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A video just hit the web of Stevie J possibly kissing Lil' Wayne on the lips.  See it to believe it inside and decide if it really happened......

You may remember the controversy involved with Lil' Wayne and his daddy, Birdman, kissed on the lips.....now here's something else.  Lil' Wayne was on stage at Club LIV in Miami recently when Stevie J walked up to him and allegedly kissed him on the lips.  Because the clip is so blurry, he could have just blown him a kiss as well.  Either way, this is what we're doing now, apparently.

Watch the clip here and decide:



This morning HOT97 called Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J to ask about the clip that hit the web.  Joseline (who seemed angry) said that "Since I was 15 years old, I been seen Lil Wayne kissing dudes."   But when it comes to Stevie J, she says "My man don't get down with the gay sh*t."

Then Stevie got on the phone and revealed that he and Joseline were in LA (not Miami).  "That wasn't me.  I wasn't in Miami.  But whatever someone feels they need to do let them do that."

Also, there is a DJ Stevie J in Lil' Wayne's camp.....so it could have been him in the clip.


Listen to the interview:




Ascending like vapor into the

Ascending like vapor into the cold long night. Tattered flags and old cold-corpses passing through the dry womb of a blue mouthed devil of devils....black moments hold the tongue taut, slacker, slacker...crying fills the screams of the mentally ill as they press against the leathers, dry eyeballs all shot up an red, boiling little tongues dip into the hot blood of Christ . I hear off in the distance the rattling… tat- tat…the shaking…sha…sha…tat… of little skulls all freshly chewed, pulled from the nest of human rubbish, a cold- toss and a roll into the trash bin. spreading her wings wide unto her heavenly host as less devils moisten the dead lips…I lean forward into the weight of lies. Soft words of sheer madness cradle themselves in the rough textured pie hole, hiding the true gravity of lost little worlds!
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Please lil Wayne been a HOMO

Please lil Wayne been a HOMO from the gate...He and birdman have been Licking and Dicking 4 the longest....yeah!
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Could you guys who had the

Could you guys who had the discussion about HIV below, please stop generalizing "black women" and "black men", not all of black people are living in the same reality/ culture/ sub-culture/ U.S.A as you, so please try to find some other words to say "black women/men". Perhaps you could say some women/ men in America/ or some women/men where I come from. Because there are a lot of black people all over the planet reading THEYBF that can't necessary relate to what you guys are saying, and generalizing put us in the same basket when we shouldnt be. Thanx

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Just a COUPLE of days ago

Just a COUPLE of days ago JOSÈ-LYNN was on twitter RANTING & RAVING, calling STEEBIE GAY, FAG, and talking about EXPOSING HIS SECRETS, but we ALL know STEEBIE GAY, cuz he F*CKS with that FAKE A$$ CHI CHI RODRIGUEZ *WANNABE*
tori's picture

Poor reginae...i bet children

Poor reginae...i bet children talking about it to her
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

So there is a difference

So there is a difference between male homosexuality and female homosexuality? That's ridiculous it's all the same s**t.
Mouse's picture

LMAO I knew it!!! They say

LMAO I knew it!!! They say dudes who are sexual freaks will do it with anyone or anything. We already knew Wayne was gay (he's back to kissing dudes again I see and it's not his "daddy" baby) and Stevie J's rat face was a red flag to me (It SCREEEEAMED GAY) not to mention his demeanor. Both of these dudes are a disgrace to the human race. Joseline is upset because she went thru all that trouble of transforming from a man to a woman only to find out that these dudes like Steebie and Wayne like dudes that look like dudes.
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Oh please! This is nothing

Oh please! This is nothing new. That's why so many black women have HIV because of stupid ass black men's not making a choice.
stepup2's picture

Now here you go again, black

Now here you go again, black women don't have aids because of black men. They have aids because their nasty. It's as simple as that, it aint downlow men or gay men that's giving black women aids, IT'S BLACK WOMEN FUCKING WITH THE SAME DAMN IDIOT!!!That's how 48 women can get pregnant by 2 men in memphis, AND YOU WONDER YOUR ASSES GOT AIDS and HIV??Black Women are passing that shit around like crazy out here, and ya can't blame black men, STOP FUCKING ANY AND EVERYTHING ON THE BLOCK!!! AND YOUR ASSES WON'T HAVE HIV AT THE HIGHEST RATE. STOP FUCKING THESE THUGIN LOVIN ASS NIGGAS!
LetsGetIt's picture

They have aids because

They have aids because THEY'RE nasty.
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***NEWS FLASH*** Statisically

***NEWS FLASH*** Statisically speaking it take (ON AVERAGE) just ONE time for a MAN to have sex with a WOMAN and transmit the HIV virus, while it takes a WOMAN 8 times to have sex with the SAME MAN to transmit the virus!! So @LETSGETIT except the FACT that BLACK DOWNLOW MEN are PLAGUING your COMMUNITY and KILLING your "BEAUTIFUL SISTERS!!"
tori's picture

