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REMEMBER HER?: Karyn White Gears Up For A Come Back...New Show & New “Carpe Diem” Album

After a 17-year absence from the music industry, singer Karyn White is returning in a big way with an episode of TV One's "Life After" and a new cd named Carpe Diem. Get the deets inside...

R&B songstress Karyn White, who had the song "Superwoman" we all belted out along with the radio back in the day, is set to return to the music industry on October 22 with a new album.

Distributed through Lightyear/EMI and her own Karyn White Enterprises, Carpe Diem features her upcoming single “Seize The Day."

And more good news for fans.....the premiere of TV One’s “Life After” series will feature Karyn on October 22.  The diva shared,

“I’m so happy to be back doing what I love to do (sing) I can’t wait to get out on the road so I can personally thank all of my friends and fans who have supported me on Facebook, Twitter, my website & other social media outlets even before I hit the airwaves. I’m so grateful for this second chance and I am encouraging everyone to dream and seize the day! Carpe Diem.”

Welcome Back!




'Life After' & 'Unsung' are

'Life After' & 'Unsung' are 2 of my fav series on TVONE. Karyn looks great & wish her all the best.
Realist's picture

I loved Karyn White. She

I loved Karyn White. She hasnt aged a bit!
KENNEDY78's picture

love Life After & Unsung on

love Life After & Unsung on TvOne, would rather watch that network than BET. will be watching Karyn White's Life After
monash's picture

Yes! "I'm not your

Yes! "I'm not your superwoman..." I'm ready for this comeback!
C2C's picture

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tom026's picture

Love Karyn White!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love Karyn White!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlackVesper's picture

Oh Girl is back because that

Oh Girl is back because that Terry Lewis money has ran out, their daughter is 18 yrs old.
Pam's picture

You called

You called it.......Boom!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Superwoman still gets played!

Superwoman still gets played! LOL, my homie HATES that song.
Laia's picture

i remember this girl was

i remember this girl was really pretty b/c my brother had to stroke his dong every time the video came on........and he would grab the lotion outta the bathroom and slam his bedroom door.....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I remember Karyn White and

I remember Karyn White and yes she is a songstress and had major hits. If you don't know her chances are you are too young.
Keys's picture

I remember Karyn White about

I remember Karyn White about as much as I remember TIFFANY EVANS, but knowing Natasha, she will post about 10 more stories of this chick until her name rings a bell!! S/N: The Miguel "CREEPY BACKGROUND PIC" & "CHICK WITH SWEATING TITS" ads are rather ANNOYING!
tori's picture

Imma need you to stop

Imma need you to stop "admitting" that you don't know who most of these people on these posts are...sounds like a personal problem! No need to comment...just go away from this site! Geesh!
Honey BOOM's picture


B!TCH PLEASE HAVE A SEAT AND *NEVER* ADDRESS ME AGAIN! @Keys & @Kai (same person) STOP COMMENTING & READING MY COMMENTS IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME!! I get that you LOSERS are up ALL NIGHT thinking about me and FEIGNING for my attention, but it's REALLY PATHETIC! Get some D!CK or CL!T (your preference) in ya life you LONELY, FUGLY WILDERBEASTS!! Who the hell is looking for a come up on a BLOG?? I bet @Kai rode the SHORTBUS TO and FROM SCHOOL! You ONLY come on here to HARASS me, like yeah, you have a great life....LOSER!! I bet you look like PRECIOUS, FUGLY MONGOL....GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!!! I only date MEN ladies, so QUIT DROOLING ALL OVER ME & TRYING TO GET MY ATTENTION! NO NEED TO REPLY BECUZ I WON'T BOTHER TO READ WHAT YOU WEAK B!TCHES SAY!!! CLASS DISMISSED! @Kai, the SHORTBUS WILL BE COMING FOR YOU VERY SHORTLY, FASTEN YOUR HELMET!!! #BUM B!TCHES
tori's picture

Oh, YES you will read each

Oh, YES you will read each and every comment @Tori! Tee hee hee...Love u too!
Honey BOOM's picture

She make sure to insult

She make sure to insult people on EVERY post. I'm like there isn't something you have to say negative about everyone. To go out your way to do so for everything screams that you are really immature and jealous.
Keys's picture

@Keys, Please ignore this

@Keys, Please ignore this damn fool, she is trying to become famous off this blog. She has the worst case of narcissim that I have ever observe. People ,this girl wouldnt know about Karyn White cus she aint Black . This Spic Puta did not grow up on the Sunday morning gospel playing at the crib and later in the evening old school R&B, where most of us learnt about the greats of the past. Cherelle, Teddy, Millie Jackson , Minnie Rippertton. What do you expect from this wetback so call latina. See how this loser keeps posting and changing pics of herself like this a goddamn Facebook. Lets all ignore her dumb ass.
Kai's picture

