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Christina Milian: From NO MAKEUP On "Baggage Claim" Set To GLAM BIKINI GAL

Christina Milian just proved why she's one of the cutest chicks in the game.  She tweeted a makeup-less pic from the set of the new movie she's working on with Paula Patton & Derek Luke


Check it inside, plus more outtakes from her Caribbean B3 magazine spread, inside...

Christina Milian just revealed she's been on the set of Baggage Claim, a new movie starring Paula Patton & Derek Luke.  And the 31-year-old & newest YMCMB signee always keeps it cute...whether she's make up free or glammed up for a shoot.

We showed you her B3 magazine spread pics previously, now check out the gorgeous outtakes from Jamaica:

She showed off her bikini bod and her own swimsuit designs fom her Havana Nights line.

Gorge!  Check out more pics over at the photographer's site

And here's some behind the scenes video below:


Photographer: Dwyane Watkins



Pretty lady but way too much

Pretty lady but way too much make-up!!! She looks like a Hollywood Hooker with all that heavy make-up on!!! She is so pretty she doesn't need it...FIRE that make-up artist!!!!!!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

She looks just like her

She looks just like her mother with that yellow dress and the tons of makeup...alright pics
star's picture

She is Gorgeous, Fabulous,

She is Gorgeous, Fabulous, and Stunning! A see a lot of haters commenting on her hair, clothes etc, but i guarantee she looks better than most of you at 31 then you do in your prime 20's....i would love to see these hatas post a picture of themselves. She looks better then you hatas on her worst day and on your best day. Beauty is Beauty...when you see it, recognize it and shut the rest up.
Hater Recognizer's picture

Christina and Crayonce' are

Christina and Crayonce' are the SAME age with 1 kid each (but Chrissy actually gave birth to hers)......and Beyonce LOOKS like her old mother compared to Chrissy (Jay-Z would SWAP WIVES in 2 SECONDS FLAT. To have a woman that looks like Fabby Chrissy.....a TRUE YBF'er) ........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Pretty girl. But even with

Pretty girl. But even with her beauty she makes everything look cheap & lame. Even her weave! She will never elevate past the level she's at. She may have signed to that label but when she finally drops an album it won't sell because she's a nonfactor
Tiff's picture


star's picture

she's a pretty girl, but i

she's a pretty girl, but i don't see star quality with her & she doesn't stand out to me
monash's picture

She looks like Lisa

She looks like Lisa Turtle!!!!! C-Mili is working the camera!!!! "Work!!" (in my Rupaul voice)
holmesa925's picture

One word------ FABULOUS!!!!!

One word------ FABULOUS!!!!!
BigJohn's picture

Nick Cannon is KICKING

Nick Cannon is KICKING HIMSELF for leaving her and having butt ugly kids with that Old Bag...........................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Beautiful photos!

Beautiful photos!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

why is she wearing that long

why is she wearing that long tacky weave from the Lala Vasquez collection to the beach.
DominicanQueen's picture

Shut yo' banana boat ass up!

Shut yo' banana boat ass up!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

she a sexy lil number....how

she a sexy lil number....how did Dream get her again? oh, that's right.....
Grown Man Ish's picture

This girl is sooo beautiful

This girl is sooo beautiful even without make-up. Whenever I see her, the only thing that comes to mind is that Dream really fucked up...

BROWN don't crack either!!

BROWN don't crack either!! Congrats to C-Mili on the new movie (with CREDIBLE actors) and to signing to YMCMBHIJKLMNO (don't let them "Bow Wow" you)! But why the "PHOTOSHOOT" pictures look like INSTAGRAM pics???
tori's picture

She is flawless ; )

She is flawless ; )

She's Gorgeous. I Wish Her

She's Gorgeous. I Wish Her Daughter Looked More Like Her Instead Of THE DREAM
Keyths'Girl's picture


Yas's picture

Beautiful Jamaica :)

Beautiful Jamaica :)

Fabby! !! She's a true YBF'er

Fabby! !! She's a true YBF'er :):):):) Adorbs.....Love her
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Christina is very pretty with

Christina is very pretty with a bangin bod.....but she can't seem to stop dressing like a Mexican.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Whatta cutie she is....Wow

Whatta cutie she is....Wow these pics are really nice now we need the music to match!
Like Really's picture

These pics are gorgeous...I

These pics are gorgeous...I hope she does put out more music; she's one of the few that actually has a nice voice.

nice. i am so feeling that

nice. i am so feeling that lime green dress!!
shuga's picture

such an irrelevant beautiful

such an irrelevant beautiful lady!!!
isisyvonne's picture


C2C's picture

amazing photos she looks

amazing photos she looks gorgeous!

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