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Laura Govan Covers ROLLING OUT, "Basketball Wives: LA" Season 2 Is A RATINGS FLOP

Laura Govan of "Basketball Wives: LA" has her own Rolling Out magazine cover that just dropped.  And it's a follow up to her little sister Gloria's cover shoot with Glo's new husband Matt Barnes.


Check out Laura's cover inside, plus why season 2 of "BBW LA" is a ratings fail....

Big sister Govan is covering the new issue of Rolling Out.  And she's clearly enjoying her new post-baby sleek bod.  And she's also talking about what it took to get there.  And she's dishing on both her body (86 pounds later) and her relationship.  Check out the highlights from her interview below:

On what made Laura kick her fitness routine into high gear

“I got lazy after the fourth baby. I said, ‘oh well.’ I got big, f— it. I’m just gonna keep it rolling,” says Laura while having her hair toyed with. “I still ate like I was pregnant for a while. I’m the type of person who says ‘Next Monday, or the 15th,’ that was me. One day my daughter was like ‘you got milk chocolate t—,’ because my nipples were so big and so dark. And then she was playing with my back fat, and it made me say, ‘wait a minute.’ ”

On losing weight naturally instead of surgery

“When I got serious the weight started dropping off. I did my workout throughout my house, because I was uncomfortable going to the gym. I didn’t wanna wear Gilbert’s shirts to the gym, I didn’t want anyone looking at me, period.  After I lost about 20 pounds I went to a doctor and said ‘can you take all of this off?’ He said, ‘No, you need to work out.’ The doctor told me if you lose 50 pounds I’ll do [a tummy tuck] for free in two months. I gave myself three months and lost 64 pounds.”

On whether she lost weight to get Gilbert back

.“My first motivation was to get back at Gilbert like, ‘I’ll show you what you lost.’ But it became more than that. It became about me, it became about my health, and I did something about it."

On her "hard earned" fat engagement ring from fiance' NBA baller Gilbert Arenas

“I work hard, we’ve been together 12 years.  It’s not about the ring size, it’s about what this represents. Had he given me a string and tied it around [my finger], and said words that were meaningful — that would be just as meaningful as a million-dollar ring. That’s not what it’s about for me. It’s about raising a family, having values. Being able to look at each other and like each other. You can love a n—– all day, but if you don’t like him …  You have to learn each other.”

On what she thinks about herself

“I’m real, I’m cute, I’m all-American, girl!”

Get the whole interview over at Rolling Out.  Here's some behnd the scenes footage:


But it's not all roses from the whole "Basketball Wives LA" cast.  While their inaugural season saw about 2 million viewers per episode, this season is barely half that.  After the premiere a few weeks ago, the show is getting almost a million viewers per episode. 

And with most of the other reality shows getting at least double that on VH1, we can't help but think the L.A. spinoff chicks just may be kicked to the curb soon.



The newbe "Bambi" on BWLA has

The newbe "Bambi" on BWLA has stolen the identity of my girl Bambi Daddabbo her name and image (being a model turned rapper) and now on the show that Bambi Daddabbo turned down 3 times. Bambi Daddabbo is a signed rapper to a pop girl group and is engaged and has a child with her basketball player fiance Marcus Banks. Bambi better known as Adiz B on BWLA is living a fake life through Bambi Daddabbo.

I haven't even seen the show

I haven't even seen the show but I had a hard time just staying woke during the behind the scenes photo shoot....O_o they look boring as hell and very much into themselves
BlackKat's picture

when are they going to

when are they going to produce a REAL BASKETBALL WIFE SHOW all these shows are about single women fucking men with money and sometimes not (STEVIE J., LIL SCRAPPY)

Not sure if i believe the

Not sure if i believe the whole work out regimen for 86 pounds. I just don't cut for her and Gloria. Gloria is cold hearted and shows no emotion. What i can't understand is how you can be so hard up on Jackie, but run back to that dude 80 times a yr after all his bull ish...makes no sense. And Laura can't decide whether or not she want to be Jackie's friend or foe. Laura has a bad attitude too and always has a problem with something or someone. Get over it already cause just like your sister, your dude has messed up a million times and you get over than quick so sit down. Both of yall!
Hater Recognizer's picture

