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Beyonce & Jay-Z Close Out Brooklyn Barclays Concert With "Forever Young" + Beyonce Filmed In Studio Working On New Album

It was a historic night at the Barclays Center as Jay-Z & his wife Beyonce had Brooklyn turnt up with their surprise collabos on stage for the final night of concerts.  Check out footage of Bey closing out the show with "Forever Young," plus her newly released sneak peek of herself working on her new album in the studio...

The crowd was already on 1000 after her first surprise performance, then BKC changed in to leather leggings & a leather jacket & blue heels to hit the Barclays stage for the second time Saturday night.  She performed the hook on "Forever Young" with her hubby & his bottle of Ace of Spades:


Check out the video above.


Saturday night, Bey also took to her website to post a sneak peek of herself, rocking a Balmain jacket, inside the studio...working on new music.  Peep that video above. 

You ready?


Pics & Video: Youtube




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Damn!!!! Bitches oon this

Damn!!!! Bitches oon this site work for the FBI!

Ummmmm, has anybody heard or

Ummmmm, has anybody heard or seen Kanye or Kim. NOOO sightings of them in the past few weeks and this is super weird that neither one of them, especially him, would show up to not one of jays shows. Have they FINALLY dropped off the planet? Fuck is up?
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Kim K. is currently in Miami

Kim K. is currently in Miami filming "Kim & Kourtney Take Miami" and Kanyè is in Paris, he attended their Fashion Week DOLO!
tori's picture

Yes I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I'm ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love their energy together

I love their energy together on the stage. Just the way that they look at each other is genuine love.
diem's picture

I Love Beyonce and Jay

I Love Beyonce and Jay Z..Point Blank Period..Comment on my blog marshaymodels.blogspot.com
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they both are self-centered

they both are self-centered people Jay is acting as though he made Brooklyn, Bey dont even mention Texas and both of them behave as though they did it without help from anyone. you would think the first arena would bring a bevy of Brooklyn rappers but nope and for you Bey fans we know correct grammar isn't essential cause Bey don't use it, hello have a conversation with her and you'll see why her fans think they dont need to use correct grammar. lmaoo at these two. i would be happy for them but they have enough for themselves.

Like Really Really...Only

Like Really Really...Only these two ...same mediocre songs for 12 yrs str8t..performed ova n' ova... Tehe..so let's retire Hater and call a spade a spade... These BiSHez are Officially Boring as f$$$!! Smdhlol...
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I don't understand why so

I don't understand why so much promo when he owns so VERY little of the team. With 1/15 of 1% he's basically a silent partner. That's like me buying a share of Apple and acting like I was Steve Jobs or somebody. He received a lot of perks from the 1 million he invested but they made him the face of the Nets like he really owns a majority stake.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

People really don't know what

People really don't know what and how much of anything he owns they just know what they hear. I know this 1% or a 1/2% I would love to have it wouldnt you.
Ms Nay's picture

You're right. He is indeed a

You're right. He is indeed a minority owner. But it's just good business sense to parlay some of his celebrity into bringing more attention to the team. There is a major connection between Hip Hop music and basketball, and I think the Brooklyn Nets are just trying to find a way to stand out and reach as many fans as possible since they don't have a Kevin Durant, or a Lebron, or Kobe. So I understand what they're doing, even though Jay-Z has always annoyed me.
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I just fuckin love when she

I just fuckin love when she does that thing (at 2:30) !! This women is beautiful, i love to see her with her booboo on stage !!

That beautiful genius woman

That beautiful genius woman is PREGGO again. Look how she is covering up that stomach area like she did when she was preggo with Blue Ivy. I think with this pregnancy they will not reveal it to everyone like before. JayZ loves him some Beyonce. I love a strong man love for his WIFE. Its a beautiful look. Blessing to them and the new soon to be brother or sister to Blue Ivy.
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Lil GIRL, please stop it with

Lil GIRL, please stop it with these TANTRUMS, you said it yourself Jay "is up in age!" I'm a huge Beyoncé fan, so turn that MOUTHPIECE down and get back to watching your TYLER PERRY movies....SWEET B!TCH!!!
tori's picture

When you learn proper

When you learn proper grammar, sentence structure and punctuation, I'll leave Bey-Z alone.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I actually agree with you

I actually agree with you about Beyonce being the Queen of the music game. But I also realize--as you should--that people are gonna have a variety of opinions. And they're entitled to them. So I need you to grow up, accept that & lay off the CAPS.

