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Karrueche's Camp Says She Believes Chris & Rihanna Were SEXIN' For WEEKS

The love triangle of the year implodes even further.  Chris Brown's now ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, allegedly told her friends she believes Chris was cheating and bangin' Rihanna for WEEKS. 


Deets on heartbroken Karrueche's betrayal, plus news on Rihanna's new album...

Karrueche's not speaking herself.  But her friends surely are.

In the last 24 hours, we've seen Karrueche jet out of NYC, leaving Chris & Rihanna there to canoodle at Jay-Z's concert as much as their heart desired.  And we learned, from Breezy himself, that he indeed broke up with Karrueche in order to pursue a "friendship" with Rihanna.

Now, Kae is calling bullsh*t on it all.  Her camp says she believes that Chris has been visiting and partying with Rihanna behind her back for weeks, and she's been suspicious of his actions for a while.  She feels utterly betrayed because, unlike everyone else watching this ish go down, she thought her relationship with Chris was in tip top shape.  TMZ reports:

We spoke to multiple sources connected to Karrueche Tran ... who tell us KT feels betrayed by Chris because he had promised her that she was the only woman in his life ... especially when she probed him about his feelings toward Rihanna.

We're told Karrueche had suspected something was up between the two of them for weeks because Chris was acting differently -- going to clubs alone, acting distant and ramping up his public appearances with Rihanna.

Sources say Karrueche told friends she truly loved Chris ... and felt that the relationship was great until Rihanna let Brown back into her life.

No shocked faces over here.


BONUS: Meanwhile, this convenient wave of publicity will likely be put to good use by Rih Rih's team. Or will it?

Earlier today, Hits Daily Double revealed their weekly upcoming releases chart.  And they listed a new album from Rihanna, called Seven, set to drop on November 19th.  That's the same day as AC/DC and Keyshia Cole.

Mysteriously, the whole Rihanna portion was deleted about an hour later.  Looks like her fans will have to wait and see what the final album title and release date will be...

But seven albums in seven years?  Quantity over quality has always been the industry's way....



I presume Karrueche is no

I presume Karrueche is no longer Chris' stylist . . .
GetUrLife's picture

Naive. That's a thing that

Naive. That's a thing that will break you. She learned the hard way. Poor boo.
Yas's picture

I've got this awful feeling

I've got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I understand many are looking at this as a second shot at love. Some others are looking at this in total confusion as to why/how Rihanna could get back with him. I even see quite the opposite where some people believe Chris is looking for trouble by trying to develop this broken relationship over again. Well, I feel as if I'm going to have to spend my .02 cents On Chris' foolish decision. Since the fallout in February of 2009, I have questioned NOT the authenticity of the beating (clearly, she was badly damaged physically, emoitonally, and mentally), but the authenticity of the events which led to that tragic break. I have never condoned violence in any matter. I'd even consider myself an advocate against bullying. But I have come to realize that not all stories are complete. I understand that not all parties will have the chance to tell their side WILLFULLY. Therefore, it is foolish that Chris should put himself back in a position to not only potentially damage himself to the point of no return, but to lose everything he has invested time, money, emotion, and sweat into. I apologize, even if it weren't Rihanna, no woman is worth that. And V/V as well. Just by reading her twitter rants and hearing the way she speaks of other people, you can tell this is a woman who gets her way and may be capable of manipulating any situation. Though the whole world will be on her side this time because of the past incident. I feel sorry for Karreuche, whether or not she knew from the start she was being used, or she didn't and was truly in love with him and I wish her the best. She probably didn't need this type of life anyhow.
Featherlight's picture

married is married and

married is married and everything else is SINGLE. especially in your 20s and when you dont have a home or children together. one party has the option to leave with no strings attached at any time.
shuga's picture

unfortunately, thats the

unfortunately, thats the truth.

We all make mistakes and do

We all make mistakes and do STUPID things for love. Apparently, she is no different. I only hope that she learns from this experience, deteremine what role she played and move on. Just dont allow this experience (pain) to prevent you from loving again. KARMA IS A B&^%H!
Natkia3@hotmail.com's picture

Pain, heartaches, break-ups,

Pain, heartaches, break-ups, disappointments is all part of life no matter who you are...You pick yourself up brush off the hurt and move on...Frankie Beverly said it best in his song "joy and Pain" Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain...There will be sorrow but you will endure Where there's a flower there's the sun and the rain Oh and it's wonderful there both one in the same

Come on Karruche, you HAD to

Come on Karruche, you HAD to know that they weren't over. i knew it and he ain't even mine! you can just look at them and tell they still love each other. I really liked them together and if they want to be together they should.

