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Adam & Tamera Mowry-Housley LASH OUT At Twitter Bullies ATTACKING Her Political Beliefs

Reality tv star and actress Tamera Mowry-Housley was attacked last night for her "alleged" political beliefs on Twitter causing her husband to attack back and defend her honor.  And then things turned racial.  Get the deets on what happened inside....


It all started last night as the very pregnant actress Tamera Mowry-Housley spoke on the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate and Rt'd a follower who said that it was hard to watch because of the candidates constantly interrupting each other.  Well.....you would have thought that she pulled a Stacey Dash as folks on Twitter jumped ALL over her. 

Folks on Twitter assumed that because Tamera's husband is White and works at FOX News, that it meant she was attacking Biden and voting for Mitt Romney...and they weren't happy.  As hate tweets flowed in, Tamera tweeted:

Her husband Adam wasn't about to sit around and let her be attacked on Twitter so he jumped in the mix saying,

But this isn't the first time Tamera has been attacked regarding Adam as she revealed during a recent interview with ZAP 2 It.  She said,

"There were certain Websites who were saying horrible things about the fact that we're an interracial couple. It's like, really? About that? it's 2012 -- at that time, it was 2011.

"We didn't even know the people. It was just a site that allows people to comment on a picture. ... More than one person was saying cruel things. So, we got it from both sides, and it's like, 'Oooh, that's weird.'"

But Tamera has been developing a thick skin when it comes to the critiques on her marriage.  And she says she's had to deal with many outside opinions due to her hit reality show "Tia & Tamera." She said,

"Doing a reality show, you're open for the world to see. People are open to judge, and you're open to judging. As an actress, they're judging your talent; they're judging how you play your role. Whereas this, they're judging you as a human being. Fortunately, with our show, we have more positive than negative."

You can catch her and sister Tia when "Tia & Tamera" returns to the Style Network on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Also, she'll star in the Gospel Music Channel movie, "Christmas Angel," premiering Dec. 1.




I think the housleys are over

I think the housleys are over all good people. When people attack for the dumbest reason, its only because they have no interest in their own lives that they feel the need to go into attack mode. All the housleys need to do is raise their child to have thick skin. Its a cold cold world. Its a shame that we cant always protect our children from negative surroundings. But we can teach them to do the right things. They both are ment for eachother and I wish them many many many more years as husband and wife. All I ask is that you guys keep your heads up.. PEACE & LOVE
magroe74's picture

Dear Housley's, No one cares

Dear Housley's, No one cares about your political twitter war. Just simply state that they don't know what they're talking about and move on. Deffensiveness is usually admission. Besides, it's fucking twitter and again, no one cares... How does anyone on twitter change your life? They don't so who cares what they think about you, your views and your relationship... I know pregnancy makes you emotional and shit, but damn, FUCK THEM! Delete and Block... It's SIMPLE! Sincerely, Some one that does not give a damn about on line forums and other people's opinions. Everyone has an asshole, don't they?

People can be so ignorant who

People can be so ignorant who she votes for is her business and her comment was not even saying who she was voting for people just hating on her she's beautiful and I think she has a good thing going with her husband #teamhousley keep doing your thing Tamera and Adam!!!
Sexiiredbonekay90's picture

She looks sooooo pretty in

She looks sooooo pretty in that pic. She's gorgeous pregnant. #beautiful
I_love_laughing's picture

She's an adult and can make

She's an adult and can make her own choices!!
Twila's picture

Ok, YBF...you finally got me.

