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JUST MARRIED! Alfonso Ribeiro GETS HITCHED To Angela Unkrich

Actor Alfonso Ribeiro wed longtime girlfriend Angela Unkrich yesterday in LA. Get the deets inside.....


We first told you about "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" actor & game show host Alfonso Ribeiro getting engaged to Angela Unkrich in July.....and the couple finally wed yesterday!  

It was a sunset ceremony at the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank, California and Alfonso's wedding planner, Michael Russo, told In Touch magazine, ” [He] looked like the happiest man alive … He had everyone he loved there supporting him – it was very special … She (Unkrich) couldn’t stop smiling.”  

There were 175 guests including singer Joey Fatone, and actor Ricky Schroder.  Michael added that Angela wore a stunning strapless Rivini gown with Judith Ripka Brides jewels.

The "Catch 21" host, who has a nine-year-old daughter Sienna, has been in the tv game since he first hit the scene in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson and later landed a place in pop culture in the role of Carlton Banks.  He now directs the Disney Channel series "Shake it Up."

Congrats Alfonso!

Pick up the new issue of In Touch, on newsstands now.




my name is joy ,i am a young

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The comments on here kill

The comments on here kill me!!! this is some of the most IGNORANT AZZ comments i've seen in a long time!!! I have 3 son's n our family is a melting pot of races...what ever happened to encouraging them to date someone that will respect care and love you reguardless of color...all i can do is smh...if your preferance is to date with in your own race then do that!!!
ldh34l's picture

Personally I dont care about

Personally I dont care about interracial dating but this nigga looks like a field hand in this pic. Hilarious
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THIS IS HIS SECOND MARRIAGE! That's what I think is so hilarious about this commentary from certain people on this blog about how he should stick with white women if he doesn't want any hardship! The first woman was a damn near clone of THIS one -- look it up -- Robin Stapler. Cute, blond hair, blue eyes, yet I thought white women were the key to a successful and happy relationship? This is why people need to stop making dumb generalizations. Obviously something wasn't working out with his previous relationship DESPITE the fact that she was white. I'm not making this point because I am a.) invested in this story or b.) upset about black men dating/marrying white women, I just think we're a little too quick to generalize (and YES saying MOST in place of ALL is still a sweeping generalization).
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I was thinking the same thing

I was thinking the same thing yesterday about them saying their lives would be better with white women. Ask O.J, Wesley Snipes, tiger woods, Terrence Howard, if it made their lives better? There are older cats in the game that left their black wives for white women and they lost everything, redd foxx, Sammy Davis jr, Richard Pryor, just to name a few, and don Cornelius who took his own life after he lost EVERYTHING in his divorce. A white woman owns Soul Train now.

Hello my beautiful Black

Hello my beautiful Black people. I gave nothing against those who choose to date whoever they want...even the ones who clearly have a problem with the race they were born into. However, some of you go to far in insulting your own to 'explain' why you date the 'others'. I saw this same photo on another website and wanted to leave a few of the comments that they shared. Those of you who defend this 'right' of yours to date others, please note: as despised as the Black race is by EVERYONE, we fight like crazy to be able to date those that despise us. So...pathetic. Peace and blessings, Carlton... "Funny. No it is about money. She wouldn't be with him if it wasn't for it. Why do white women who, mostly, are known to be the best looking race. Marry and have kids with a physically inferior looking race? The only hot black guys are the ones who are half white." "Well, I call myself a realist, something that you are not. If I am so wrong, why do most of the high profile, rich black men all have white gfriends or wives. The black men with black women, they have light skin and look like black Barbie. Barbie, being a white doll. Do you ever see a black man, with anything going for him, with a black woman who looks like Queen Latifah, Jill Scott or a young Aretha Franklin? That would be a no, wouldn't it?" "Tracy She'saBrikhouse Seabrook No, she is right. His last wife was white too. He, probably like most black men, do not want his kids to be all black." My apologies for the long post. There were so many more just like this and worse. So, some of you Black men/women that stopped fighting for your own, take note.
Zetagirl's picture

I totally agree with your

I totally agree with your post my two were long as hell lol! I just hate to see our folks fighting each other it hurts to read and hear our brothas talk about us this way. Not all of us are like this and when they decide they feel this way they are missing out on sistas who don't fit this mold they set. Our men and women need to treat each other with respect, talk about our feelings, tell when things hurt and let go of this strong Blackman/black woman crap and let ourselves to be free to feel. We have so many in our community hurting and we're losing each other to jail, homosexuality, self hate,mental and physical illness, gun violence, and on and on. We should take the energy used to defending the right to date those who despise us(like you stated in your post) and focus on coming together we'd get along a lot better as a people.