I really feel sorry for her.

I really feel sorry for her. They played her right and left. I mean, is it so hard to break up with the girl and then be with the one you want? Both of them are scums and dishonest. But then they gonna beat each other out and be done with it and everybody will move on media included! Sickof hearing about it for 5 FREAKING years. YAWN!
RU4REAL84's picture

where is 'Letsgetit' cim a

where is 'Letsgetit' cim a fan of you...you are so right!....looking at the comments i dont blame him at all........the black woman ..especially the American black woman, keep lovin a 'Thug' Nigga/black man......and they ask where the good men at/....go on kae .....you would be fine .....as for rih and chris/ the worst is yet to happen...we all know Rihanna is a jealous lover......and chris wont take it,....
HAPPY's picture

K-Tran will be just

K-Tran will be just fine...maybe a little humiliated, but just charge it to the game. She's a cute girl, and she's already IN there. Soooo, she'll just move on to the next baller, and we'll look...and comment. WE DON'T PAY HER BILLS, BUT CHRIS SURE DID! AND HE GOT WHAT HE WANTED IN THE PROCESS. In the meantime, what goes around comes around, Rih Rih. AND, Chris better not have made KK privy to any "side-eye" ish or she gone be on the payroll for a minute!
Honey BOOM's picture

aww kitchen this is only the

aww kitchen this is only the first of many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel bad for kae but it was

i feel bad for kae but it was bound to happen, i wish her the best though but face it rih and Chris were meant to be together. so i wish them luck too!
thelovelytruth's picture

Anyone who heard 'Cake' KNEW

Anyone who heard 'Cake' KNEW Rihanna & Chris Brown were still gettin it in. "Put a candle on my mutha fuckin back and blow it out"......... Rihanna
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Kae...you were the rebound,

Kae...you were the rebound, chuck it up, you had a good run!

The Oprah interview sealed

The Oprah interview sealed the deal. They should do exactly what THEY want to do, and that's get back together. If the media hadn't gotten involved they would never have broken up.
DFWiRadio's picture

Please Don't Judge Me sums

Please Don't Judge Me sums its up pretty good lmao
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

Chris Brown is a woman beater

Chris Brown is a woman beater & Rihanna is a whore so in the end they both deserve each other.. Misery will always enjoy company!! Now back to the QUEEN of the game MRS. BEYONCE!!!!
cocochanel's picture

I don't feel sorry for this

I don't feel sorry for this chick at all. I believe she knew what she was getting into and only cared about the fame and association. Like Amber Rose this chicken will find another sucker.
JJFad's picture

I was actually adjusting to

I was actually adjusting to Kae and Chris then this happened. I feel bad for her and i cant imagine the humiliation she's going thru right now. I just wish her the best. As for Rih....well she got what she wanted right? I mean all those indirect tweets dissing Kae, the Oprah Interview, the VMA kiss....it was only a matter of time. I jst cant see them staying together though. Chris is a cheater and a liar...and they both bring out the worst in each other but....if they love each other i guess that's the way the cookie crumbles. I just hope Chris doesnt fuck up this time around.
C00kiesNweeD's picture

I KNEW getting that tattoo on

I KNEW getting that tattoo on her hand was a mistake. smh!
Happy Lady's picture

lmao damn u guys are mean as

lmao damn u guys are mean as hell lol i liked kae with chris brown i thought they made a really cute couple..but i agree with what the others are saying....him and rihanna never wanted to break up with each other....kae is a really cute girl but she's no rihanna...lmfao @ u guys talkin bout drake
litebrite's picture

RiRi clowned Koochie in her

RiRi clowned Koochie in her song. "sweeter than a rice cake" I would've moved out after that! She is half Asian so maybe she is that dumb, I mean docile and trusting and thought the relationship was real *side eye*...On another note how the hell was she ever a STYLIST when she looks like crap every time you see her!
PacificGirl's picture

After that Oprah interview

After that Oprah interview Kae should have known it was only a matter of time. I knew when Rhianna started blatantly smoking weed, getting thug life tatted on her knuckles and basically not caring about her public (good girl) image that she was working her way back to Chris. The public is who really broke them up in the first place. She didn't really want to leave him but she was forced to be a role model and domestic violence advocate instead of following her heart. Now she don't give a F*^k
DreadfulBeauty's picture

So true.