Ok, YBF...you finally got me. I had to register, so that I could comment. First of all, let me say, I have no personal knowledge of who Tamera or her husband intend to vote for. It is there personal business. They seem like a lovely couple. In fact, I caught an episode of their show where he gave her some wonderful 'pitcher's knowledge' about regaining focus & being centered. Pitcher's are extremely focused on the batter, but they always look away for a brief moment before their pitch, so that they can regain focus; it was a nice metaphor for life. Great, there. But now, I must say a few things... I come from a very similar background as Tia & Tamera (I would imagine that most African-AMERICANS have a similar multi-cultural history to their ancestry). Again, a few (somewhat skewed) observations via tweet does not necessarily register as a 'vote'...but I suppose this will go for Stacey Dash, as well. It is beyond me, how anyone who has benefitted from our ancestors fight for Civil Rights could vote Republican. And here's why... The GOP is STILL (all these years later) hung up on something called 'State's Rights'. It's very coded language, but anyone who has studied American History understands it. It is why Ronal Reagan went to a tiny little town in Philadelphia, Mississippi where the ONLY notable occurrence was the murder of 3 young Civil Rights workers. He chose to give a pivotal campaign speech on 'State's Rights' in a town marred by this horrific crime, because it expressed a solidarity to those who didn't want government telling them what to do. 'State's Right's' continues to mean something... it is a 'dog whistle' that you will hear GOP candidates pull out even today... Now, the GOP and there dubious history with Civil Rights & Civil Liberties. I actually had someone tell me that it was the Democrats who weren't on the side of Civil Rights... uh, well, not exactly. The SOUTHERN Democrats voted against Civil Rights. They became so upset with the Northern Dems for voting FOR Civil Rights, that the Southern Democrats assimilated into what is now the modern day Republican Party. Now for the economics of it all... Bill Clinton was on to something with his speech at the DNC. Especially about Democratic fiscal policies being better for EVERYONE. Google: "History siding with Obama Alan Blinder"...read the article & look at the graph provided (courtesy of a Reagan economist & the US Census figures, proof that the chasm between richest & poorest gets wider when GOP policies are in effect) Lastly, I would say to Tamera's husband...I'm sure you are a great guy. But to work at a network that has such a hate-filled agenda, a place where ignorance reigns...a place that gives a platform to the likes of Ann Coulter & Sean Hannity. A place where is is OK for the Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade to openly say that people in Norway & Sweden live longer because they aren't 'mixed-species' like we are here in the US. Geesh, I wonder what he will think about you and your mutt family? I mean, I can't fault you for collecting a paycheck...but let's be honest FOX News is not the pinnacle of journalistic integrity. So I guess I leave you with this. I just had to vent for a moment...the real idea is, that I hope you study up on American, and African-American history in this country. These things do matter. I hope Tia, Tamera, Adam troll the comments of these sites from time to time & realize that people aren't out to get you. In fact, Tia & Tamera, in many ways, I AM YOU. I hope Tamera has an uneventful delivery & the whole lot of the Mowry/Housley clan live out there days happily together...but it is important to know the struggles of our ancestors. And it is REALLY important to understand the platforms of our candidates.
Educateyourself's picture

And I had to register just to

And I had to register just to tell you I agree with you 100%
StepPonDiEnemy's picture

I'm not reading that (please

I'm not reading that (please UNregister) o_O
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture



Wait a minute, are we

Wait a minute, are we supposed to believe a Fox "News" employee will vote for the Democrat? I bet not even Juan Williams will.
JN's picture

I will be glad when Obama

I will be glad when Obama gets re-elected. He is doing his best with this country and like st Joe Biden said in the debate step out of the way in let us do our jobs. It is your right to voice your opinion that is the great thing about America Freedom of speech. If you are celebrity do not get on Facebook and Twitter talking about politics Religion for that matter. If you cant take the heat get out the kitchen. As a matter of fact, I was watching PBS this morning they did a great story on both candidates. In Romney has always had no clue on how to relate to middle class or anyone without money. He was in the business of investing in large firms and creating less jobs at whatever cost to make his paper and the investment firm he worked for Bain's paper. Check it out very deep get to know the issues not just the skin color of the candidates. Wake up all people. Racism is very real and this country is very divided!
THE BUSINESS's picture

She is so self absorbed,

She is so self absorbed, boring and annoying anyway. WHatever. Next!
Mrs. A's picture

If she is u would not have

If she is u would not have taken time to comment so clearly she has your attention stop hating on her she is fabulous!
Sexiiredbonekay90's picture

You Lisaraye, is one

You Lisaraye, is one disgusting miserable little girl. I pity your life (smh). i can just imagine how salty and dirty you must look. i dont like cursing people on blogs, but you, you disgust me with all those hateful comments that you be pooping out of your misery mouth. Do yourself a favor. go FUCK a horse DICK and eat his shit too! Maybe that would release some of your MISERY, BITCH!
Gabbie's picture

truth hurts. when she goes on

truth hurts. when she goes on twitter and tells a billion people how they should act, she's gonna get a few people who don't like that. For her NOT to expect ANY backlash is extremely NARCISSISTIC and Cunty of her. She got what she deserved (i hope it was a wake up call ).
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

"Wake up call?", no honey,

"Wake up call?", no honey, it's foolishness such as ur's that's on display. She doesn't need to prove herself to anyone. smh.
Livey's picture

if she gets OFFENDED SO

if she gets OFFENDED SO EASILY, then she better STAY INSIDE the house and STAY OFF TWITTER and ONLY hang out with her REPUBLICAN friends and HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I dont undersand black people

I dont undersand black people anymore. We are the same ones making it hard for President Obama. We are trying to make big deal out of everything. My parents are die hard Republican, mainly because they are against abortion. now do they like Obama? Yes very much!
Gabbie's picture

seriously who really

seriously who really cares!?!?!?!