Now, I totally agree with you

Now, I totally agree with you lol!!! I cringe daily at how we treat each other. The saddest part is no other group has respect for us because we have such a clear disrespect for each other. It's played out every day in the media and in real life. Not that I care at all what other groups think of us, but we share this planet; we must have a united front if we are to survive. Clearly, we are in pain and suffering from mental illness. For the Black male who asked you why any Black person should be proud of being a person of color...was that a rhetorical question? Honestly, I want to know. Are you quizzing or are you trying to get insight? I read this blog often and have, on ocassion, been amazed by some of the things you write. Both negatively and positively. If you truly believe Caucasians and other races are better than yours, then that is your personal struggle. I wish you well with it. But, for you to come on this or any other site that caters to Black people with the things you say is traitorous. Yes, we are all individuals, but do you recall a time when Black people stood together and conquered so many things that were against us? If not, I implore you to read about it; see why it's still important for us to stand together. Obviously, we are not making it apart. By the way, Anquinette...I love your story and your life. I true WOMAN for holding your family together and supporting a good man. I am thankful there are those like you left. Peace and blessings.
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Thank you so much Zetagirl

Thank you so much Zetagirl for the compliment. Military life isn't always easy but we hung in there together. It is going to be hard for that you g man and others who feel the same as he does to find "the one" with a negative attitude. He says the girls have attitude but he doesn't realize he does too, when you point the finger four are pointing back at you. I was angry myself when I was young cause brothas were dating white girls and wouldn't talk to me ( I didn't hang out in ghetto clubs) and I would be mad. When I let go and just started doing me I met my husband as a matter of fact i had a male friend check me o e time when I was complaining and he told me the reason dudes weren't checking for me in the club was because I always "looked mad" bingo there it was. I stopped frowning lol, I didn't even know I was doing it! I guess it's that angry black woman face a lot of us make a d before I knew it I met my husband, I forgot about that I need to thank my friend for that. I mean dude didn't stutter or nothing lol!

lol...thanks for apologizing

lol...thanks for apologizing sista!!But my own is my family. I gave up on black people ALONGGGGG time ago, especially black women. But my beautiful sista, check this out, and answer this for me without being insulting..... why should we be proud to be born black??? And don't say "because it's what god made us" . GIVE ME A REASON WHYYYY!!! more than 2 please.And keep it all PRESENT DAY..... don't bring dr king and all that shit that's damn near 50 years ago. TELL ME WHY KIDS COMING INTO THIS WORLD TODAY GROWING UP SHOULD BE HAPPY THEIR BLACK!!
LetsGetIt's picture

1) Because many of us are

1) Because many of us are born with natural rhythm 2) many cultures try to emulate the physical traits we are naturally born with ( e.g full lips, round, full posteriors). There's 2 for you
GetAtMe's picture

You basically just said,

You basically just said, children should be proud to be black because they have full lips and nice asses with a shape???? WE SHOULD BE HAPPY BECAUSE WE HAVE RHYTHM used to entertain people????That's why we should be happy we're black WOW SISTA...WOWWow!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

We should be proud because

We should be proud because our races have been victim of psychological welfare for centuries, and yet we are still standing. Every year you see more black people thriving to achieve more, getting higher education and doing more and more for their fellow brothers. We are physically stronger and more apt to withstand hardship. We are respectful by nature, being able to live with the arth and not at it expense. Do not believe that the brainwashed black people that you see most days is our true nature, because it is not. The media is able to brainwash the caucasians, by making them believe that consuming will bring them happiness while the same media brainwashes our youth to act in ways that is below us. You are what is wrong with our race. You shouldn't look down on people unless you are trying to uplift them. Have a black child, and raise it in a way that will make us all proud.
Krazy-Boo's picture

I want to answer too lol. 1:

I want to answer too lol. 1: Because we are resilient people, we can survive in the poorest conditions, when folks were talking about a recession did you freak out too or where you like this ain't shit, I know I was lol. 2:it's a little silly but no other group on earth has swagger like us Lol. People the world over copy EVERYTHING we do whether good or bad. I live in Okinawa Japan and these damn boys sag over here too. Korea and mainland Japan copy brothas styles all the way around, I've seen Amos, braids and twists its a trip. Despite our present and past I'm glad to wake up being me. I look forward to styling my kinky hair, jumping in my mini SUV, rolling down the windows and letting my twist blow in the wind while driving down the coast in Okinawa Japan. Now that I think about it this topic of this post is a "non fucking factor"in my life. Now breathe with me folks wooooosah cause it ain't your problem either only if you let it be. Do t worry about what folks think as long as you aren't breaking the law do you. Love will come when it comes you are all YBF and you have time to find that YBF or whomever in due time (⌒▽⌒).

