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SPOTTED: Wiz & Amber's Date Night...And Fast Food Run

Rapper Wiz Khalifa took his preggers fiancee Amber Rose for a nice night out.  Pics of the twosome dressed up and ready, plus their impromptu drive-thru stop inside...


Oh, and they've picked out a baby name...

Amber put on a nude gown to hug her pregnancy curves as she went for a night out with her man.  And it looks like the parents-to-be are making all preparations necessary as early as possible.  They've already picked out a baby name.  Amber tweeted:

Cam & I finally picked a name for the baby yesterday! U guys are gonna love it! It's the cutest freakin name ever! :-)

But they'll have to hold off on all the nursery co-decorating.  Wiz kicks off his 2-month 2050 Tour with the rest of the Taylor Gang on October 12th.  Amber tweeted:

Daddy is leaving for tour this morning 4 two months...... I'm so sad (tears) :-( ....I wish I could go with him but there's too much smoke at his concerts for me and our Lil Wizbud. But I have u guys to keep me company :-)

The two were also spotted making a fast food run.  Gotta cater to those cravings. 

And Amber was also spotted out earlier in the day hitting up a Subway. 

Pics: FAME



Wiz doesn't look very happy.

Wiz doesn't look very happy.
The Real Thing's picture

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It's some lonely ass bitches

It's some lonely ass bitches on this site... Maybe that's why ya'll have so many comments on each post! She's probably wearing the same Chanel flats because they are what's comfortable to her. I have tons of shoes, but I am pregnant & wear the same shoes too! Why? because they are the MOST comfortable! On the subject of how the baby will look, girl, you can have 2 fine ass people that have a BUTT ugly baby, so that proves nothing! Stop hating! They love each other and it shows! She could be still fucking with Kanya rude, disrespectful ass while he up in the hotel having a fucking orgy!

She looks so beautiful!

She looks so beautiful! Pregnancy is her friend! I'm doing my best to stay glam during my pregnancy too! It's hard because I am always tired, but it makes you feel so good when you look great while pregnant!!!! It definitely adds to a great mood! She better be careful of eating that Subway. They don't clean their boards and meat cutter properly and she could get an infection in the womb from the lunch meat because of bacteria called listeria. I am speaking from experience. She could go into preterm labor, so be careful because I want to see that lil Wizbud here and healthy!

She looks beautiful pregnant.

She looks beautiful pregnant.
holmesa925's picture

Ambers body is ridiculous!!!

Ambers body is ridiculous!!! Even being pregnant. You go girl.
sianna1's picture

Her face could not be any

Her face could not be any prettier. I'm so glad she's wearing flats.
Denise2007's picture

she carries well!!

she carries well!!
leesh's picture

i'm just saying Beyonce had a

i'm just saying Beyonce had a weired 'PREGNANCY', LLLLMMMMAAAAOOOOOO

She is not supposed to be

She is not supposed to be eating raw ass subway when she is pregnant, or raw veggies period,dumb ass..... And Wiz done flipped the whole entire script, when he came out with "Say Yeah", his style was totally opposite, now he look like a 2012 Jimi Hendrix....
hazelbeauty's picture

I Love Amber's Red/burgundy

I Love Amber's Red/burgundy lipstick!
Beautyfulones's picture

I still don't understand

I still don't understand Amber and Wiz. They look so wrong together. Amber is fierce and Wiz is.......??? Maybe he has a good personality. *kanye shrug*
MsKizzy's picture

Congrats to Amber and Wiz

Congrats to Amber and Wiz they look happy...meanwhile Kanye and Kim.
Zanya's picture

When will Kim and Kanye

When will Kim and Kanye announce Kim's pregnancy?
Lifeatbest's picture

On the next season of KUWTK

On the next season of KUWTK or when Kim & Kris divorce is FINALIZED...which ever comes first!
tori's picture

She is having a boy because

She is having a boy because she is HUGE for only 20 weeks.
Lifeatbest's picture

BeYonce eat your fake

BeYonce eat your fake pregnancy heart out. You know you mad Amber ain't scared to give her man a seed from her OWN belly.
TeaNicole's picture

Please explain what Beyonce

Please explain what Beyonce and Blue Ivy have to do with Amber and Wiz??? This about THEM and THEIR seed... Not Beyonce and Jay-Z... They've had THEIR child and are happy and little Blue is growing strong... So why are you upset? I'm pretty sure Bee, Jay-Z, and Wiz & Amber don't care...

.....because Cray Bey Knowles

.....because Cray Bey Knowles is the most PHONY human being on planet earth
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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Allbeautythings0's picture

This is "Young, Black and

This is "Young, Black and Ridiculous", ain't nothing "Fabulous" about these two as far as I can see. In that third picture, I can just imagine how that baby will look, damn, Wiz's mouth and shit is all fucked up. I know times are hard, but I just wouldn't mix my chromosomes up like this, but to each his and her own. Amber looks like she's probably talking to her mama in that third pic, saying something like, "Yeah, mama, I finally sucked on the right dick, sucked it just like you taught me and how I'd practiced every since I was a little girl growing up and playing in the dirt. He don't look like shit, but he's another famous Rapper with money and that's all that counts. I'll be able to get you that nicer house you've always wanted on his dime and I can finally stop having to suck so much random, strange dick to make ends meet from now on. Yeah, I've got his mind blowed, he's a keeper...Kanye? Kanye, who?..."
Carmen CaBoom's picture


I_love_laughing's picture

Dear Wiz: Please buy your

Dear Wiz: Please buy your girl a new pair of Chanel sandals! Much love, Qtpa2t P.S....Amber does look cute preggers!
qtpa2t's picture

I'm AMAZED that Wiz actually

I'm AMAZED that Wiz actually got Amber pregnant, when all his wears are NUT HUGGER jeans! Ain't NO WAY Wiz is 25, maybe 35! #receiptsplease
tori's picture

I'm not an Amber/Wiz fan, but

I'm not an Amber/Wiz fan, but I will say these are very nice pictures. She looks very pretty.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I think she is the prettiest

I think she is the prettiest pregnant woman ever!!! she wear her curves amazingly!
Let's get it poppin's picture

(i don't have any chirrens)

(i don't have any chirrens) So, Amber has some pretty big dinner bags.......if she has a Girl chirren, can she breast feed it. ...or is that considered a Gay Act? ????????????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Love that burgundy lip!

Love that burgundy lip!
star's picture

she not all that pretty but

she not all that pretty but she look cute with her baby bump
Realtalk1011's picture

I would not let him walk

I would not let him walk beside me looking like that.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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