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OOH BABY! Happy 32nd Birthday Ashanti!

R&B songstress Ashanti turns 32-years-old today.  Celebrate with the fab chick inside....

Singer/songwriter Ashanti celebrates her 32nd birthday today.  And with over a decade in the music industry, her talent (and cuteness) has helped her maintain a place somewhere in hip hop culture.

And whether she's in movies or her own music videos, she's always been a positive role model for youngins.  Now with her Written Entertainment label, she's set to get back to doing what she does as a songwriter and producer.

Celebrate with Ashanti in the gallery......




Ashanti looks GOOD! She is

Ashanti looks GOOD! She is STILL gorgeous lo all these years. Werq Ashanti and happy birthday!
I_love_laughing's picture

Shani getting old, time to

Shani getting old, time to have a baby and stop looking like a video girl.
TeaNicole's picture

Having a child is a natural

Having a child is a natural part of life. It shouldn't make you look bad. Prioritize what's important, yes. Start looking like a tired, worn out hag, No!! Props to her for not doing like these other HOODRATS who have babies before marriage.
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Happy Birthday Ashanti!

Happy Birthday Ashanti! Loves this chick!
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Positive role model this

Positive role model this chick slept her way around her crew.knowing they had wife's at home positive home wrecker I never trusted her and she can't sing a lick that's way she don't come out with albums because she knows it to. And know she with a crackhead boyfriend karma o well
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like really really....oh plz

like really really....oh plz irv notti aint neva been shhhheeeettt b4 or after signin' her!!! smhlol0lolol
Like Really's picture

is that what u would write in

is that what u would write in her birthday card......lol
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

#brickyardprowife #ashanti

#brickyardprowife #ashanti

 Feliz cumpleaños Chica!!!

 Feliz cumpleaños Chica!!!
Like Really's picture

Happy B-Day Sunshine......(i

Happy B-Day Sunshine......(i predict that Ashanti gets Preggo during conjugal visits with Nelly while he's in prison)...... Happy Saturday:)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Happy Birthday Ashanti!!!

Happy Birthday Ashanti!!! When is her album dropping?
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