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First Lady Michelle On Why America Should TRUST President Obama, Watching HGTV And Her FAB Nails!


First Lady Michelle Obama chatted it up recently about why her husband is the right choice for America and the fab nail polish that folks at the DNC couldn't stop talking about.  Check out Mrs. O reppin' for her hubby inside.....

As she celebrates her 20th wedding anniversary (they plan to do something special on Saturday), First Lady Michelle Obama chatted it up about why America should re-elect her husband, what she likes to watch on TV and her much desired nail color.  

She was the image of full support at Wednesday night's debate as she sat pretty in a royal blue jacket & skirt from Preen's Fall 2011 collection.  And after her husband received plenty of criticsm for his debate performance, Mrs. O spoke to the Las Vegas based Mix 94.1 Mark & Mercedes radio show today to give a different perspective.  Here are the highlights:

On Why America should trust President Obama:

“He spoke directly to the American people,” she said. “He’s proven time and again he’s the person we can trust. He has a clear plan to move this country forward.”

On President Obama reshaping America:

“Throughout his life, he has been that person who can handle multiple tasks. He is able to work at crisis level.”

On why she and the kids love "House Hunters" and HGTV:

“There’s no political advertising on HGTV. Even we get tired of it.”

On the fascination with her "Vogue by Artistic Nail Design of Beverly Hills" nail polish:

“Doing the campaign trail I have people grab my hands and go, ‘It’s the nail polish!’”


Listen to the interview here.




i like the periwinkle nail

i like the periwinkle nail polish but its nothing major. I will be at the polls voting for Barack though, better believe it.
shuga's picture

The first lady is so fine!

The first lady is so fine! Even her knee cap is Fine. Yes, Four more years!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigJohn's picture

she is wearing FRIGGA HAIR

she is wearing FRIGGA HAIR Wig, please Google FRIGGA HAIR or find out FRIGGA HAIR on Youtube.com
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OBAMA 2012. PLEASE Rock the

OBAMA 2012. PLEASE Rock the Vote People. I don't know about you ~ but I'm not interested in starting over from scratch. If former President Bush was allowed 8 years to f*ck up this country and economy. PLEASE allow Obama another 4 years to continue rectifying the situation. OBAMA 2012.
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