"lay off the

"lay off the Caps".............SCREAMING
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I like seeing couples team

I like seeing couples team up, so they looked cute, and it's not like she can't sing, so it was hot.
Laia's picture

blacks hating on

blacks hating on blacks....like my mother used to say 'CRABS IN A BUCKET'....

it's not black hating it's

it's not black hating it's recognizing the bullshit, it supposed to be looked over because they are black?Such a Fan keep giving Jay and Bey your checks.

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FRIGGA HAIR's picture

This is to you and the rest

This is to you and the rest of the Beyonce haters. I think everybody that has something bad to say about beyonce should FUCK OFF! I'M OUT, LOVE YBF!

This is not a good look,

This is not a good look, Beyonce looks really classless on stage with Jay holding a champagne bottle like a hoodlum. No MaM not the queen. Jay it's time to hang up your hat for good.
TeaNicole's picture

You know what.This couple is

You know what.This couple is the bomb,like I love their chemistry,see how he looks at her,the smile on her face geez too cute
Allbeautythings0's picture

Is that Ashford & Simpson?

Is that Ashford & Simpson? ???????????They look OLD. ...........and 2 of Camel's Legs put together = 1 Bey-Z Cankle <------...............................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LMAO! They do very OLD and

LMAO! They do very OLD and tired. Jay Z looks like an old man trying to hold on to his youth, and Beyonce looks like some old, recovering video vixen.
MsKizzy's picture

Jay-Z was literally born SIX

Jay-Z was literally born SIX DECADES AGO and still raps about bitches & Hoes
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

This is an honest question.

This is an honest question. Why do you comment on every Beyonce or Jay-z story with so much hate? Just curious. I never comment on stories i just like to read them but I notice that you do and was just curious. I didn't mean hate like a"hater" but with actual mean spiritness.
byoslf's picture

and here's an honest

and here's an honest answer......i stumbled upon this website when Bey-Z was Preggy. And the comment section was BONKERS with crazy statements. I decided to join in on the fun and it became a HABIT that I CANNOT BREAK. I had NOTHING against Cray Bey AT ALL. ........but to join in on the MADNESS....i had to make up things or exaggerate to comical levels........It's a habit that i'm trying to break by New Years 2013. But throughout this whole time....i've actually found out things about her that i cannot stand....,so the FUN manifested itself into "hate"........and it goes a little deeper too with my character name "LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©" <---- meaning: the REAL LisaRaye McCoy is a bitch and if her Subconscious Mind could speak.....this is the kind of crap she'd say...................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Being that Jay dresses like a

Being that Jay dresses like a teenager, I guess he really does wanna be forever young. Anywho... Uhh Bey, put that pencil down and stop trying to act like you're actually writing a song. You aint foolin nobody.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Shut that shit up cause last

Shut that shit up cause last time i check beyonce wrote mostly all of destiny's child and some of HER SONGS ON ALL HER ALBUMS DUMB ASS

Uhh...think again. Just

Uhh...think again. Just because her dad was able to create a contract that puts her name on the credits doesn't mean she made a significant contribution to those songs. I give credit where credit is due. The girl is beautiful and she can sing & perform. But a writer, she is not. And that's fine.
CheyPie's picture

Two words don't count, now go

Two words don't count, now go sit your ass down somewhere.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

BEY-UTIFUL! Jigga, you my

BEY-UTIFUL! Jigga, you my dude, but I'm tired of you taking this "FOREVER YOUNG" sh!t to your head! MUTHAF*CKER YOU LOOK 50!
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