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*UPDATED* ARRESTED: Larry Johnson POPPED For Domestic Violence...AGAIN!

*UPDATED* Ex-NFL baller Larry Johnson has just been arrested for domestic violence--again!  Deets inside...


Remember in 2008 when former Kansas City Chiefs runningback Lary Johnson was engaged to "Empire Girls" star and former BET host Julissa Bermudez?  And they broke up soon after.  Folks wondered if domestic violence had anything to do with it as Larry has a record spanning from 2003-2008 of four arrests stemming from battery of women and DV allegations.  Plus, he was sued last year for allegedly beating up a man on Miami Beach.

Fast forward to today--and Larry has been arrested yet again!

According to TMZ, he was arrested in Las Vegas and taken to Clark County Jail...after he allegedly STRANGLED someone.  While he was arrested for domestic violence, the victim has yet to be revealed.  His bail has been set at $15,000.

On a recent episode of "Empire Girls," Larry re-connected with Julissa and told her he was in a new relationship and saw himself marrying his new woman.  No word on if she is the victim. 

But we bet Julissa is wiping her forehead after dodging this bullet!

*UPDATE* Reports now state that the victim is actually Larry's ex girlfriend he dated for 4 years.  (Our eyebrow was raised at Julissa but she commented today that Larry's her ex for a reason, so it seems she's NOT the victim.)  Larry reportedly strangled the woman to the point of unconsciousness in a room at the Bellagio hotel, according to the victim's report.  She was found with bruises & scratches all over her neck.  Sad.




He's fine....but he looks

He's fine....but he looks like my ain't-shit-BD....they have the same lips. Wouldn't trust a word that negro said out of those lips! I want a group of women to jump his ass and send him to the ER.
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Is that a b*tch I'll slap you

Is that a b*tch I'll slap you pose?¿. Look at the hand ~ look at the hand. . .
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This ninga is a real live

This ninga is a real live fool for real.
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He was on Empire Girls making

He was on Empire Girls making Julissa cry because "he claimed" he moved on and was oh so happy! Yeah ya'll are so happy that you're beating on her, because you love her so much right? Some of these dudes out here are full of shit! They try to pretend that they move on so easily knowing damn well they are just settling for any girl that's willing to put up with their shit for the moment. Julissa girl you did the right thing.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Just come out the closet

Just come out the closet already LARRY!!
BBCAT's picture

bald assholes like

bald assholes like this.....are always talking about going to the barber shop and getting a haircut. .....................
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Larry reminds me of my ex

Larry reminds me of my ex boyfriend. Larry and my ex looks just alike and are the same size/height. Looks just like my ex. And my ex is just like Larry, been with multiple women (harlot) and has anger issues. Some men are just plain ole crazy ladies and WE SHOULD not be dating them. These women need to stop dating these type of men (that have been with alot of women), such men have emotional issues.
Lifeatbest's picture

Please look up the definition

Please look up the definition for "harlot" before using it again. On another note, glad you were able to recognize your ex for what he was and left. I think the most significant fact about Larry isn't his promiscuity, it's his history of violence against women.

How long were u guys friends

How long were u guys friends before he became your boyfriend???
LetsGetIt's picture

About three months. I mat

About three months. I mat him at an Indian restaurant and he was so handsome and into me and we dated for 3 years. We broke up over a year ago. I miss him but he doesn't want to change.
Lifeatbest's picture

Wow sista, wow.... So with

Wow sista, wow.... So with only 3 months of friendship you then start to date this brotha??? Goddamn i think you black women love men that acts like a players because its entertaining!!But even if it was just 3 month it should've been signs to show you that the negro was abusive and got around with alot of women.Then to top it off you say you miss him. WHAT DO YOU MISS SISTA?? I'm trying to understand you black women and this love for thugs and clown ass men
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You are right! But I grew up

You are right! But I grew up and I am still growing. That is why I broke up with him and haven't dated since by choice. There have been men that try to holla at me but I reject them once I see the signs and lack of integrity for commitment (not marriage but exclusive relationship). And I do not have sex anymore. That is whats wrong with these knunckleheaded men; there are just TOO spoiled and too many women are giving it up freely. I rather be alone, brother, and personally I am enjoying being alone. I don't have a house full of kids nor am I a baby's mama. It feels good and I am still learning and growing.
Lifeatbest's picture

That's cool sista...

That's cool sista...
LetsGetIt's picture

Come on YBF, he is dating Mya

Come on YBF, he is dating Mya now. You all were the first ones reporting some time ago. Do better with the reporting. He is dating Mya the has been R&B singer that JayZ used to do back in the day.
Lifeatbest's picture

Larry dated Julissa Bermudez

Larry dated Julissa Bermudez before he dated Mya for a short period. He (allegedly) beat Julissa so much her friends had to come together to help her leave Larry he was that controlling and abusive (allegedly).
BBCAT's picture

Umm do your research HELLOOO!

Umm do your research HELLOOO! No they broke up he attacked Mya (allegedly) and Mya sister hit him over the head with a frying pan and he ran out before they could call the police. He left her alone because she threatened him if he come around she would have larry arrested. Larry use to live with Jay Z back in 2006 or 2007. Do YOUR RESEARCH!!
BBCAT's picture

Say whaaaa?? lol

Say whaaaa?? lol
blynne23's picture

Seriously, him and Mya

Seriously, him and Mya are/were dating within the year. And yes Mya and JayZ were item, creepy I know.
Lifeatbest's picture

Awkward, indeed. I would have

Awkward, indeed. I would have never pictured those two together.
blynne23's picture

LMAO @ Tori

LMAO @ Tori

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mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yoo hit me up on my email so we can talk , just click my name , hit contact, so we can talk sista, sexyyyyy!!! Im letsgetit by the way
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Don't do it, Crystal!! Just

Don't do it, Crystal!! Just say no!! LOL
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Why say no??Letsgetit treats

Why say no??Letsgetit treats the thick sistas well....very well :)
LetsGetIt's picture

Until they do something you

Until they do something you don't understand. Then you want to talk their heads off about what's wrong with "all Black sistas" today...
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Exactly! I cannot stand a

Exactly! I cannot stand a chatty-ass man, always poppin' off at the neck about somethin'!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

A lil bit.... :)

A lil bit.... :)
LetsGetIt's picture

This ninja just can't keep

This ninja just can't keep them paws to himself!!!
shylibra's picture

He seems to have an anger

He seems to have an anger problem. He needs to go take anger management.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Like Really...Fools like this

Like Really...Fools like this shud be kept Locked up No bail...Whats Next...murder!!! Smdh ugh!
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I CAN'T get past that GRILL

I CAN'T get past that GRILL and BEAUTY SUPPLY HEAD SCARF he is using as a POCKET SQUARE! I hope someone sharess this story with RIHBOUND!
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Nigger....Porch Monkey......Moon Cricket.....Spear Chucker......Cotton Picker
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