Here we go!! First of all a

Here we go!! First of all a lot of my black sister's didn't have the father figure to show them how to respect themselves. Why because they where either in jail, dead or up somebody else's skirt. Lying to that women saying his faithful to her. And when she finds out his a dog it to late. Yea some of my sister's need to get their shit together lucky for me I was told by my dad I was his princess and saw the respect he had for my mom. To death did them apart. This shit is real letsgetit black women are dying because they wasn't inform that the man they are with is also Tommy man too. You say you have so much love for us black women. You are telling us the truth. Well I'm telling the truth about black mens, not all but some.
stepup2's picture

"First of all a lot of my

"First of all a lot of my black sister's didn't have the father figure to show them how to respect themselves." Ok who fault is that?? Blame your momma for that, because as you black women say "You are in control of your body, and a man can't tell you what to do with it" so when that dead beat niggga drop that seed on you and leave, you have SEVERAL OPTIONS , the democratic party made sure that it's a planned parenthood in every blackcommunity so that you black women can kill ya babies. SO YOU CAN'T BLAME THE MAN, "WHEN YOU KNOW THE STATISTICS, YOU'RE A INDEPENDENT WOMAN , AND IT'S YOUR BODY AND A MAN HAS NO SAY" If black women choose to fuck noo good men, DON'T BLAME THEY FATHER NOT BEING THERE, blame them for not thinking logically!!! Black women open they legs up to clown ass negros and hood niggas. NOT MARRIEDDDDD, NOT MARRIED, but somehow u believe a ole lacking ass nigga when he say "he gone be faithful to you" FOR YOU BLACK WOMEN TO CLAIM AND BE SO EDUCATED , YA SOO GODDDAMN DUMB!!!Even a fucking animal know a weak asss male when they see one and know not to have sex or procreate with him!!!YOU BLACK WOMEN SO DAMN DUMB U CAN'T EVEN DO WHAT A ANIMAL IS CAPABLE OF. Because when a strong black man come around, you don't want him, HE'S TOO 1960'S LIKE and you don't want to live by any standards. Black women are getting AIDS and GIVING AIDS because they nasty and they sleep with nasty men KNOWINGLY!!!! If you in denial of that , then don't reply back
LetsGetIt's picture

UN like you I have said some

UN like you I have said some of us do shit that makes no sense. It's so many black sister's that have cry over their black male children. Judge Mathis mother did her best for her son. She died before he turn his life around. Your mad at us black women for what? You say you have love for us but I'm telling you as a black women i made it out. And if one person says that made it out from the street's of Detroit you should be jumping up and down. Because you love us. I could look my noise down at eithers. But no I rather reach back and grab their hand and pray they reach up and grab it. You can say all you want you love us but you don't. And all women black, white, hispanic, chinese want to choice what happens to their body. But it's a issue because it's the sister's. Black women can't be nasty by themselves, if that man know he just sleep with Mary why in the hell would he get in bed with Sue 15 minutes later. Please keep not loving us..
stepup2's picture

Judge Mathis came from a

Judge Mathis came from a single parent home and was a DAMN CRIMINAL!!! BAD EXAMPLE BLACK WOMAN!!! It was when he got around some real black men is when he turned his life around!!Black women love us being thugs and dead beats, which is why as a race we can't progress, because our manufacturer aka the woman we came from, love dysfunction and thugs and drama. So ofcourse black men are gonna live up to what black women wanted in a man!!!Why the fuck would i jump and down, because someone made it out of the black community???? dumb ass black woman THE BLACK COMMUNITY SHOULD BE A PLACE WHERE BLACK PEOPLE RUN TO AND CREATE BUSINESS not run away from it, and expect an award because you got out a place where black people live and have a high crime rate because of single parent homes.Goddamn!!!You might as well say black women are nasty by themselves LOOK AT WHAT THE FUCK THEY MESS WITH!!!!Then cry and act like a victim , when they have a child, or a disease they can't get rid of. BLACK WOMEN CAN SAY NOOOO TO A MAN, and that's the end of it. STOP DEALING WITH THUGS AND DROPPING YOUR DAMN PANTIES because it gonna be YOUUUUUUUUUUUU STUCKKKKKKKK WITH THAT CHILDDDDD BASED ON STATISTICS ALONE YOU GODDDAMNNNN BLACK WOMEN SHOULD KNOW THIS, start getting married, and stopp fucking unmarrieddd alrite
LetsGetIt's picture

Well letgetit that's nice for

Well letgetit that's nice for you to say but you dont have your facts right. YEA I better myself good job married to a strong black man who i happly fall back to. And it dont make me fell less then because he takes care of our family his a man not full of hate or excuses. So yes i up graded because my parents told us they wanted us to do better then they had. But I gave the city of Detroit my best which is my son. A Detroit police officer. I also volunteer to the boys and girls center. Teaching young people to value who they are. So yea when i say i reach back I reach back. But what have you done but blame black women for the fall of black mens. So many black males have made it out. I made sure my son made it out. But he wanted to go and protect a city that we love. So no your not going to do any jumps for me or any other black sister that is doing the right thing. Not sleeping around doing her best. You have your views but i don't need for you to jump for me. You can hate all you want but what are you doing to help? Letsgetit if Jesus could forgive? Who are you not too.. you can't get pass not saying something negative about sisters. But you call it love and telling your truth. I will never change your mind it's set. But not all black women are stuck on stupid. Check one married, one child home owner, give back love being a black women. Proud of my sister's that are doing their best.. Praying for my sister's and brother's who are not.. I believe in our people i know one day we are going to get are stuff together and stop blaming others for are fuck ups!!!
stepup2's picture

