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SURPRISE: Beyonce Shuts Down The Barclays Center Stage During Jay-Z's Finale Concert!

Just minutes ago, Beyonce Knowles rocked a surprise performance during her husband Jay-Z's final (of a series of 8) concert at the Brooklyn Barclays Center.


Deets on Bey effortlessly shutting down the stage inside...


Beyonce surprised the sold out crowd of 18,000 at the Barclays Center Saturday night by hitting the stage to perform a high energy "Crazy In Love" & "Diva" set with her man.  Dressed in all black--a leathery top and bodysuit/shorts with boots & a Nets cap (pictured in above pics)--Queen Bey made an effortless cameo with her dancers that sent the crowd into a frenzy.  She even gave a special birthday shout to her bestie Gwyneth Paltrow who turned 40 last week.

Jay took the stage again after Bey dropped the mic and sashayed off the stage.  He told the crowd:

"Of course I had to let BK touch the stage in BK. Well, BKC now."

Loves it!  Check out the set below--complete with cutesy PDA :


Hov also took the Subway system's R train from Canal Station in Manhattan to Brooklyn today to get to his concert. 


And he was also spotted kickin' it with fellow commuters.  Check out the rest of the pics over at the NY Daily News.  Ha!


Jay brought out Big Daddy Kane & Memphis Bleek as well tonight.  Catch the rest of the concert live above at the home of the Brooklyn Nets.

Pics: Youtube/Beyonce Lite Instagram/Nigel D.'s Twitter



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I love Bey but have to say

I love Bey but have to say she didn't sound that great. I know everyone has an off day so maybe that's what it was. She looks great though. However, there is something off with her face. She looks so much like her mom, surgery and all. I hope she doesn't do so much to her face that she slowly becomes a mini-me of Michael Jackson.
holmesa925's picture

I used to be a huge DC fan.

I used to be a huge DC fan. Beyonce gives a phenomenal show live. She goes all in and has since she was a teenager.
Tagirl27's picture

-_- Does anybody really care

-_- Does anybody really care about these two that much, really? I mean is anyone as wrapped up in them as they seem to think people are? Stop giving them so much damn shine.
Peace Silas's picture

hello after all Gwenelth is

hello after all Gwenelth is her idol she aspires to be just like her skin and all

i NEED to go to a Beyonce

i NEED to go to a Beyonce concert.....dayum!!!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

I really don't know why y'all

I really don't know why y'all hating on her skin but..... ANYWAY THIS BITCH ROCK THIS STAGE ! I CAN'T SHE'S PERFECT !!! SMH i really need to see her again on stage !!

I love those freaking Boots

I love those freaking Boots !!!!!!...Go Bey Yes!
star's picture

LOVES these 2!!! She

LOVES these 2!!! She definetly WORKED it!!!!

Yesss, you betta werk!!

Yesss, you betta werk!! Beyonce never disappoints!! This is what saying "No to drugs" look like!!! Going to a Beyonce concert is still on my bucket list, can't wait to cross that off!!!! Beyonce fan since the "NO, NO , NO" song
sexybrownpyt's picture

She looked hot..as usual.

She looked hot..as usual. Yes, she brings Sasha out at home, no doubt! LOL No hate here, no reason! Life is good!
Laia's picture

She looks just like Tina

She looks just like Tina Knowles in that 2ND pic. She still got it; werq B! She looked good dancing. Having Blue Ivy is what changed her voice. Having a baby does that to you because Keke Wyatt says her voice has changed since she's had her babies.
I_love_laughing's picture

Is she drunk or somethin?

Is she drunk or somethin?
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

Drunk for real stop it ,stop

Drunk for real stop it ,stop it. Beyonce is a beast in everything she do. She know it, you know it and i know it. Everybody that post anything bad is just hating and its sad get a life.

Bey-Z definitely looks like

Bey-Z definitely looks like her Nutty Mexican Mother, who tries to talk like a black person (and that's hilarious ) lol.........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That's all you got you

That's all you got you should've left your comment to yourself. Talking about her mom you know Beyonce and her mom is beautiful. NUTTY, HA HA HA Ok!

her mom looks like the Joker

her mom looks like the Joker <----- only crazy people get that kind of plastic surgery
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

BK had to show up in BK...I

BK had to show up in BK...I Love that and I love that Beyonce performed

Hate on haters!! Its showing

Hate on haters!! Its showing and its sad....Oh well, ROCK ON BEY!
BooLuv's picture

Queen Bey is serving the

Queen Bey is serving the crowd MAMA TINA face! That OLD WHITE LADY next to Jay on the SUBWAY, doesn't have a CLUE who the hell he is! (She's probably like "What the f%#k is a Jay-Z and where the f@#k is a BARCLAY??")
tori's picture

She looks exactly like her

She looks exactly like her mom Tina tonight. Her voice was out of shape. Jay sounded horrible. I love you Gwen? Has she ever done that for Kelly n Michele. Just saying.
TeaNicole's picture

Yes she told kelly and

Yes she told kelly and michelle happy birthday live. She doesn't look like her mom maybe the color. But anyway they both beautiful. Beyonce voice wasn't out of shape she rocked it. what was you listening too. Stop hating just saying.

Tina beautiful? Maybe young

Tina beautiful? Maybe young Tina. Cuz old Tina done made too many changes to her face to be called that.
CheyPie's picture

You didn't see KELLY &

You didn't see KELLY & MICHELLE on INSTAGRAM? They were seated on the ROOF TOP (where Jay took photos yesterday) equipped with some LAWN CHAIRS, a COUPLE of O.E. 40's, and an iPad (courtesey of Bey) streaming the concert live!
tori's picture

Exactly! Nor do you see

Exactly! Nor do you see either of them going on those lavish yacht trips her and Jay take with Gwenyth and Chris. But yet they're good enough to babysit Blu. I guess black people aren't good enough for her anymore unless it's her family.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Kelly and Michelle being

Kelly and Michelle being doing there on thing. They will always be bey family so move on with that. Black people needs to like black people on ybf stop beyonce hating.


OK FIRST OF ALL AIN'T NOBODY HATING ON SHIT! I LOVE to see black people doing their thing and ON TOP! This couple is just arrogant and your precious Bey is full of it at times! Just because I don't lick her ass like you and the rest of her worshippers doesn't make me a hater! It's been pointed out time and time again how she doesn't show Kelly or Michelle love unless it's on the low. F.Y.I. Bey doesn't give a shit about you! She doesn't know you! I wish you obsessed STANS would FALL BACK because ya'll look PATHETIC! Worshipping someone you don't even know? How about you worship JESUS! You know the one that determines whether or not you're getting into heaven, not some uneducated, booty shaking pop star and her husband! GET A LIFE AND STOP LIVING VICARIOUSLY through someone else!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I was surprised at how off

I was surprised at how off her voice was tonight. I have never heard her sound so rough. I'm hoping that this was just an off night and that she's not losing her power. I only suffered through the concert because I had an inkling that she was going to show up. I changed the channel right after she sashayed off the stage.
Chile Boo's picture

Kai you should get some

Kai you should get some dick and then you would stop the hating! Bey looks great!

Why dont you give me sum of

Why dont you give me sum of your DIK Rupaul ...you tranny looking ho. I dont do group think and bandwagonning .
Kai's picture

If only somebody in the

If only somebody in the audience would've smacked her in the face with a balloon filled with tomato sauce, I would've greatly appreciated it.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Ouch...who hurt you boo?

Ouch...who hurt you boo?
CheyPie's picture

U r most definitely her

U r most definitely her "Official Dick Rider", i swear.
Kai's picture

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