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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Sheree Whitfield Responds To Being Mistaken For Deceased Drag Queen, Sahara Davenport

Sheree Whitfield has again been mistaken for a drag queen.  But this time, it was a news outlet that made the mistake.  Check out what Sheree had to say about being mistaken for a deceased drag queen...


TV Guide posted the news a few days ago that "RuPaul's Drag Race" contestant Sahara Davenport (born Antoine Ashley) died from heart failure.  And instead of using an actual pic of Sahara, TV Guide accidentally used a pic of former "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Sheree.  WOMP.

Sheree later tweeted:

I am sorry to hear about the lost of Sahara Davenport My condolences go out to her Family. Pls remove my picture from your website @TVGuide

Even "Housewives" Exec Producer Andy Cohen chimed in on the mistake saying:


Welp, mistakes happen.  Even ironic ones.  R.I.P. Sahara.




LMAO! That's f*cked up.

LMAO! That's f*cked up.
Jernero94's picture

LMAO ~ Who gone check YOU

LMAO ~ Who gone check YOU boo?¿!
GetUrLife's picture

Legitimate dead on

Legitimate dead on (absolutely NO pun intended) similarities, I don't what the problem is. My condolences to the family of the lost but Sheree this is a sign to chisel off the layers on top of layers of make-up and fall back on the P90X workout DVDs. #IMjusSayin
Peace Silas's picture

Sorry but Sheree looks

Sorry but Sheree looks nothing like Sahara Davenport. I watched RuPaul the season Sahara was on and, may he RIP but ,I always thought he was not one of the better looking Drag Queens that appeared on the show. Sheree is not beautiful and she may be pathetic for not using her platform while on RHOA to start a buss or something but she's not ugly either. As for some of you mentioning Serena she has nothing to do w/ this. Serena is a champion who is worth millions. Sometimes God graces some people w/ talent instead of beauty Serena is talented when some people don't have beauty or talent. Like some of you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so who knows if when someone is looking at you that you don't look like a man to them. I guess when you don't have beauty or talent some women resort to name calling. @Tasha by the way I hate names like Tasha & Keisha so common and you know.
Shay's picture

you mean like the name, Shay?

you mean like the name, Shay?
shuga's picture

When you shellac your face

When you shellac your face with makeup and allow photogs to Photoshop your face until the end of the earth, what do you expect?
SweetDivaT's picture

TVGUIDE throwing shade now??

TVGUIDE throwing shade now?? TBH, I get it, Shereè is SLEEPING on DIRT over at "Chateau STICKS & STONES", and Sahara is BURIED in DIRT! He looked more like CYNTHIA!
tori's picture

They did that to her on

They did that to her on purpose, like seriously? I mean, she does look like a man and all but I am certain that they retrieved the photo somewhere from the internet and it had to have had her name captioned. They didn't just chose some random photo and say "this looks like her, we'll just with this one". If that is the case then they lack credibility, and everything else they published must be gleaned with a side eye.
MasterClass's picture

they do not resemble, but

they do not resemble, but whatever..
diamond2012's picture

I have always thought she

I have always thought she resembled a man. To me, her face looks like a man. And yes she does have a BOOTY but does not change my opinion of her just like Serena! LOL. Another woman with masculine features and I don't care if Serena has money, she still looks masculine!! On another web site, some lady made a comment about so what if Serena looks liek a man, she is making money! WTF!! Yes, she is making money but she is an unattractive woman. It is my opinion and looking at some of these comments, some people think Sheree looks like a man! LOL. IT'S JUST PEOPLE'S DIFFERENT OPINIONS!! Wow!!!

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tom082's picture

They look nothing alike. What

They look nothing alike. What a nightmare. I don't know that I will miss her when Real Housewives of ATL start up...can't wait :)
Mz. Opinionated's picture

Understandable, the

Understandable, the resemblance is uncanny.
Realist's picture

ahahahahaha, she's a

ahahahahaha, she's a deadringer tho lol
monash's picture

the pic on sandra rose's site

the pic on sandra rose's site looks a lot like Sheree.
shuga's picture

He looks nothing like

He looks nothing like Sheree...any attention she can get at this point is good for her and her pitiful She by Sheree cheap jewelry line.
Lola's picture

I can see how they made the

I can see how they made the mistake. The drag queen looked alot like Sheree & some of her features are a bit masculine. At least her comment to TV Guide was respectful.

Welp, I think Sheree is

Welp, I think Sheree is absolutely gorgeous....I just think that she needs to stop exercising her arms because that doesn't help as far as making her look manly. I don't however think her face looks mannish. I like the way that she handled it though.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Judging from the above pics,

Judging from the above pics, Sheree should have taken it as a compliment. OBAMA........2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I'm sure NeNe had something

I'm sure NeNe had something to do with sending that pic toTV Guide! LOL
TastyCakes's picture

Do you know FRIGGA HAIR makes

Do you know FRIGGA HAIR makes excellent hair like she wears. please Google FRIGGA HAIR and find out a lot of Tutorial hair videos.
FRIGGA HAIR's picture

if it wasnt for her womanly

if it wasnt for her womanly booty......i would think she's a drag queen
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Womp Womp.

Womp Womp.
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