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Stacey Dash and actor Wesley Jonathan both made revelations over the weekend. Wesley admitted that he is a "cheater" while Stacey admitted that she supports Mitt Romney.  But it's her reasons (or lack thereof) that have folks talking.  Deets inside.....

Actress Stacey Dash became a trending topic and irked a few fans and followers yesterday after she tweeted her support for Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney.  

She posted a pic of herself wearing a "Baywatch" styled red swimsuit while standing in front of the American flag with a very prominent "R" on display.  Her tweet said Mitt Romney was the choice for the future.  But when a follower made a negative comment about her choice, she lashed out saying Mitt had "bigger balls" than the follower.


Although her "balls" comment was deleted, we wondered if Stacey was being held hostage or something because her tweets & nastiness seem....a little forced.  And unlike her.  Was she paid to do this?  She defended her words by Tweeting:

My humble opinion... EVERYONE is entitled to one.

But pretty soon, Romney supporters were popping up all over her timeline spreading their message and boosting Stacey's popularity.  

Is this a publicity stunt?  Or is Stacey really just voicing her politics?  We're all for celebs voicing their political opinions--for any candidate--but when you say things like "WOMEN are tired of Obama's disappointments, when it's Mitt who blatantly said he wants to repeal SEVERAL women's rights and healthcare, it screams foolish.  Have your beliefs, but be able to back them up properly and have educated opinions.


Actor Wesley Jonathan had something to say too......

"Soul Man" star Wesley Jonathan dished about a few of his exes saying, "I've made mistakes, I've cheated." On the VOH episode, 'Cheating In Relationships,' he revealed how men can cheat saying, We can separate our loins from our hearts and mind…women can’t.”

But how do you explain "Why" men cheat? He said about his own mistake, "I at the moment thought that something for that moment was stronger than what I already had but it wasn't cause its for that moment...anything new seems great.

Hmmm.We've heard this before.  Your thoughts?

Sidenote: Wesley & actress Denyce Lawton dated for several years.  it's unclear whether they are still together--or if she's the one he cheated on.





Ms. Dash does not exert any

Ms. Dash does not exert any political influence. So there's no need to be concerned about this at all. She's a "C" actress without a show. If she finds some bond with Romney, good for her. She doesn't live in the same realm as the rest of us who need jobs, healthcare, good schools for our kids, etc.
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Stacey WHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY??!!!!!!!! I admire you so much why did you have to be a traitor?! OH THE HORROR!!!! I've always had a huge crush on Wesley Jonathan, he's my fave guy crush besides Leonardo Di' Caprio by far. I guess at least he's honest about being a cheater, but that's highly disappointing. Oh wells.
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This is why everyone needs to

This is why everyone needs to exercise their right to vote. It's your choice. I would like to know why she is voting for Mitt Romney someone who does not have a strategic plan or has not stated a plan. We will just be in the same situation with BUSH tons of foreclosure and thousands who are jobless. Don't just give someone office because there Republican. We need a plan of action. Obama cannot just fix this mess in one term. He needs the full 8 year term.
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well...she always thought she

well...she always thought she was white anyway so what is the big shock in that??!! I would love to show her a mirror and let her see that SHE'S BLACK TOO!!!!! She would probably pass the F** OUT!!!
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We have become such a hateful

We have become such a hateful society many do not wish to see anything good in a person they dislike and they will believe the worst about that person no matter what.
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So, Stacey is supposed to

So, Stacey is supposed to vote for Obama because she's black? She can vote for whoever she wants to vote for.
Jernero94's picture

so this is the outfit she

so this is the outfit she chose to represent Mitt with?? this must be some kind of reverse psychology because she cant possibly be serious with this. looks more like an ad for hawaiian tropic.
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Stacey can very well vote for

Stacey can very well vote for whomever she wants but, we all know Stacey Dash is looking for some attention right about now. Although I've been told through out my life that I look like her, but I am definitely not a dumb old air head like she is. Stacey is beyond conceited w/ no personality and always wanted to be white, which she had no chance of being since she's black/mexican. Stacey use to be very pretty when she was young. Now much older looking w/ her looks fading w/ no career she wants to talk politics. Are you serious? No body is checking for her. Halle Berry and Salli Richardson both came out about the same time she did and they both are much prettier than she is and both made it better than she did in Hollywood and both ladies personalities took them much farther in their careers. No one ever says anything nice about Stacey especially when working w/ her. I really hate talking about kids but both her kids are very very strange looking. That son coming from her and Christopher Williams ended up taking the worse features from both parents looking busted and that little girl of hers looks like the scary looking ghost from the "OTHERS". The part when the little girl has the sheet on her face looking like a scary looking old lady! Stacey needs to have several seats. At 45yrs old it's a little too late to be seeking attention when Hollywood was obviously not been knocking on any doors to get to her to give her any acting roles. I hate when older women look pathetic and desperate. Go away w/ some dignity!
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her kids are funny looking

her kids are funny looking but I dont see what that has to do with anything. i take it you just dont like Stacy's image in general. I really think her and Nik Minaj are doing Obama a favor because not many take them seriously. they make mitt romney look silly. Stacy looks like she is a boxing ring girl announcing the next round.
shuga's picture

Its America she has the right

Its America she has the right to state her opinion and vote for who she wants. I just want to know why she think Romney is a better choice for 'our future' as she put it