So true.
Happy Lady's picture

dreadfulbeauty, you are dead

dreadfulbeauty, you are dead on
litebrite's picture

birthday cake [remix] was the

birthday cake [remix] was the beginning of the end of this relationship...
divine_brown's picture

If she was so suspicious and

If she was so suspicious and unhappy she should have WALKED! Obviously she was too busy enjoying the life! LOL
Laia's picture

Tasha, what does "Quantity

Tasha, what does "Quantity over quality has always been the industry's way...." mean? Are you saying that her albums have not been 'quality'? I sure hope not because, like it or not, this chick is killing the game. Her fans love her, she has a mad crossover following, and her songs knock the roof off the charts.
MrsCPA's picture

@MrsCPA ...What d expect from

@MrsCPA ...What d expect from Natasha, she is so predictable she throws shade at Rhianna every chance she gets and goes out of her way to find negative stories to post about her while not posting the same about CB or the Knowles/Carter clan. She is the most bias so call journalist ever . and speaking of quantity over quality I think you should look at your millions of spelling and grammatical mistakes in your stories definitely quantity oev quality Mam. .
Kai's picture

Coochie girl STOP acting like

Coochie girl STOP acting like you didn't know you were a decoy for the media! You knew damn well that Rih and Chris were getting it in way back in February when they locked each other up in their dressing rooms at the Grammys. Girl you are NOT THAT DUMB! If everybody knew your business before you did then that's SAD! Save what's left of your dignity and go have a PITY PARTY SLEEPOVER tonight with DRAKE. LOL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I think 99.9% of the time, we

I think 99.9% of the time, we go into relationships with our eyes and legs wide open. We know what's up, but choose to ignore it. Then when the bomb drops, we stand looking like fools. I hope this girl enjoyed the ride. She got some nice trips, handbags, some good food, notoriety, etc out of it. I hope she heals and moves on. She's a pretty girl. She needs to find a man who will truly love and respect her.
Sunflower Jones's picture

So I just spit tea all over

So I just spit tea all over my keyboard! you're trying to get me put on a PIP! LMAO @ "eyes and legs wide open?" I don't feel sorry for her. The world told her that CB was not over Rih and what did she do? She talked slick and sent out cocky tweets, now she pickin her face up....
KENNEDY78's picture

I'm sorry, Kennedy! LOL!!!

I'm sorry, Kennedy! LOL!!!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Karrueche has a camp?? She IS

Karrueche has a camp?? She IS camp.. and summer is over.

I was scrolling to the bottom

I was scrolling to the bottom so I could type the very same words. She has a camp???? I think you're right. It must be one that she attends at the Y - not one that tends to her.
Denise2007's picture

kae go have a seat yo ass

kae go have a seat yo ass knew what was up the whole time or she wouldnt have made those tweets saying she was '' ray charles to the bullshit'.. dont back peddle now .. you knew his ass was cheating .
Mzlelo's picture

Po little tink tink. Weeks?

Po little tink tink. Weeks? Chile, please. They've BEEN fuckin'. And I bet that's been some damn good makeup sex...umph!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Yo.....a damn Tropical Storm

Yo.....a damn Tropical Storm is hitting my house in Tampa right now...,,,fuck this shit man
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

WONDERFUL! Best news I've

WONDERFUL! Best news I've heard all day...
lj's picture

weeks? chile bye. they may

weeks? chile bye. they may have taken weeks off due to touring but i dont think they ever stopped sexing.
shuga's picture


Oh PUHHHHH-LEEEEASE Konichiwa, DON'T insult OUR intelligence! FISTopher has ALWAYS acted DISTANT toward you, hell I've NEVER even heard him mention your name (you know he got a lisp)! Call up DRIZZY DRAKE, he's SENSITIVE and will AT LEAST drop yrour name in one of his songs!! That EGG DROP SOUP is OFFICIALLY off the menu!
tori's picture

Konichiwa though?????

Konichiwa though????? BWAHHAHAHAHA
divine_brown's picture

Nooooooooooooooooo, really

Nooooooooooooooooo, really Karrueche? what gave it away? I gotta feeling this young lady is not going away quietly. Chris Brown need to have her sign a POST confidentiality agreement and kick her some hush money. Otherwise, I see her doing interview after interview about their relationship and how he 'put hands' on her at one point. Don't have to be true, but it would be salacious enough to garner a book deal and or interview requests...............justsayin.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

OMG don't give this K-roach

OMG don't give this K-roach anymore shine, she served her purpose so she can exit stage left to the left, just like she was left. P☮ace trick!
Peace Silas's picture

Did she just say "for weeks"?

Did she just say "for weeks"? Try months Kerosine.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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