you are married believe that!!!.USHER IS A CRUEL HEARTLESS MOFO that will get his in the end! First I gave him the benefit of the doubt and didn't believe the" paying off the judge" story, but now I do and he is just looking like an ASSHOLE.....What do you expect from somebody that has a control freak asshole of a mother...You can always tell how a man is by how he was RAISED!!!!!
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DITTO...but you know

DITTO...but you know what?...I'm not even surprised at his actions becos I always sensed that he is Gay and on the Low combined with being a womanizer, phoney, selfish, narcissic, mean, greedy, a sex addict who would fuck mud if he could. Never liked Usher, Never supported him, Never will. All of this heavy handed mean treatment of this woman after her 3great loses back to back is completely unecessary. I hope those boys grow up and Hate that SOB Usher. Usher is Not a hands on emotionally available parent himself. He has no real desire to be stuck with raising any kids. love them prob but commit to it...NOT...watch!
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I think that the consensus is

I think that the consensus is both parties behaved badly. However, it is ungrateful to bite the hand that feeds you, and the former Mrs. Raymond appears to have done everything within her power to disrupt the income flow that supports ---or helps to support, her lavish lifestyle so he has apparently fought back. It is a moot point, however, as Mrs. Raymond has asserted that she is not a "gold-digger" and she can support her self, so this is a great opportunity to show all the naysayers that she was never in the marriage for the money. Also, he didn't "give" her two children; she was formerly married with kids when she met this much younger man, so I am 1,000% certain that she knew how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. I can only hope that she works on her issues, and resist the urge to bash her ex at her opportunity via Twitter and talk show interviews.
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OK, so get your own house.

OK, so get your own house. How you going to talk b/s about a person in public and expect them to do good things for you like continue to pay your bills. Go back to taking care of your business like you did before you met the man. She made it personal, now it's personal!!! simple...
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This is a joke! I know this

This is a joke! I know this woman must have drove him and his side piece crazy in the past, but this is really low. Her child died... You then take the remaining 2 other children from her... now this? Usher needs to learn to be the bigger better person and throw Tameka a bone. I mean WTF? I hate this mess.
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you do realize that you have

you do realize that you have Ursh as your gravi, right?
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Lol @Shuga for the, "btw

Lol @Shuga for the, "btw usher is ur gravie" comment. I mean that's the ultimate in hypocracy
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Why does everyone keep

Why does everyone keep forgetting that Tameka gave birth to 5 children??? She has two other sons (alive), ONE with Ryan Glover and the OTHER is grown! I guess NOBODY thinks Tameka is capable of raising kids, because she DOES NOT have custody of ANY of them!
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GODDAMN, TALK ABOUT KARMA!!! Usher is NOT only trying to kick this woman out of his LIFE, he's trying to ban her from SOCIETY! Maybe Tameka and Shereé can share a SLEEPING BAG over at CHATEAU STICKS & STONES!!
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Well damn...she is mos def in

Well damn...she is mos def in my most sincere prayers, God only gives us what we can handle, it's all just a test of strength. Tameka is strong and will pull through this

lol...yall act like she is

lol...yall act like she is losing her section 8 voucher. she lives in a MANSION and doesnt have a job. i be dam if i sit here from my desk at work and feel sorry for some unemployed rich folk. she's not going to the shelter in 60 days. she'll probably just end up in a smaller MANSION. tameka will be a-ok.
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Well Dang! I don't even like

Well Dang! I don't even like Tameka and I think that was a lil harsh. Talk about adding salt to the wound.
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It seems to me that a lot of

It seems to me that a lot of the women posting on this story is mad at Tameka because they couldn't get with Usher and his lame azz. Well anyway Usher thinks he's high on that horse now just wait until he falls off. God don't like ugly Usher which is what your being right now. Believe me I know this.
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I will not judge this woman

I will not judge this woman but I wonder what she put out into the universe for karma to be coming at her so hard.
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I'm kinda surprised he hasn't

I'm kinda surprised he hasn't been put it up 4 sale. This isn't the 1st time she's expressed her opinions about him, his life, girlfriend, etc..via twitter. (Side note..this interview didn't do anything 4 her. Maybe it was just me but it seemed so chopped and screwed. 4 parts and I felt like it wasn't anything that wasn't already said by her b4) anyways... Maybe he feels being that he will have the kids mostly and her 1st husband has their son half the time, there's no need to have this big ol home anymore. *shrugs* well she claimes to be independent...show em girl *snaps*
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Po lil tink tink.

Po lil tink tink.
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On your next platinum digg,

On your next platinum digg, try to get an account for that crease in your forehead too. That was not cute on Entertaonment Tonight boo. A hormone shot might help too.
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Ohhh Usher could retitle

Ohhh Usher could retitle Fantasia's song to "Two Months Notice" and sing the lyrics verbatim!
BK in QC's picture

Meka: "Awww hell naw dis

Meka: "Awww hell naw dis aint about to go down like dis. Ima call my law-ya!" Usher: (singing)"You're working my last nerve todaaayyy...so pack your jheri curl and GO-ooooo-OH!"
BK in QC's picture

Too easy.... "MAN UP...Meka!"

Too easy.... "MAN UP...Meka!"
BK in QC's picture

bye bye bitch. go back to

bye bye bitch. go back to your apartment where you belong. The FairyTale ended when you got too caught up and started flying on private jets everywhere while your son is drowining at the bottom of a lake..........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You are a sick bitch to make

You are a sick bitch to make a sick comment about this woman's son. You will die an awful death for this very comment. Thats just going too far. Your comments are rude and insensitive, completely nasty. Natasha, should ban you totally from her site. I hope she doesnt support this trash, you are gross. RIP Kile
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You catch more flies with

You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Did this she-devil really think she can spend a year dehumanizing and ridiculing this man AND live off his money. She should've been on her grind the minute he checked out of the marriage. I hope this teaches all gold diggers that a man's money is exactly that. HIS MONEY!!! Now get a job
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That brotha Usher is a strong

That brotha Usher is a strong powerful brotha!!!!! That's how you do it black man!!!!!! She don't need a 12,000sq foot home any damn ways!! If the tables were turned these black women would TAKE EVERY DAMN THING YOU GOT!! And Tameka Raymond giving those fake as sighing makes me kinda question sum things.
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So you're commending his

So you're commending his actions?...I always knew that your comments on this site showed that you are a callous, shalllow, dumb, mysoginist, lowlife, gay, rebel rouser, ignorant, no pussy-getting MOFO!....Go stand in traffic and take that other homo, Usher with U
star's picture

Ummmm! so you only troll

Ummmm! so you only troll sites to down talk black women? I was looking for your comment on those nasty azz hoodrat n!gg3rs fighting and shooting at the Awards show, but you were not there. Why not? Hell YOU n!gg3rs are apparently no better than the black women you talk about. & no you can't blame their behavior on a woman. They are way too old for that, but then again that's what BOYS do blame their bad behavior on someone else right?
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