From now on, i do not want to

From now on, i do not want to hear black folks crying we are discriminated against, we r oppressed and all sort of bullshit. U r just as bad as ur supposed "oppressors'. I'm sure u'd have segregated whites and other ethnicity if u were given the power too. Just because Obama came into power, did not give any of u the passports to become asshloes. I'm black but I refuse to be associated with the level of stupidity and ignorance pouring out of black folks mouth these days. I am not Republican but I'm pushed to defend them against this widespread retardation among black folks.
Livey's picture

Well, we were discriminated

Well, we were discriminated against and oppressed and racism is still much alive. And what is this business of lumping all black people together? I refuse to be associated with the level of stupidity and ignorance pouring out of your mouth. As far as the people who attacked he on twitter, they were clearly wrong and should be ashamed of themselves. See, I agreed with you without having to insult all black people.
No Bueno's picture

First of all, u DID insult

First of all, u DID insult me, so I don't know what the hell u r talking about. Secondly, if u were reading carefully, u'd have realized I was not "lumping" all black ppl together, I cited myself as an exemption to the masses. SO take a left, and keep it moving!!!
Livey's picture

What's astonishing is her and

What's astonishing is her and Stacey Dash BOTH voted for Obama in 2008. They have the right to vote for whoever they prefer, but it should not be based on who you are married to or sleeping with at the present moment. You can have a brain and your own opinion within one household/ relationship. I'm thinking of a episode (Tia and Tamara) on their reality show. His belongings were big and gaudy. Her's were appropriate for a home in which two would have to share. He was offended because he said every item that belonged to him was an "heirloom". Basically, insinuating that her items could be done away with. He seems somewhat aggressive and "it's my way and or no way at all". Maybe she's not allowed to be Democrat in their household? I'm married (11 years) and my spouse could care less about how I decorate our home as long as he can get off work and watch the flat screen. However, some men take their heritage and family root/beliefs very serious. They dare their spouse to have a mind of their own.
jdotty's picture

We must have watched the same

We must have watched the same episode differently because I saw a rather self absorbed Tamera who didn't wan t to budge or compromise in letting Adam into her life. She was the one being selfish and very much my way or no way. Seemed totally clueless that marriage should be about give and take and trying to make your spouse happy as well and not just you. And the fact that your husband doesnt care abt how you decorate the house is supposedly better? That is between you and him. If you like it, good for you. What the f**k does that have to do with this topic? I love my husband caring so much about our home and we agree on things together. But again, what does that have to do with Tamera and her husband?
Mrs. A's picture

WOW! things are getting way

WOW! things are getting way out of hand...what has happened to us as a people?....TWITTER.
Lola's picture

This is ridiculous! First,

This is ridiculous! First, it's Stacey Dash...now Tamera Mowry. People, relax. This is a democracy! (...and, no, I'm not a Republican)
C2C's picture

Oh and another thing celebs

Oh and another thing celebs are HUMAN just like we are, they have EVERY RIGHT to defend themselves! All that talk about "they should turn the other cheek or ignore it," is bullsh**! I don't see anything wrong with what Tamera said or her husband coming to her defense. People think that just because celebs are rich, famous, in the public eye, and lives are "supposedly" so much better than everyone else's, that they should allow themselves to be punching bags to the public. Now they shouldn't go off on the deep end and comment on anything and everything just because (see: Rihanna, Chris brown, nicki minaj, azealia banks, etc). But they do have a right to voice their opinion and defend themselves respectfully.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

So sick of these two sisters

So sick of these two sisters concerning themselves and revolving their lives around people they don't know opinions. Tia and Tamara should stop reading blogs and stay off twitter and FB.
TeaNicole's picture

This is the most ACTIVE

This is the most ACTIVE Tamera's twitter account has EVER been...she CAN'T DEAL!! NEXT!
tori's picture

I'm not concerned about her

I'm not concerned about her tweets, whether she's for Romney or Obama. I'm more concerned that there are people out there that actually follows Tamera Mowry.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

After reading the headline I

After reading the headline I was ready to jump to the conclusion that she was voting for Romney too, but her tweets were nothing like that. People just wanted a reason to argue with her. What was with the racist comments about her relationship? It's not like she isn't already biracial, HELLO HER DAD IS WHITE! I bet you it was black men attacking her on twitter, because they're appalled she didn't want to settle down with someone like their ass. TYPICAL.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

