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BREAK OUT THE CIGARS: Reggie Bush CONFIRMS He Has A Baby On The Way...Says He's Stocking Up On GUNS If It's A Girl!

The rumors were true!  Reggie Bush has officially confirmed that he'll soon become a daddy! Find out what he said about it inside....

Miami Dolphins runningback, Reggie Bush, revealed on the Paul and Young Ron Show today that rumors of him becoming are father are indeed true.  He revealed, 

"I have a little one on the way. We're pretty excited. We haven't found out if its a boy or a girl.  It's an opportunity to raise a child. That's the most special gift for a man and a woman."


According to reports, Reggie's girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan (pictured above), is about 12 weeks along.  Reggie said, "I'm hoping for a boy because if its a girl I'm going straight to the gun shop to buy some guns."

Interestingly, Reggie's ex Kim K. & her new boyfriend Kanye West are supposedly shopping for a $10 mill mansion together...in Miami where Kim's shooting her next reality show.  The two visited 4 homes yesterday.  The news about house shopping in Miami conveniently hit certain media sites the day after the rumors came out of Reggie expecting a baby.

Listen to the interview here:





from looking at past pics of

from looking at past pics of Lilit, looks like Reggie's money has "cleaned" her up...she looked like trash before. she looks much better in this pic.
diamond2012's picture

Congrats to Reggie & Lilit!!!

Congrats to Reggie & Lilit!!! She does favor Kim K...
diamond2012's picture

Kim k is a walking piece of

Kim k is a walking piece of plastic who is the creation of a plastic surgeon. She's uneducated, untalented and extremely insecure. I'm thrilled reggie moved on. Regardless of what color she is. Kim k isn't a woman any well adjusted man could ever be proud of.
sianna1's picture

Uncle Tom Jr. and LetsGetIt

Uncle Tom Jr. and LetsGetIt were molested as young boys and feel that their mother's didn't protect them. They were probably foster children that went from home to home, thus creating a long lasting hate for their mother's that abandoned them. Maybe, they were left on the door steps of clan members. Who knows. I think that has a lot to do with their disdain for black women.

this isnt about black and

this isnt about black and white its about green. when people come into money they enter different circumstances and people. if they stay true to themselves the life is easy but PUSSY makes the world go around ask anyone with money.

Once again a debate about

Once again a debate about NOTHING!!! We are color struck, Black men will date white other women, and Bey not a mother blah blah blah
not having it's picture

Tack Ticks! What a azz.

Tack Ticks! What a azz.
TeaNicole's picture

Congrats Reggie you have a

Congrats Reggie you have a gorgeous woman carrying your kid. I love seeing black men with options such as myself take advantage of it. Black men do not allow black women to use fear mongering tack ticks to submit to their outrageous demands. You don't owe a black woman crap because you are economically successful. Marry whoever you want its our right to choose who is most beneficial to us. Since i carry myself with class i tend to receive a lot of attention from white/other women and i wouldn't have it any other way to be frank. Besides black women love thugs and which i am certainly far from. Trust me brothers you are missing out on life of absolute happiness aka low blood pressure and virtually non existence nagging!!
Uncle Tom Jr.'s picture

Hey self-hating

Hey self-hating infidels...you came thru a black womb...Maybe your fathers should've done what you're suggesting and saved us all this foolishness you're releasing...
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Amen Brotha!!!!!!!! We will

Amen Brotha!!!!!!!! We will not dumb ourselves DOWN FOR THESE BLACK WOMEN!!! Those days are over brothas have OPTIONS AND DON'T have to put up with your SHIT black woman!!
LetsGetIt's picture

How can you claim to carry

How can you claim to carry yourself with class when it appears that you barely made it TO class? Your entire passage totally negates your efforts to sound intelligent and highfalutin. "Tack ticks?" Really? And in this case, the usage of "its" should be "it's", as in "it is". I'm also going to need you to capitalize your "I" when typing. You are not on your cell phone. You could also stand to use some commas too, hun. Finally, your pseudo-advice stereotyping all black women, is typical of a black man who doesn't have the balls to BE with a black woman, so you take comfort in shifting the blame because of your inadequacies. Judging from your grammatically incorrect passage and an attempt to school "brothers" on the benefits of being with non-black women, I would say that the type of non-black women you attract are on your level or below. Trust, that's not saying much. So thanks for putting on full display the type of "brother" a "sister" wouldn't want anyway.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

Exactly. I'm a black woman

Exactly. I'm a black woman that is down with all kinds of swirls. Stop generalizing. You hate your mothers and it's not the entire black female population's problem. Continue to let that hate manifest. If your comments are any indication of the type of women that you attract, then you most definitely attract TRASH!

If you carry yourself with as

If you carry yourself with as much class as you say you do, then how come you didn't carry your ass to class and learn that the proper word is tactics not tack ticks? SMH....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I know Kim is hotter than

I know Kim is hotter than fish grease and hurt. Reggie is the love of her life............the one that got away. I remember shortly after they broke up, on her show KUWTK her and Khloe had taped a conversation with him and he had mentioned something about how he was going to by her a ring, but she did something. Maybe someone else remembers.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

his chick looks like Kim

his chick looks like Kim K...they should have stayed together because Kim K looks lost with Kanye. They are not a good pairing, at all.
Reign's picture

Reggie's hot.