Oooooo weeee! Tell 'em why

Oooooo weeee! Tell 'em why you mad! But, hold on...**runs to get jiffy pop out the microwave**
Honey BOOM's picture

The first line of your post

The first line of your post puts on full display your youthful ignorance. For you to even put Karyn White and Tiffany Evans in the same sentence, shows you need to go somewhere and get a musical history lesson. It's like you saying, "I remember Toni Braxton about as much as I remember Tiffany Evans." And yes, Karyn White was just as huge and as popular as Toni Braxton. Both who were major artists for Babyface (you probably don't know who he is either). And referring to Karyn as "this chick" further shows your youthful ignorance. I tell you, you kids these days are so disconnected from SO many things. It would do you all well to learn some history, musically and otherwise. Life didn't start in the 2000's.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Thank you! I agree with

Thank you! I agree with you...she's as idiotic as that Lisa Raye child. Their comment speak volumes about them.
lj's picture

I'm sorry I'm NOT 75,

I'm sorry I'm NOT 75, collecting social security and trolling blog site and "puttin' YOUNGINS" in their place! I was simply saying, here goes another person who hasn't made music in FOREVER that Natasha is determined to make us remember who they are! You act like I was comparing MICHAEL JACKSON TO SOULJA BOY. Chill before you sh*t a hemroid, or break a hip! God, I'm trying to RESPECT my ELDERS...I REALLY am!
tori's picture

You may not be 75, but you do

You may not be 75, but you do stay on this blogsite ALOT. I mean you comment constantly like it's a job and you are downright hateful to everyone on pretty much all the posts. Furthermore, age is no excuse for your musical ignorance that you flaunt. My parents taught me about the musical influences of everyone from Mozart, Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey, Cab Calloway to The Temptations . There was little that I did not get a chance to hear. So for you to brag about not knowing about a woman who was a huge artist in music for a whole decade and then be disrespectful as if she is nothing more than Tiffany Evans or Nicki Minaji says alot about you.
Keys's picture

I'm 22 and I know who Karyn

I'm 22 and I know who Karyn White is. My fam always made sure to play that old school crank when I was growing up.
Chile Boo's picture

I'd rather be 75 with wisdom,

I'd rather be 75 with wisdom, than a 20-year-OLD with her head in the clouds. Age, wisdom, and maturity are positives, hun, not negatives so try again. Why do I have to be trolling? YOU'RE on this site too, aren't you? Again, your response still shows your youthful ignorance. What "us" are you referring to who you say Natasha is determined to make remember Karyn White? ANYONE with an ounce of musical knowledge didn't have to question who Karyn White was when they saw this post. YOU were the only one who did that. LOL, the more you talk, the more you still show your disconnection: Michael Jackson to Soulja Boy. You missed the entire point, which is you opened your mouth about an artist that YOU don't know anything about and assumed others didn't as well-- an artist who was making hits and paving ways for others artists before you were even born.
HotLikeSunshine's picture


tori's picture

If you don't care about who

If you don't care about who she is, you wouldn't have made it a point to reference her. Child, you show your ignorance every time you type. Go let your brain heal, boo. LOL @ Granny. Again, your ignorance: wisdom to total lack of knowledge. I'll take wisdom any day. Granny, it is.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

LMAO Thank you sunshine. I am

LMAO Thank you sunshine. I am 29, and KNOW music history. And its a shame the things that people say. Calling people old and grannys like that is suppose to hurt someone. LOL Slays me. If you didnt care.... Why post? I know if the post doesnt interest me... i skip it.
@aggie_princess's picture

@aggie_princess Exactly.

@aggie_princess Exactly. She's just a troll looking for attention.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Sorry, you don't have to be

Sorry, you don't have to be 75 to know a little about R&B/music history....
Laia's picture

I hate she closed her gap in

I hate she closed her gap in between her front teeth. Gaps are sexy as heck.
I_love_laughing's picture

Superwoman was my song. I

Superwoman was my song. I used to go ham on that shit when I was little. LOL...
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

...this girl needs more than

...this girl needs more than occasional hugs as a token of love from you to me, ooooh baby!
Sunflower Jones's picture

YESSSSS! Singing I'm not your

YESSSSS! Singing I'm not your super woman... I'm not that kind of girl that you can let down and think that everything is ok...... boy I AM ONLY HUMAN... Join in lol
@aggie_princess's picture

Hecky yeah, I remember KW.

Hecky yeah, I remember KW. She's one of the REAL singers that have all but disappeared. I will be checking out her new music. This season's "Life After" is going to have some great people.
Sunflower Jones's picture

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