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SOPHISTICATED LADIES: Tia Mowry Explains Her HAIR CHOP At GIVE & GET Fete + Keri Hilson Meets Muhammad Ali

Tia Mowry hit the red carpet at STYLE channel's 4th Annual Give & Get Fete at the SLS hotel in Beverly Hills last night.  And she looked sophisticated and simply stunning pairing her freshly chopped hair with a dipped hem black lace dress.  She also revealed why she went for the big hair chop.


Deets inside, plus Keri Hilson meeting Muhammad Ali...

Looking fabulous in this black lace dress and coral suede platform pumps and pop of green clutch, actress Tia Mowry hit the red carpet for a cause last night.  At the Give & Get Fete, she chatted up HipHollywood.com about why she made the bold move of chopping almost all of her hair off.  The fly chick says it was just her and her stylist in her bedroom--and the scissors were put to work.

I really think I'm a new person. My son is 15 months old now. I'm not the same person that I was before. I have a new perspective & new outlook on life. And it's because of him. I wanted to do something that represented that. Cutting my hair is fresh and starting off new. I feel like I have a new lease. Because of my son.

With hair comes a lot of experiences and a lot of emotions. So I felt like I needed to just let things go.

Check out the video below:


Garcelle Beauvais also hit up the event making a statement red:

Love the color on her, but not the styling.  Still a fab chick nonetheless.

Tia and Garcelle posed for a flick during the event.  By the way, Tia is starring in the ABC Family movie Mistle-Tones, where she flosses her singing skills again, premiering this winter.

And Selita Ebanks and her boyfriend, Terrence J., made their rounds on the carpet in matching blue looks.

And over in New York last night:

Keri Hilson hit up the 4th annual Norman Mailer Center 'Meeting Of Giants' benefit gala at the Mandarin Hotel. Alec Baldwin hosted the event in which they presented the first ever Muhammad Ali Ethics Award.

Gorgeous dress and sophisticated look for Miss Keri.



IDK. I think we can finally

IDK. I think we can finally see who is the bad twin out of this set of sister twins. This sister clearly does not have the best husband and she resents her twin. She cut her hair cause she is going through shit with that man. This has nothing to do with her baby. The baby is the best thing she has in that marriage right now. Cause the man is intimidated by her success. It is so sad. I just hope she has the courage to move on for her son's sake.
mzbrownlady's picture

I like the hair cut but I

I like the hair cut but I just wish it had less of a 90's style I'm luke warm on Rihanna's for the same reason.
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is she wearing the Hair Bump,

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Yes Tia!

Yes Tia!
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tom100's picture

I have NEVER seen Keri Hilson

I have NEVER seen Keri Hilson covered and looking classy because she's usually always dang near naked; WOW! This is a good look for her. Tia's hair cut looks good on her but that turquoise purse and pink suede pumps are tacky/country as heck; when will this ugly color blocking mentalness end? Why does Selita have on orange suede sandals which are cute and a gray purse with a royal blue dress??? Tacky and country as HECK!!!!! Garcelle Beauvais has NEVER been cute in the face to me and those shoes clop boots and that dress are ugly but her body is nice and she looks good for her age.
I_love_laughing's picture

I love Tias new look :) ....

I love Tias new look :) .... it's was her choice to make, whether we like it or nor.....no one can tell you what to do with your hair so why criticize her ??? smh....... this crabs in a barrel mentality has to STOP!!! lawd ayeeeee...............

I'm NOT feeling Garcelle's

I'm NOT feeling Garcelle's "LIL RED RIDING HOOD" get up. All she is missing is a BIG WOODEN STICK & a SHEEP! Selita is FLAWLESS (and resembles Shari Headley aka Lisa from Coming To America). Tia's haircut is straight (I still think those KITCHEN WEAVES from The Game are the reason why she cut her hair). F%&K KERI HILSON!!
tori's picture

I cut my hair today for that

I cut my hair today for that same reason and i love it.
Nflgirl's picture

Everyone looks nice. Lovin

Everyone looks nice. Lovin Tia's hair and outfit from the shoes to the clutch and dress and earrings...not so much the smokey eye on her though.
qtpa2t's picture

All of the ladies look nice.

All of the ladies look nice. I love Tia's haircut and the logic behind us. I don't think it ages her at all: I think it makes her look chic. Nice to see Keri looking classy without too much makeup or skimpy clothes for a change. How cute that Selita & Terrance are in matching colors. Awww...

Correcting myself: "...logic

Correcting myself: "...logic behind IT", not us.

Tia's husband is African

Tia's husband is African American. Garcelle divorced her husband and she's single. That haircut makes Tia look older than what she is. It doesn't add youth to her face. Garcelle and Tia look the same age now and Garcelle is in her mid 40s.
Iridescent One's picture

Keri looks so old in the face

Keri looks so old in the face and she is only in her 20s.
Lifeatbest's picture

Muhammad looks like he's

Muhammad looks like he's saying "Who the f--k is this next to me"? Anywho, I'm confused. Which one of these ladies have a white guy?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

TIA!! I'm loving it!! SUPER

TIA!! I'm loving it!! SUPER CUTE!! I look forward to the next season of Tia and Tamera!
blynne23's picture

Garcelle and Tia look

Garcelle and Tia look gorgeous as usual. Selita looks delectable also but she aint got no ass at all. Her booty done tucked itself in.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Yo......I know you black

Yo......I know you black women love the white man aka massa charley , But is that a chain around that sista Garcelle Beauvais NECK???Smh wow!!!
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Sista Kai i never been in the

Sista Kai i never been in the NOI , and i notice that you black women encourage young black men to have premarital sex ALL OVER THE PLACE, and don't value brothas that's looking for a wife at all!!!And how you know i aint gettin none i could be gettin some "good brains" rite now as i type :)
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@Letsgetit.....LMAO, LOL boi

@Letsgetit.....LMAO, LOL boi u a holy mess, one foot in the church and one in hell huh..... dats funny all that no pre-martial sex talk and then talking bout u might be getting brains right now.....lol....You alright with me LetGetit.....at least you have a good sense of humor.
Kai's picture

Hey getting brains can't get

Hey getting brains can't get you pregnant sista. SO I DON'T CONSIDER IT SEX :)
LetsGetIt's picture

Actually there was a case

Actually there was a case where a woman saved the guys sperm after an oral transaction and impregnated herself later and then took dude for child support. Just sayin.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Damn msthang that's how yall

Damn msthang that's how yall get down where u from??? But yall have a problem with me getting on you black women. Then again i don't see how that can be true because those sperm cells don't last that long outside of the testicles.Only way it last is if it's preserved
LetsGetIt's picture

I didn't say she was black,

I didn't say she was black, Kunta. It's a 100% true story, look it up. Anywho......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Why you gotta call me Kunta

Why you gotta call me Kunta sista. Now i was starting to like you,even made u my E-wifey now u fuckin it up. But you can make it up to me.....if not now, then later
LetsGetIt's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

boy shutup!!

boy shutup!!
Ethel Mertz's picture

hehehehe!!!just sayin tho

hehehehe!!!just sayin tho
LetsGetIt's picture

LOL...You are a piece of

LOL...You are a piece of work.
Ethel Mertz's picture

those women look STRESS FREE

those women look STRESS FREE b/c they're with white guys. Anywho......Muhammad Ali looks like he's trying to suck a dick........................smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

@Lisa Raye......Girl u fawkin

@Lisa Raye......Girl u fawkin wid the greatest ......damn not even Ali aint safe around U...... U one bad , cold ass bitch......lmao, funny tho!
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