Reggie's hot.
tinytexan's picture

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tom060's picture

Kim is a lot better looking.

Kim is a lot better looking.
DominicanQueen's picture

They are both cute:)

They are both cute:)
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

I am thinking she was a

I am thinking she was a virgin when they start dating and he fail hard for her. She is so young. And she is not as big of a star then him. Whatever happened to dating, marrying and then having a baby like Beyonce did?
Lifeatbest's picture

Why do people act like

Why do people act like Beyonce was the first and only woman to do things traditionally? No shade. IJS
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

(Ladies and Gentlemen,, those

(Ladies and Gentlemen,, those are the ramblings of a crazy person...) Anywho.........Cray Bey used a SURROGATE (she is NOT a MOTHER)..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Did you know that you were

Did you know that you were the product of a SURROGATE yourself. You better go ask you momma. So STFU
Mischa's picture

I am happy for any person who

I am happy for any person who finds love.
stepup2's picture

Dudes like him are pathetic

Dudes like him are pathetic beyond words. I just think it's so funny that these dudes (especially dark skinned dudes) are so color struck. They be cheesin hard when they have an "exotic" looking chick on their arm. And don't get me started on that preference crap. I think if you're a certain race but choose to date solely from another race, then there's something deeply wrong with that. Especially since most of these chicks wouldn't give them a second look if they were still in the hood. Congrats Kim K wannabe, milk him for everything he has girl and then go get you a white man. I know she won't disappoint, they never do lmao.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I have to agree with you on

I have to agree with you on this. Everything you said is spot on.
HotLikeSunshine's picture

I don't believe the brotha is

I don't believe the brotha is color struck he just have alot in common with women that happens to not be black. But you talk about dark skinned men being color struck , WHAT ABOUT DARK SKINNED WOMEN!!!That's who we learned it from, every dark skinned woman i see around here GOT A WHITE MAN ON THEIR ARM!!!If a person decides to date another race ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE BLACK i have no problem with it, seeing how alot of these black women are today I WOULDN'T BLAMEEEEEEEEEEEEE EMMM!!!!!And only a black woman would say some shit like "he wouldn't get a second look if he didn't have money" now why do black women say that??? Is it because they see black men as unattractive themselves and would only date a dark skinned brotha if he's a thug or successful??? WHY SAY THAT???!
LetsGetIt's picture

"He wouldn't get a second

"He wouldn't get a second look if he didn't have money now why do black women say that?" Because it's THE TRUTH!!!!! SELF HATRED! These mixed "exotic" chicks don't like those negroes in the hood unless he has money to spend on them or she wants some D! I've dealt with plenty of girls in my lifetime who are hispanic or mixed that have told me "I'm only using this nigga for what I can get." The TRUTH HURTS HUH? Sorry if I hurt your feelings but those chicks don't care about most of ya'll. Don't shoot the messenger! I'm just being REAL. Then you have the black chicks in the hood that love these black dudes (they are loyal and hold a dude down) despite the fact they might treat them like sh**! I've had friends who had bfs that were Akon Dark and they (their boyfriends) straight up told them that they would look better if they were light skinned. They're way darker than she is, like what kind of mess is that? Some of these dudes are straight up clowns and look FOOLISH! I don't care for men or women like that! Like I've said before I don't really care, there's NO LOVE LOST AT ALL. I pity them because they're WEAK. I'm glad they eliminated themselves from the pool of eligible worthy black men. I just feel sorry for whoever they end up with. Most of those dudes aren't even the business and must be a lil sweet if they dictate who they will date based off the girl's skin tone IMO. But hey it is what it is.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

And black women would want

And black women would want him if he didn't have money??? lol COME ON NOW!!!Black women wouldn't mess with 95% of these successful brothas if they didn't have the money, only if he's a thug would they mess with. Because just like those mixed chick like black men for the dick, SO DO BLACK WOMEN!!!!Black women don't care about us EITHER!!And to be real white women love dark brothas OUT HERE. It's the black women that hate them.
LetsGetIt's picture

Yea Some black women are like

Yea Some black women are like that not ALL. Just like SOME black men are color struck NOT ALL. I guess you forgot or aren't aware, but according to statistics BLACK WOMEN are the least likely group of women to stray away from their culture. BLACK MEN on the other hand have been going to different races for decades, black women are just now catching on and are jumping ship too. So yeah...
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Black women have been fucking

Black women have been fucking with white men and deceiving black men since the begining of time, how you think egypt fell??? And various other african kingdoms???Eve deceived adam a black man....This shit goes back to the begining of time. And if you say not all black women are like that, THEN NOT ALL MIXED AND WHITE WOMEN WANT BLACK MEN FOR MONEY OR SEX
LetsGetIt's picture