Why does everyone think that

Why does everyone think that all Black people have to think the same and vote the same???!!!! Evaluate the info and THINK FOR YOURSELF!!! Being a democrat DOESN"T MAKE YOU BETTER, and being a republican DOESN'T MAKE YOU A SELL OUT! Do you! Black people, THINK FOR YOURSELVES!! Being a democrat because "Black people are supposed to be Democrats" is just stupid! This is America! You can different political views. That's why the Democratic party takes us for granted, because they know they don't have to do shit to get our vote. I'm out!
allnatural's picture

@Tori....I make over $250k

@Tori....I make over $250k AND want to pay as little in taxes as possible, BUT I am NOT voting for Romney. Not everyone's choices come down to $$.
GJ's picture

I guess it comes down to

I guess it comes down to RACE!!
tori's picture

Kind of angers me when I see

Kind of angers me when I see someone "Rodney King'd" for voting for Mitt Romney. People will always argue that they have a "Right to do this, and a right to say that". But don't dare let someone go against what they believe in. The other person is "ignorant and stupid". The true ignorance is your lack of tolerance. No one said you had to agree with Stacey Dash, but the name calling, backlash...just ridiculous. If she's an American, and she cares more about her money not being taxed, then that's just what she is...an American who cares more about her money not being taxed. If we all could practice tolerance, this world would be a better place.
Featherlight's picture

Stacey is for the GOP...her

Stacey is for the GOP...her choice.
Lola's picture

Natasha needs to lay off this

Natasha needs to lay off this foolishness. This is an entertainment gossip blog not a political propaganda campaign site. If it is, tell me and I'll not be here again. Also, not every damn black person is a Democrat. People have the right to vote who and how they want. WTF!!
Livey's picture

Anyone that makes OVER $250k

Anyone that makes OVER $250k a year, and WANTS to pay as LITTLE as possible in TAXES, is VOTING for MITT ROMNEY, so I doubt Stacy is the ONLY person of COLOR in HOLLYWOOD voting for Romney!
tori's picture

Hey Tori. Did you know that a

Hey Tori. Did you know that a single person making 200K or a family making 250K living in California pays 49% of their salary in taxes???? That's 38.5% Fed and 10% state. and did you know that 47% of Americans pay NO federal taxes?? (they get them all back in a refund). So what exactly is "fair share"? Half of Americans pay EVERYTHING and half pay NOTHING?
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tori's picture

Stacy Dash had a good show,

Stacy Dash had a good show, single ladies. I think she wants some attention. And if not ,then it's her choice. people with money do lean on the Republican side...... Oh Stacy smh...
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I always thought Stacey Dash

I always thought Stacey Dash was a lil odd and not too smart. She just confirmed it. Any (biological, 100% real) WOMAN--add to that a non-uber-rich woman who has to work everyday or is supported by a man who works everyday should be voting for Obama, *especially* if she's a minority. Obama 2012!!!

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For me, it's not about race

For me, it's not about race at all -- but as a WOMAN how can you endorse a candidate who affiliated with people who want to deny women basic rights related to their own bodies -- who use terms like "legitimate rape" -- who compare women to pigs -- ! I am alarmed and concerned just as much about my gender as my race in this country with politicians who are so actively trying to take control of our bodies! Shame on you Stacey Dash
Girl's picture

fyi....in my opinion, he does

fyi....in my opinion, he does NOT believe in that...but has to say it due to pressure from the Rep. Party & Catholics. As Governor of Mass., he was Pro-Choice and his own sons admit that they are pro choice
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

must be a slow day, neither

must be a slow day, neither one of them are that famous for me to even post something about them, next.....
monash's picture

Looky here.....i don't bash

Looky here.....i don't bash Stacey Dash for being a Republican...,but the candidate she is supporting is a Mormon who believes in Magic Underwear (which the Moron Religion teaches). His business practices are proven to be shady and cold-blooded. She is an Elitist Jerk if she follows this guy. He is ALMOST as PHONY as Bey-Z <-------------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She's as clueless as the

She's as clueless as the title of the most relevant film that appears on her resume.
Elle's picture

Stacey dash always been

Stacey dash always been overrated to me. Now she's all old, flabby, and sick lookin. But if she's a Mitt Romney supporter then SO WHAT. I was a Ron Paul supporter, not everybody that's black or ethnic is voting obama!!But yo forget all of that, who is the sexy chick in the video at the bottom??
LetsGetIt's picture

Not surprising...she wants to

Not surprising...she wants to be white so badly.
ahsikal78's picture

The vast MAJORITY of people

The vast MAJORITY of people who VOTED for OBAMA were WHITE <------ has ZERO to do with color
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well that's most black

Well that's most black women....Not to start a argument , just saying. Most black women want to look white, be with a white man, and have kids that look white, SHIT EVEN THE GOD BLACK WOMEN WORSHIP IS WHITE.
LetsGetIt's picture

No it's not true...you know

No it's not true...you know damn well you wanted to start an argument with your crazy ass...boy get some where and sit down.
Lola's picture

Sista prove to me that it's

Sista prove to me that it's not true. Don't call me names, prove it sista. Because calling me names just prove everything i say about you black women true.
LetsGetIt's picture

Look here!!...this ain't what

Look here!!...this ain't what you want...gone now.
Lola's picture

You came at me, you could've

You came at me, you could've easily ignored what i said!!!Knowing i told the truth, NOW MOVE ON AND ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T SEE ME
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