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Trey Songz's "Dive In" Video + Jay-Z Preps "Live In Brooklyn" EP

Mr. Steal Your Girl is back in action.  Check out Trey Songz's newest video for his single "Dive In" where he's tempted by another man's woman.  Plus, how Jay-Z's about to make more cash off his Barclays Center finale concert...


Trey's Justin Francis-directed video for "Dive In" vid (off his Chapter V album) was shot back in July, and takes place mainly on a pricey yacht where Trey is fighting his temptation for a married woman.  See how it gets him caught up in the video above.


In other music news, Jay-Z's series of eight Baclays Center concerts may be a wrap, but the opportunities to make money from it are not.  Mr. Carter is set to release “LIVE IN BROOKLYN,” a live 8 (eight) song audio /visual optic EP.

It was filmed on the last night, Saturday 10/6, and will be on sale exclusively on iTunes Tuesday, October 9, 2012.  You coppin' it?






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i like trey songz music, but

i like trey songz music, but its the same 'ol song & sound. and i'm tired of hearing about jay z & his wife. are there any other entertainers out there besides them including kanye &kim k
monash's picture

You a damn fool if you leave

You a damn fool if you leave your attractive wife around Trey! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

I'm so tired of Jay. He and

I'm so tired of Jay. He and Beyonce has to give the public a real break from the presence.
JJFad's picture

(side eye) Im not if he's

(side eye) Im not if he's trying to 'dive in' with the male or female in the video, which btw makes no sense, and that jay leno type chin on ms thang is far from attractive.
Realist's picture

Love "Dive In" video and

Love "Dive In" video and support Jay Z
MarshayH's picture

Trey still makes music?

Trey still makes music?
Yas's picture

Officially over Trey. Those

Officially over Trey. Those two songs are so so so weak compared to his earlier stuff. It's like, he's just going for the hook these days with no content.
Michelle K's picture

Jay & Bey-Z would squeeze

Jay & Bey-Z would squeeze every penny from their Stans (if u let them) smh..............yet he refuses pay dozens of former 40/40 Club employees and his own lawyer is suing his narrow ass. Meanwhile.....Bey has Chinese children sweatshop workers making her clothes that she over-charges YOU for
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is this what Rihanna use....

is this what Rihanna use....
Classic87's picture

Lol Like Really Really..

Lol Like Really Really.. *Plus new and more approved Wayz Jay can make his $$$...get it Den Tasha!! Bahawaaa....she Getz so excited!! Smdhlol
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