You just said the samething

You just said the samething the sista above said. That we should be happy because have "swag" aka "entertaining like we in a damn minstrel show". And that we can survive in the damn ghetto. Nothing really mental at all, WHAT ARE WE CREATINGGGGGGGGGGGG TOOOO MAKE PEOPLE BE PROUD TO BE BLACKKKKKKKKKKKK, BESIDEE ENTERTAINING PEOPLE AND FASHION!!!If you can't think of it JUST SAY SO!!!Because a KOREAN,CHINESE, Or any other Asian. Would not trade being Asian JUST TO BECOME BLACK!!!Yeah they love us as far as being a damn coon and that hiphop silly shit. BUT WHAT ARE WE CREATING AS A COLLECTIVE AS A RACE , AS A NATION, TO MAKE PEOPLE PROUD TO BE BLACKKK. BESIDE RHYTHM, MUSIC, AND SWAGGGG BULLSHITTTT............. WHAT HAVE WE CREATEDDDDDDD, PLEASE SOMETHING THAT INVOLVES BRAIN POWER.
LetsGetIt's picture

Here's another reason for

Here's another reason for you-YOU! Yes you. See without you (and other brothers and sisters like you) there would be no one to attempt to jar our consciencousness with thought provoking commentary on the state of Black America (I almost couldn't keep a str8 face when I typed that last line) But nonetheless, bruthas like you who are just settling for the okeydoke
GetAtMe's picture

You seem to forget that the

You seem to forget that the only reason blacks are in America is because they were brought in to be slaves. For generations, whites were in power in this country, and they obvioulsy have a head start. When you put things into context, you will realize why it is harder for a black man to make it then it is for his fellow white men. Do not look around you and forget our past...it has ripple effects and our history and its impact will always be seen. So, the easiest way for us to suceed is through the entertainment industry, why do you think is that? Could it be because it is the least threatening way for them? It does not negate the fact that we use our physical attributes and our hardship to excel in sports and create art with meaning. Our art is so powerful that it even touches to souls of people that do not even share in our struggles. You keep talking about what have WE done, but what have YOU done? I know that my parents came from nothing and struggled to get out of the ghetto into the suburbs where I would be sheltered from the negativity of people like you. But as I grew up, I got out of my bubble, met a lot of people from different background and ended up marrying a man who also never had much. Now he has his degree, is successful and we are helping others around us to see how they can achieve more, if only they believed they could. And we are striving to give our children an even better life. All of this started with two black people that worked together to attain an unselfish goal. If we could all focus on helping each other, who knows where we will be in the next generations. Is watering down our race the only solutin in your mind??
Krazy-Boo's picture

Excellent post my sista,

Excellent post my sista, congrats to you on your successful union as well.

Child I don't know what else

Child I don't know what else to tell you. You asked a question and people answered with their opinions. We do dominate in sports and entertainment. It was a way for people to get out of poverty. But thats a small part of what we do. In my day it was positive to do those things, In your day it sucks because your generation are the ones acting like minstrels look at the rappers and singers the music don't mean shit, women dress like hoes and rappers and sports figures are going to jail left and right and getting caught up in multiple child support issues, guess in your day there isn't shit to be proud of, cause folks don't know how to keep shit private in their public life, I'm sorry I didn't create that for you. And as far as asking the question about being proud to be black I guess I was thinking of MY life and how my my mother and father instilled in me that there's more to life than laying up and having kids, that you have the right to an education, to travel, to enjoy your life, because Dr martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and others before them gave their lives for you to do so.So while you tell us to come up with answers to your question and ask us to omit them is ridiculous because if it weren't for them you and I may not be alive today. I was raised with love, pride of self as being a resilient, rhythmic, loving, accepting, free, special, one of a kind person. And i guess if accepting myself includes my big old ass too then so be it. im sorry your family didnt instill self pride and show you how great it is not only to be black, and free but to be alive, so many never made off the slave ships but 400 years later we overcame so much,they wanted us dead but we are still here, still alive and still being a pain in the white mans ass, by going to school reading, learning, becoming president of the united states (whether you lime him or not) hell just breathing. if you cant find hope in just being alive and seeing your family lineage made it and that your family is stronger than you give them credit for. I really don't know what to tell you. its more of a feeling and what was passed on in my family that gives me pride through their stories and actions. I feel for you. So while you play games with your white girl I hope your not bad mouthing us sistas to her remember her grandfather, great grandfather before him may have owned slaves and she's living off the benefits of white supremacy and probably running back and telling them everything your saying which would put you on the same level as the sistas you clowned about being good in front of massa.