Did you really just type,

Did you really just type, men's?-------->I CAN'T
Naomi's picture


Omg Screaming.........................
star's picture

Look it up in the dictionary

Look it up in the dictionary it's a word. And so is smart bitch!!!
stepup2's picture

No, she meant the word "men"

No, she meant the word "men" is already plural so it doesn't require an "s".
ahsikal78's picture

I don't know what the fuck

I don't know what the fuck some of ya'll are talking about. Yes, I get dressed in the same room as my friends, yes, we comment on each other's assets, yes, I might touch a tit or 2, yes, I might smack an ass... BUT I HAVE NEVER BLANTANTLY KISSED ANOTHER FEMALE that was NOT MY SMALL NIECES ON THE MOUTH!!!! Shit, once my nieces get my height, that's it, they can get a hug, but I tell them straight out... We look funny kissing on the lips because you're taller than me now... Give me that cheek!

I mean nobody cares about

I mean nobody cares about women kissing, NOBODY GETS EMASCULATED when there's two women, so if you did or you didn't it don't matter, two women is a beautiful thing. But when there's two men, SOMEBODY IS GETTING EMASCULATED, and the shit is sick. Now we all made excuses for lil wayne the last time, this time we cant.!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Sorry my brotha', but that's

Sorry my brotha', but that's quite sexist and a double standard...if it's good for one sex, it should be good for the other...
ahsikal78's picture

It's not a double standard,

It's not a double standard, women are feminine creatures. If they get femine with one another WHO cares, it looks beautiful, and its two women. NOW TWO MEN i mean someone is being EMASCULATED someone manhood is being taken, with two women aint no womanhood being taken THEY STILL WOMEN. But two men kissing that's just sick
LetsGetIt's picture

i totally agree

i totally agree
diamond2012's picture

Ewwww! Disgusting...no

Ewwww! Disgusting...no comment!!
lifeisgood's picture

That's what happens when

That's what happens when you're an oversexed maniac.... All those children Weezy has is just a cover up... Just ask Mase about Diddy.... All that money, alcohol, drugs and groupie love goes to your head and you start craving more than just sex with the opposite gender... I would be ok if he just said that he was Bi, but hey maybe he feels like he doesn't have to say it when he shows it...

Well there you have it the

Well there you have it the brotha Stevie J said it wasn't him, and his girl said he don't even know lil wayne. SO THERE U HAVE IT, it was DJ STEVIE J two diff peoples
LetsGetIt's picture

Oh my goodness... What is the

Oh my goodness... What is the world coming too... if they weren't kissing, then what indeed were they doing that close to one another's face... downlow is now overt!

This outwardly homosexual

This outwardly homosexual trend in pseudo-rap music is like the nail in the coffin of the black male's masculinity. Skinny jeans with your ass out yeah no homo right?
Mouse's picture

We have really crossed all

We have really crossed all the lines, anything goes there is absolutely no boundaries as to what is acceptable morally and socially we are screwed.
TeaNicole's picture

Damn Stevie got ALL the

Damn Stevie got ALL the ladies and the niggas after him.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Smdh, but to the comment

Smdh, but to the comment below, I MEAN women can touch each other, kiss, i mean they women we love that, it's always been around, women can go to the bathroom together touch titties, it's a beautiful thing. But these single parent home raised negros are starting to do the samething, BUT WITH EACH OTHER. And it's not masculine or man like at all. Shit is really gay. But lil wayne has done this before so why is it a shock iono. And stevie j is a new yorker, that moved to atlanta, and mess with a chick, that looks more manly than lil wayne. WHY IS IT A SHOCK ???And you black women claim black men is gay all the damn time, WHY IS IT A SHOCK BLACK WOMEN???
LetsGetIt's picture

I guess lil wayne wants to

I guess lil wayne wants to show everyone how to love.


Featherlight's picture

Im gonna need lil wayne to

Im gonna need lil wayne to stop kissing dudes already, I dont care how comfortable or secure you are with your sexuality, the line has got to drawn!!

I'm not shocked one bit by

I'm not shocked one bit by this. Society has already softened us to think it's ok for women to kiss one another now this is just the next step. Soon, this will be a trend, men kissing men and thinking it's hot just like women think they're not gay when they kiss another woman. I'm no conspiracy theorists, but I am starting to see a homosexual agenda pursuing.

Lil Wayne just come out the

Lil Wayne just come out the closet already!!


diamond2012's picture

That shit CRAY.

That shit CRAY.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


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