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Iggy Azalea UNVEILED As The Face Of House Of Holland Eyewear + Kanye's "White Dress" VIDEO + Marsha Ambrosius' Controversial "F*ck N Get It Over With" VIDEO

Iggy Azalea is the new face of House of Holland Eyewear and promo stills of the rapper rocking the glasses have been released.  See the pics inside and watch Kanye West's "White Dress" video.

House of Holland has jumped into the eyewear game and they've chosen Iggy Azalea as their new face.

The 22-piece collection features 11 different shapes and names such as Raise The Roof, Sideburns and Cagefighter.

Designer Henry Holland said, "I think the time is right for us to launch eyewear. It's our first real accessories range and will hopefully lead the way for further lines".

And in addition to modeling,  Grand Hustle's fave Aussie released her Trapgold mixtape yesterday.


Also in music........

Kanye West has released a video for "White Dress" which appears on RZA's Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack, in stores October 22. The clip features stills and video of artsy folks and things they might love. And the song features veiled shout outs to his girlfriend Kim K.

The song was produced by Kanye and the RZA with Tapez and Boogz.


Also in music......


Marsha Ambrosius has released a video for "F*ck N Get It Over With." The Erica D. Hayes-directed clip features the singer talking about sleeping with an ex and knowing the relationship won't work.

And speaking of sex, she recently revealed that just like male singers, she also has her groupies but there is a double standard about female artists talking about their conquests. So she's unsure of where all the controversy behind the song and video comes from.  She said,

"Double standards! Any male artist can openly brag about how many groupies he gets! Can u imagine how many men AND women have come on to me??? Listen to my music! I tell it! Always! I am not a lesbian! I am straight! I will never say I haven't fantasized or had sexually explicit dreams about women before! That would make me liar!

I've been called a lesbian since I got into the entertainment business! You're no one till someone calls you gay lol I'm so comfortable with myself, I'm not afraid to tell the story from all perspectives! I've done so from the very beginning! Ppl hear what they want to hear! I make you listen to what I feel!"

Check it out above....



Why is this odd face toucan

Why is this odd face toucan same nose racist heifer on here??? No one cares about her deal but glad she got sunglasses to cover up her odd looking face.
I_love_laughing's picture

I like these campaign photos

I like these campaign photos however Iggy has NO TALENT she actually sucks

Marsha Marsha Marsha!!! It

Marsha Marsha Marsha!!! It would have been so much better if you could have shocked the world with Drake coming to the door or Chris Brown....some1 we would have been in total shock 2 see not another woman....that was so 90's! But I love Marsha so she can do no wrong in my book!! Let's just face the FACTS- Iggy is DROP DEAD GORG!!!! She is STUNNING!!! FLAWLESS FACE so she is going to get those modeling contracts let's just keep it REAL if one thing she CAN DO is model!!! As a woman- I am proud of her and I wish her the BEST!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

its just crazy how quick

its just crazy how quick these white artist get endorsements when they haven't prove anything yet. You then have ppl come on sites and hate on artist like rihanna ,beyonce and Niki. this girl haven't release an official album as yet
xedos's picture

"xedos" .....there usually

"xedos" .....there usually aren't white female rappers (from Australia) on YBF to hate on.....This woman's "work" is a JOKE (more like Blasphemy!!!!). Her white little rich girl followers must ALL be between the ages of 12-14. And are just HAPPY to see a female rapper whiter looking than their pop Icon, Gwen Stefani. This chick is a gimmick so i hope she's saving her CASH.............she's atrocious! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well Azealia Banks hasn't

Well Azealia Banks hasn't dropped an album either and she has her own shade of MAC LIPSTICK! Keep in mind that endorsers, don't really care too much for an artist's music, just how much of a "FOLLOWING" they have already attained through their music AKA a good MANAGEMENT team will get you PAID!
tori's picture

I kinda like IGGY's IGNORANT

I kinda like IGGY's IGNORANT rap. She's a cute (but PASTY) girl and she's HELLA tall so the modeling thing suits her! I'm OVER 'Yè and his ODES to KIM! Marsha, you are about as BLAH as a CAN OF PAINT, stop with the "I'm a HO!" rhetoric..I'm almost POSITIVE you haven't be DEFLOWERED!
tori's picture

HAHA..Marsha is a Fool in luv

HAHA..Marsha is a Fool in luv for reppin' agendas...But she knowz how to keep her shitnz out there! Now as for the song itself I actually liked it! KANCOON can sit..Like REALLY REALLY!
Like Really's picture

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