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BOND GIRL FAB: Naomie Harris Rocks The Cover Of INSTYLE UK, Talks Revamping The Bond Girl Role

Naomie Harris is our fave YBF chick of the moment.  Why?  Because she recently worked with the utter hotness that is Daniel Craig...and because she's single-handedly revamping the iconic role of a Bond Girl.


She's now rocking the November 2012 cover and pages of InStyle UK magazine (which is a feat in itself for a YBF chick).  And she looks FAB.  Check the pics and highlights inside....

36-year-old British babe Naomie Harris is rocking her fave clothes (including her fave leather pants she says her friends are tired of seeing her in) for the InStyle UK shoot.  Her shoot consisted of clothes from "High Street" in London where she mainly shops--Topshop, All Saints and ASOS.

Naomie revealed she was happy her Bond Girl role is different than the previous Bond Girls whose main job was to serve as the sexual & romantic appetitie of Mr. Bond.  But she's playing Field Agent Eve, and reveals about the role:

"She’s very intelligent and highly ambitious – her aim is to be as capable as James Bond. It’s much more evolved, much more reflective of how women are now – multifaceted, multidimensional and equal to men.

It’s amazing, sometimes, you watch other movies and you think, 'Wow, are we really still there… where the woman’s offering the drinks and there’s nothing more to her?' "

Highights from her interview:

On the charm of Daniel Craig, who stars as the latest James Bond: "I do get to have a lovely moment with him, where I try to seduce him. I shave him and he’s got his shirt off....He’s a very hot guy, definitely. He worked out for two hours every day after filming. He’s a real life Bond – very physical, capable and energetic."

On her hesitation of becoming the new Bond girl: "When they asked me to audition, I thought, "Me, as a Bond Girl?" I just didn’t see it."

On the challenges of getting dressed for red carpets: "I find it quite stressful. Sometimes you’re so pinned into dresses, you can hardly breathe and you feel awkward, but then when you find that amazing dress, it can change your whole experience.

On her designer faves: Cavalli and Erdem are two of my favorite designers and I love Gucci as well. I’m definitely getting more into fashion."

On whether she wants to have kids amidst her demanding career: "I better get moving if I do want kids! This profession is pretty demanding. I don’t know if I could deal with a kid as well, but then many actresses do, so it can’t be that impossible....The first thing I would teach my children – should I be lucky enough to have any – is to be comfortable in your own skin and know that you’re worthy of being here and taking up space."

Check out behind the scenes video above.  And pick up your InStyle UK copy on stands Thursday.




Amazing actresss and

Amazing actresss and beautufl, too. Continued success!!
Zetagirl's picture

Pretty young lady.

Pretty young lady.
Realist's picture

What's up with people and

What's up with people and their defensive comments.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Fab indeed! Nice to see new

Fab indeed! Nice to see new talent, true talent (of the non-reality TV variety.)
BlackVesper's picture

She has always been a good

She has always been a good actress. for you hoodrat/ghetto rats that don't look at nothing but Reality T.V. She was in stuff like 28 days and Pirates of the Carribean. Dumb asses
lola69's picture

Looks like "INSTYLE" was

Looks like "INSTYLE" was trying to SKIMP & SAVE on the photoshoot and completely CUT the HAIR BUDGET! Her hair looks WORSE than Mekhi Phifer's FAKE DREADS in 8 Mile.
tori's picture

Why did they make this girl's

Why did they make this girl's hair look like this? This would not fly on a U.S. cover of Hype Hair, let alone In Style magazine. Tsk, tsk.

I Love her but she is now TOO

I Love her but she is now TOO thin....she looks better with just a little more weight, especially in the face.
star's picture

never heard of her, but she's

never heard of her, but she's pretty
monash's picture

She is too Gorge for Instyle

She is too Gorge for Instyle to make her look like that. So disrespectful

Kudos for making the cover.

Kudos for making the cover. I love the makeup.
shuga's picture

Cute girl, but that hair on

Cute girl, but that hair on that cover is a hot ass mess.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i thought that was Fefe

i thought that was Fefe Dobson after a make-over
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She has a pretty face....but

She has a pretty face....but her head is too big for her body. How did she make the cut?
Ethel Mertz's picture

Just to clarify - this is for

Just to clarify - this is for Instyle UK. Thanks for bringing this to us statesiders!
SweetDivaT's picture

Bond Girl or not....Style

Bond Girl or not....Style Magazine or not...I am not feeling the way the photo editor did this shoot.... 'Modern' is messy? She is a beautiful woman, and they could have really done a 'modern' 'natural' shoot better than this....
Grown Man Ish's picture

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