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45 & STILL BAD: Happy Birthday Toni Braxton!


Preacher's kid turned sex symbol turned reality star Toni Braxton celebrates 45 years of fabulousness today.  Revisit some of the bad chick's best looks of the year inside.......


With her Pulse on the heart of the music industry, R&B diva Toni Braxton has continuously brought The Heat, shared her Secrets, Revealed her romantic thoughts and proved that when it comes to love, she's a Libra who's More Than A Woman.  

Though we've watched her struggle through heart disease, two bankruptcies, divorce and deal with her son's autism, the sexy chick has remained strong in a tough industry.

And along the way, who could deny her trendsetting hairstyles and body revealing gowns that had everybody trying to copy.  

Very soon, fans can revisit Toni's high and lows when she's featured on VH1's "Behind The Music" on October 28.

Celebrate with Toni inside the gallery......




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The title should read "45

The title should read "45 Again & Still Wearing BAD weaves! Happy Birthday Toni Braxton!" LOL. I do love her, but those lace fronts have got to go!

This is like the 3rd time

This is like the 3rd time being 45 for Toni.
Realist's picture

Happy Birthday Toni!!! You

Happy Birthday Toni!!! You are so gorgeous and exude fabulousness! When I grow up I want to be just like you.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

And Toni Braxton NEVER HAD

And Toni Braxton NEVER HAD BREAST CANCER. She said she thought she felt something and got a mammogram and it was nothing. But of course, drama queens have to publicize it like they're going through cancer so they can get some relevance and publicity.
allnatural's picture

I'm sorry, but Toni Braxton

I'm sorry, but Toni Braxton is a surgically manipulated, pumped up, hot ass mess! I think people still see her like she USED TO look. But she and her attention-whoring sisters are on the way to looking like a family of cat-people (y'all know that over-surgerized lion headed look i'm talking about!))
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Work it VERY sexi Toni!

Work it VERY sexi Toni!
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Still FAB!!!

Still FAB!!!

Toni has such a beautiful,

Toni has such a beautiful, peaceful, gentle spirit and soul about her (she reminds me of myself)............................
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LOL Girl you are TOO funny!

LOL Girl you are TOO funny!
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