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First Lady Michelle's FAB Anniversary Dinner Date With Mr. President, Reveals Why She DOESN'T NAG Her Husband

The First Lady knows how to keep her man happy.  They've been married for 20 years afterall.  Check out what FLOTUS Michelle Obama has to say about keeping The President's home life hapy, not nagging him with her own opinions, and keeping politics separate from their relationship.


Plus, find out how the Presidential twosome spent their belated 20th anniversary celebration...

In a 3-part series, kicking of tonight, on ABC's "Nightline", First Lady Michelle Obama, speaking to anchor Cynthia McFadden (pictured above) from the White House, gives viewers an intimate look into life in the East Wing.  And Mrs. O says she purposely stays out of the West Wing. Here's a few highlights of the FIrst Lady speaking on keeping her home life happy:

On not nagging the President with her own opinions

"In a job like this, the last thing the president of the United States needs when he walks in the door to come home is someone drilling him and questioning him about the decisions and choices that he's made.  There are definitely times when I may feel something, but I'll hold back because I know he'll either get to that on his own or it's just not time."

On keeping her husband's politics separate from her own issues she pushes for

"I rarely step foot in the West Wing. In fact people are shocked when they see me there.  I rarely walk in that office because the truth is he's got so many wonderful advisers. He's got a phenomenal cabinet. He's got people who are in the trenches on these issues every single day and I'm kind of stepping in and out and I've got my own set of issues. So I don't even have the kind of expertise and the time in to be able to provide the kind of advice and guidance that he's already getting."

On preserving family time with First Daughters Sasha & Malia

"One of the things that Barack and I try to do in our lives which I think is one of the reasons our family is so whole, is that we make sure family is family -- it's not this sort of quasi-business relationship. We really do -- we're two people who love each other and put a lot of our energy into our kids and into our family unit,"

On losing all reservations about how Obama's Presidential run would affect their family

"In the end, Barack, our family is priority for him, and I knew that if I said no he wouldn't do this.  And then I had to think of whether I would want to be responsible for not having somebody like Barack you know, someone with his level of intellect, his honesty, his compassion, his vision. Would I want to be the one who stood in the way of this person potentially running this country? And I couldn't do that, because then I had to think beyond myself and my family and I had to think of sort of the broader benefits that this country could gain from his leadership."

Part 1 of the interview airs tonight on ABC at at 11:35 p.m. ET.

And the Presidential twosome made some time to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary this past Saturday.  It was a belated fete as he actual anniversary date fell on the date of the first debate last Wednesday.  But the First Couple made up for it:

They wined and dined at the fabulous Bourbon Steak at The Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, D.C.  Executive Chef Adam Sobel tweeted his excitement about his wishes coming true that he could finally host FLOTUS & POTUS.  And he tweeted a peek at their menu:

Sweet!  Congrats to the Obamas on 20 years!  Check out more pics of the swanky restaurant HERE.



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Allbeautythings0's picture

Blah blah blah. Same prepared

Blah blah blah. Same prepared political answers. So sick of her. Go somewhere. Nice to hear your family unit is tight. Does nothing for the economy or my pocket. I wont be watching that and I hardly read this. Probably talking the same sh*t she has been talking for the last 4yrs. And brainwashed people... Oh they are sooo cute! And what does that do for you? Woman, hush. With your overbite. And I have noticed that she has started REALLY rewearing her clothes due to the Obama campaign asking her to reign it in a bit, so they dont appear out of touch and elitist. I will NOT be voting for Obama this round. I still follow him on FB though. All they've got is sappy stories, images and anecdotes. Where are the real facts, plans and policies that will move America forward? And Michelle Obama - Of course we dont expect you to tell the truth that you've got Barack's balls in the palm of your hand because you want 4 more years of the perks of being first lady? NEXT!
Mrs. A's picture

Michelle Obama is a

Michelle Obama is a phenomenal woman. I love her and Barack with all my heart! Obama2012
CLS1986's picture

So beautiful..married and

So beautiful..married and especially, unmarried women over 40 listen to Ms Obama.
Lola's picture

She can't NAG him NOW b/c

She can't NAG him NOW b/c he's the FRIGGIN' MAN and can launch Nuclear War on the entire planet. BUT...If OBAMA wanted to GUARANTEE re-election....he would kick Joe Biden out of town and make Hillary Clinton VicePresident....then make Michelle Obama ---> Secretary of State.........slam dunk homerun. ..he would be re-elected GUARANTEED
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