This ugly heffah is like a

This ugly heffah is like a cross btwn Gonzo & The Bald Eagle.
Realist's picture

I don't believe she lost the

I don't believe she lost the weight on her own...diet pills, chef cooking her food, personal trainer, and lipo.
Lola's picture

...And this season's BBW's is

...And this season's BBW's is WACK, cancel that ish already!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

She has one helluva long

She has one helluva long nose, thus explains all them damn lies. Hell, yeah, she lost all that weight to get back in that house and hold that security blanket down. Keep it real, bitch!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

LOL!!! Best news I've heard

LOL!!! Best news I've heard all day I hope it gets cancelled!
DominicanQueen's picture

She lost the weight

She lost the weight naturally? What about the stomach scars she got from lipo? All American girl? GIRL BYE! More like All American Ho. I had a feeling season 2 of BBWLA was doing bad, because there's no REAL DRAMA or FIGHTS. It's interesting how people were boycotting the show because it was negative and portrayed black women in a negative light, but when it turned somewhat positive the same people won't support it.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

She looks like Gonzo. Smh

She looks like Gonzo. Smh
BBCAT's picture

Laura & Gloria MAKE ME SICK.

Laura & Gloria MAKE ME SICK. No one cares for them I know I don't. Malaysia she is ok but boring & Draya is the most entertaining she needs her own show. Jackie Oh were do I start she needs to have many seats. They are all boring.cancel all the BBWives.
BBCAT's picture

Not a good pic, maybe they

Not a good pic, maybe they got inspired by Halloween ? She looks like the Devil's relative in that cover.

Even With Make-up She Is

Even With Make-up She Is Still Unattractive. I Love Jackie Bipolar Ass.
Keyths'Girl's picture

jackie is the only reason i

jackie is the only reason i watch that damn show with her crazy ass! gloria gets on my fuckn nerves with her holier than thou & im the best thing since slice bread attitude. every last one of them are tacky as hell & wack! and to think they're living in LA
monash's picture

The show is tired and

The show is tired and ratchet. It's simply just not hot...Full of bad weaves, tacky clothes and straight ratchetness....I do not watch the original BBW but the BBW:LA version was a cheap knock off...At BBW was stylish as hell...
Anonymously Speaking's picture

Malaysia is the ONLY BBW: LA

Malaysia is the ONLY BBW: LA that keeps her hair LAID, and make-up BEAT! The rest are WEAK! And I'm sorry but what was "stylish" about Tami Roman spittin out David's sunflower seeds like a BANSHEE or Kenya and her Rick James "inspired" stringy/wavy TOO TIGHT wig, and UNDERTAKER make-up?
tori's picture

Lucifer's twin sister. She

Lucifer's twin sister. She looks Satanic.
lola69's picture

it has not been a requirement

it has not been a requirement for your hungry ass to get a ring. please he did not have to give your gold diggin ass a ring, still cheat and you will go NOWHERE. typical black woman who sells her goods to earn a living. Yall hoes ain't going nowhere but a whorehouse
lola69's picture

I don't like the lighting in

I don't like the lighting in that camera shot. Where's the other half of her face?
C2C's picture

So for about HALF A SECOND, I

So for about HALF A SECOND, I thought Laura was Alicia Keys! She was giving off a bit of "BUTCH VIBE" when she was playing ball with Gloria!
tori's picture



OMG this big bird lookin

OMG this big bird lookin muppet is not ATTRACTIVE at all...at least not cover shoot worthy... all i see is her holdin' a square for the newport ad on the back!! ugh bcuz she dam sho aint got nothing to talk about...NEXT!
Like Really's picture

i seriously forgot that show

i seriously forgot that show existed. except for draya, the cast is so damn unattractive that its hard to watch. i like this shirt that laura has on but please tell me thats not the whole entire cover of the magazine! aint no other topics covered?? hilarious.
shuga's picture

Every body and they momma is

Every body and they momma is covering Rolling Out Magazine.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Every Z-Lister and they Mama.

Every Z-Lister and they Mama.
BBCAT's picture

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