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FAB CHICKS: Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington & Susan L. Taylor Are Honorees For Black Girls Rock 2012!

Actress Kerry Washington and singers Alicia Keys and Dionne Warwick are among the women being honored at this year's Black Girls Rock! awards ceremony.  Find out more about the honorees inside...

Founder and CEO Beverly Bond's BLACK GIRLS ROCK!™ 2012 special is set to tape at the Loews Paradise Theatre October 13 in New York City this year. Airing on BET on November 4, 2012 @ 8:00 pm/ET, the show features heartfelt performances, tributes and special awards to celebrate the achievements of remarkable women of color.

Actresses Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King are returning to co-host this year’s awards show which will honor Grammy Award-winning music legend Dionne Warwick – Living Legend Award; actress Kerry Washington – Star Power Award; magazine editor, writer and journalist Susan Taylor – Inspiration Award; singer-songwriter Alicia Keys – Rock Star Award; and human rights activists and doctors, Dr. Hawa Abdi and her daughters – Social Humanitarian Award.  

And there will be performances by Brandy, India.Arie, Keyshia Cole and Ciara.  

Stephen Hill, President of Music Programming and Specials and BET, spoke of the event

 “We’re thrilled to once again partner with Beverly Bond and her fantastic organization to bring to the screen the 2012 edition of BLACK GIRLS ROCK! It’s truly an honor to recognize our celebrants who have accomplishments in a wide variety of fields. Look for some very special performances from an array of genres. BLACK GIRLS ROCK! is empowering, uplifting, fun…and perfect on BET!”

Of course, we already know black girls rock.  Will you be watching?


The Randomness:

1.  Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber will perform at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.  Story.




Alicia looks and sounds

Alicia looks and sounds dunzo....
hazelbeauty's picture

The only award show worth

The only award show worth tuning in to.
Realist's picture

All cable companies should be

All cable companies should be required to include BET in their lineup. Hopefully it will be shown on the internet also.
rosa's picture

alicia keys is really

alicia keys is really thinning out, u can actually see her clavicle. now she looks like paula patton
monash's picture


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http://youtu.be/-TKhQ1b7e6E (VOTE 2012)
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Alicia has lost weight she

Alicia has lost weight she looks good.
Zanya's picture

I will be watching Black

I will be watching Black Girls Rock on November 4, 2012 on BET. I encourage all sisters to watch and enjoy this show as we uplift and edify black women that are doing there thing.

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I mean why aren't there any

I mean why aren't there any programs where black young brothas get LIFTED UP!!! I mean black girls already know they rock, SHIT THE BLACK COMMUNITY IS BASICALLY A MATRIARCHAL SOCIETY, we basically under their rule in the community so they alright. It's the young black boys that need to lifted up and encouraged , we the ones that came from the "Black Girls Rock" single parent home and end up in the damn street killing each other.We the ones that need to be uplifted!!
LetsGetIt's picture

They need shows like BLACK

They need shows like BLACK GIRLS ROCK, for all of the little black girls out there who hear the type of B.S. you spew on a DAILY basis, to remind them they are awesome! FRET NOT, they have shows like COPS & AMERICA'S DUMBEST for fools like you!
tori's picture

Sista tori, beautiful ,queen,

Sista tori, beautiful ,queen, goddess, why you always go hard on me :( lol. I never spew any hatred towards black women at all. The thing im saying here is that black men are told , we dead beats, we good for nothing, we uneducated, stupid, downlow, gay, weak, jailbate I MEAN WE HAVE "BLACK WOMEN AKA BLACK GIRLS ROCK" saying this on Msnbc live!!! Nobody says "black men are under attack, nobody asks themselves how would this play on the phyche of young black males" i mean we out here playing sheep get ate by the lion, nobody cares for us!!But the black girls who is catered too by the system gets tv shows, get awards, gets told "hey you better than those lowly negros in the community, you twice as educated, come to our show and talk about it"soo black women/girls are good if you ask me!!Only reason for a black girls rock in my opinion is because of the problems they have with self image!!Me telling black women you need to stop messing with these clown ass negros is not BS , im trying to save them from they demise, GODDAMNIT I SHOULD BE THANKED FOR THE WORK I PUT IN DAILY FOR THE COMMUNITY.
LetsGetIt's picture

I don't mean to go hard on

I don't mean to go hard on you but to be HONEST when you get a group of successful BLACK men together and AWARD them for their accomplishments, you have MOFO's shootin up the parking lot *cough* 2012 HIP HOP AWARDS *cough*!!
tori's picture

Those aren't successful black

Those aren't successful black men, they just niggas with money. You see this is why i say we need something like a "Black Boys Rock" because of what you just said. When you think of successful black woman you think "Oprah" , when you think successful black men, you nigga 50 cent and niggas shooting each other at a damn hiphop award show!!This is why i say black women got it good why the hell they need a black girls rock. Its the young black boys that need something they can look at and be happy about, they need real successful men showing them the way on tv. And don't bring up the fathers saying that's their job because they momma didn't choose a father in the first place.
LetsGetIt's picture


Most "SUCCESSFUL BLACK MEN" try to distance themselves from the Black Community as a whole because of the shenanigans of "N*GGAS WITH MONEY" so don't look for a "BLACK BOYS ROCK" anytime soon!
tori's picture

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