"I bet you it was black men

"I bet you it was black men attacking her on twitter..." I bet it was @LetsGetIt aka @Ain'tGotIt lol. O'Reily and 'nem probably snatched his a$$ up! He probably started their convo like..."My BEAUTIFUL BLACK SISTA, now youu know you got the WHITE MAN'S baby growing inside you, and for what?? You just ain't met a REAL BROTHA yet! Now your boy LetsGetIt ain't no punk sissy nigguh...blah blah blah! Then he probably called Tamera's husband the DEVIL or some sh!t...I think that's the TEA & how sh!t REALLY went down!
tori's picture

hahaha i love u tori , sexy

hahaha i love u tori , sexy ass lol!!! U can mock your brotha letsgetit all u want!!
LetsGetIt's picture

LMAO! See this is EXACTLY

LMAO! See this is EXACTLY what I was referring to previously. Here Tori "a mixed or hispanic chick" (sorry girl if I butchered your ethnicity) is DISSING you, yet you still compliment her on her looks! Black boys like you and Reggie Bush could care less that an "exotic" chick is dogging you out, just as long as she looks good right? PATHETIC!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

lol......I don't think she

lol......I don't think she look "exotic" I JUST FIND HER TO BE SEXY, IT'S BLACK WOMEN ON HERE I FIND SEXY....but i find it funny that you black women think they look EXOTIC. I try to reason with other group of women BECAUSE I KNOW THEY CAN BE REASONED WITH, black women on the other hand CAN'T BE REASONED WITH ATTTT ALLLLLLLLLL!!!! And that's the truth!
LetsGetIt's picture

ROTFLMAO!!! The SAD part is

ROTFLMAO!!! The SAD part is that he would actually do something like that! You imitated him PERFECTLY!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

your probably right

your probably right
Purlie's picture

I'm sorry but if you are on

I'm sorry but if you are on any website or t.v. you should know by now people will say and do anythng for attention including saying ignorant sh#@.. T and her Husband should have ignore the foolish comments . So funny how some people want to claim Joe is being rude but not Mitt the Ken Doll!


HE WORKS FOR FOX??? LMFAO! What an absolute d***head!
Yas's picture

the same people that had a

the same people that had a problem last night with Biden's interruptions, did they have a problem with Romney's interruptions when he and Obama debated? Most Dems wanted Obama to show some "umpf" in the debate and were disappointed when he didn't, so Joe brought it last night and backed it up with details and facts....now what?
Reign's picture

Tamara is no Stacey Dash so

Tamara is no Stacey Dash so leave her alone! Message to Tamara! Please stay off Twitter and focus on having your baby!
Shay's picture

Ugh some people are so

Ugh some people are so ignorant SMH

What's funny is, her father

What's funny is, her father is Caucasian. That's beside the point. Tamera is entitled to love a man of any ethnic background. He is a good man and he loves her. I love how he defended her. She should stay off of twitter until after the baby comes. She doesn't need that stress. FUCK what people say. There are so many ignorant and indignant souls in this world, it's sad. No unity.
Iridescent One's picture

Meanwhile, back at the

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
DesignDiva's picture

1st of ALL.....she's

1st of ALL.....she's Lying!!!!!! there's NO WAY IN HELL that a smart woman like that doesn't FAVOR one side OVER the OTHER. She just wanted to SNIPE at people and be a little bitch! !!!!!!!! She was probably CRABBY b/c her candidate was getting SCHOOLED! !!!!!!! Lying PHONY BITCH
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

How come you the bitch that

How come you the bitch that always hate on black people got damn shut the fuck up and leave tamera alone

Is that how we prove our

Is that how we prove our points to another? With insults and obscene language?!?! Damn--pot meet kettle!!

Am I ONLY supposed to hate on

Am I ONLY supposed to hate on WHITE PEOPLE? ????????? You RACIST <<----- RACIST ALERT. ......RACIST ALERT. ..........!!!!!!! I call out ANYONE who is doing wrong, shady and PHONY shenanigans...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I completely agree with the

I completely agree with the Housleys. Tamera made a comment about the flow of the debate which she is entitled to do. She never said anything about a particular party or campaign. Ppl assumed things based on a tweet which was wrong. Assumptions are not facts. Why should she have to censor her tweets because ppl choose to read more into things... Secondly people want equality for women's rights, voting rights, gay marriage etc but have something to say about an interracial marriage. If youre talking about equality, make it across the board, dont conveniently leave out interracial marriage which also had to be fought for like some of these other issues.


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