BOY BYE! Black women were

BOY BYE! Black women were raped by slave owners on the low because they thought they were beautiful. I don't know about Adam and Eve I never heard their race be confirmed, just like I never heard Jesus race be confirmed either. So I don't know where you got that from. And I didn't say ALL MIXED AND WHITE CHICKS, I said MOST of them don't care for black men. AND that is THE TRUTH. Don't believe me? Sneak in the girl's locker room. The few ignorant black dudes that are color struck don't date other races of women b/c black women have bad attitudes, it's their SKIN COLOR ALONE. They could have a good black woman but leave her over an "exotic" woman. So don't go there because you KNOW IT'S THE TRUTH! DON'T PLAY DUMB!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Well most black women don't

Well most black women don't care for BLACK MEN. AND THAT'S THE TRUTH!!!Now i've dated outside my race before, and it wasn't because of skin color, it was because we had something in common and black women only wanted me to be a clown or a thug. Black men aint leaving no GOOD BLACK WOMEN.the small percentage that's out there
LetsGetIt's picture

FALSE! Ya'll had something in

FALSE! Ya'll had something in common? Oh ok. And there's nothing wrong with dating outside your race, but don't act like it's because of black women. The chicks you approached acted that way, what about the countless others like me that you didn't approach (thank God)? Dudes like you constantly CONTRADICT yourselves! You say you want a good black woman, but when you get one she isn't freaky enough for you, or she talks "too proper," so which one is it?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Preach, girl!!!!!

Preach, girl!!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

Reggie is the EPITOME of

Reggie is the EPITOME of "COLOR STRUCK!!" He took a "BEAUTIFUL SISTER" to his MIDDLE SCHOOL DANCE and DIDN'T dance with her the ENTIRE NIGHT instead, he spent his night chatting it up with a NERDY BECKY in the corner!! DUDE has ALWAYS BEEN "COLOR STRUCK!!"
tori's picture

Don't mean he color struck he

Don't mean he color struck he just have a preference.
LetsGetIt's picture

So why when you see a "SISTA"

So why when you see a "SISTA" with "THE MAN" you accuse them of "worshipping the white man" instead of it just being their "preference??"
tori's picture


OHHHH REGGIE....YOU BIG DUMMY!! I'm NOT crazy about Kim K. but THIS chick DOESN'T hold a candle to her, she looks like an AMY WINEHOUSE (RIP) wannabe who EATS!
tori's picture

Smart brotha, leave these

Smart brotha, leave these black women alone= you become successful, and don't get on child support or someone trying to live off your name. This brotha is going to go far. And i don't know why alot of black women mad at this brotha, HE ABOUT TO HAVE THE TYPE OF CHILDREN YALL ADORE...MIXED ONES lol
LetsGetIt's picture

You shuld donate your brain

You shuld donate your brain to science when you die, maybe they can figure out what went wrong!
tori's picture

Tori, I think science would

Tori, I think science would reject it as deficient. The boy is an attention whore. I think he made about one comment I agreed with. Ninety-nine percent of the time, I overlook comments with his name attached because I think theybf pays him to be a troll or he's genuinely a moron.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Sista.... why talk down on a

Sista.... why talk down on a black man. I came from you!!! Why would you disrespect your own!!! But you black women call black men self hating lol. And aint nobody getting paid by this site im just trying to give you black women THE LARGE PICTURE!!! Now sista, beautiful, queeen,black woman if you don't agree with what i said TELL ME WHY??
LetsGetIt's picture

@LetsgetIt....my beautiful

@LetsgetIt....my beautiful nubian brotha I suggest you learn to consider the source and from whence certain comments originate before you attempt to qualify stupidity with an answer. Please reference the source of the venom that is spewed on here daily. Closer observation will reveal that its the same three bitter pathetic bitches with nothing but hate in their hearts and lots of time on their idle hands. Please turn a blind eye hon.
Kai's picture

Still thinking about us I

Still thinking about us I see. (singing) "you've been thinking bout me, you know know know, you've been thinking bout me, do you think about me still" LMAO...... Hey Kai (in my Wendy Williams voice) HOW YOU DOIN? Loser....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

U black women need to learn

U black women need to learn to get along.
LetsGetIt's picture

@LetsGetIt....u sound like

@LetsGetIt....u sound like HITLER telling the JEWS to get along!!
tori's picture

She chooses to come on this

She chooses to come on this site daily and reply to our comments, so she get what she gets. Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr can get along with anybody. Letsgetit, you are the last person that should be trying to tell someone how to get along with other people. (reaches through computer, then slaps you) LOL.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

So this how u gone do in our

So this how u gone do in our E-relationship. You gotta put your hands on me lol, but im always getting along with people, IT JUST THAT BLACK WOMEN CAN'T REALLY TAKE THIS TRUTH so they try to go in on me. But i get along with everybody overall IMMA NICE DUDE !!
LetsGetIt's picture

LMAO @Ms. Thang...YOU A DAMN

tori's picture

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