Loves everything you wrote

Loves everything you wrote lol. Oh, yeah...another is we are a compassionate and loving people innately. Also, when we take care of ourselves, we are physically superior to every race on this planet. Read about it! Ok, no more creeping around in here. Good night, All!!
Zetagirl's picture

I get sick of folks lumping

I get sick of folks lumping all of us sistas in the same category. We don't ALL like thugs. I despise thugs, women beaters, uneducated fools, criminals and have ALWAYS HATED SAGGING! I've been married to the same black man for 11 years, we dated for 4 so we have been together a total of 15 years. He is a Marine and has been in for over 20 years. Ive been there with him through deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait all the while raising HIS children as I don't have any of my own. Both kids are grown, in college and working. so we don't all fit that mold. If you want to date outside your race fine but it doesn't give you the right to down black women to justify that you love white women. There are women who act like you describe and it's really sad and I totally understand, but if you keep telling yourself all black women act that way you may miss out on the one. I think if you find someone with potential teach her about the finer things in life some people just truly don't know because of where they were raised, but if she's willing to learn teach her, if she's not receptive move on. There are so many conscious sisters and college students you could hook up with too. Don't shut down your options guys.

It's never ALL!!!Only a FOOL

It's never ALL!!!Only a FOOL would say it's ALL black women. I just talk about the MAJORITY I COME IN CONTACT WITH , they either love thugs, clown comedian ass negros, or just SIMP PUSSIFIED ASS BLACK MEN WHO LET WOMEN RUN OVER THEM. Those are the ONLY 3 TYPE OF BLACK MEN most black women are into. Ofcourse it's not all sistaaa, damn u aint gotta go through your life history and all thattttt!!!But i will say this, most brotha's that i know who date white women, date them because black women either USED THEM, or just don't like them because he don't have the niggga like swag they like. MOST BROTHA'S TELL ME THIS!! REAL TALK!! A brotha even told me a black woman turned him down saying he was "too nice" LIKE GODDAMN wtf DO THE MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN WANTTTTTTTTTT!!!And guess what these women that turn down successful brothas ARE COLLEGE EDUCATED, shit most of these females in college , IS DATING A NIGGA THAT DON'T GO TO COLLEGE, OR A CLOWN ASS NIGGA ON CAMPUSSSSS.. Youuuuuu can'ttt tellll me im lying sistaaaaaaaaaa!! So black men aint SHUTTING DOWN THEY OPINIONS they opening them upp to different types of women, BECAUSE RIGHT NOW successful brotha are beginning to have a "WALL OF SILENCE" when it comes to black women.
LetsGetIt's picture

My dear, agitated, Get-if YOU

My dear, agitated, Get-if YOU find that you are constantly coming into contact with black women who prefer to date you ( and your ilk), you fella's need to change the venues you tend to frequent. Or it it possible that there may be a deficiency in you? I mean, the common denominator on these scenarios is YOU. If you are approaching women with this rant as often as you post it here, they may be brushing you off. There are PLENTY of nice black women out there who would love to date these types of brutha's you're advocating. If you aren't talking about ALL black women-they why do you "dump" on sistah's ALL the time? Just tell the chickenheads to get the "cluck on"and find ya'self a nice sistah. I've been following your posts and something has gone horribly awry in one of your relationships to make you "give up on black folks a long time ago".
GetAtMe's picture

I jump on sista's here

I jump on sista's here BECAUSE THEY DENY IT!!!They deny that majority of black women they come in contact with is similar TO EVERYTHING I JUST MENTIONED!!Shit to be honest i think the women on here get mad because they fit the description most of the time!!!I mean it's all over the damn united states I CAN AVOID these type of black women, i have people that stay all over AND THE SAME PROBLEMS. I've stayed all over America AND HAD THE SAME PROBLEMS WITH BLACK WOMEN!!!I DON'T KNOW IF IT'S "CHEMTRAILS" , they putting something in those perms and weaves OR WHAT. But i see the same problem, and where ever black women are best believe it some ignorant ass niggas RIGHT BEHIND THEM. Because that's what they like. SHIT IT'S A GODDAMN SHAMEEEEEEE THAT IN ORDER TO GET SOME PEACE , AND LIVE IN PEACE, you have to move out of the black community......IT'S A DAMN SHAME. I mean we brag about moving out of the hood or a black community when it should be a damn shame THAT WE HAVE TO DO THAT IN ORDER TO PROGRESS.
LetsGetIt's picture

Sweetheart, I said it once

Sweetheart, I said it once and AI'll reiterate-if YOU find that no matter where YOU go, you seem to meet these degenerate black women-you can't deny that the common denominator is YOU! Babe. So, let's really get it-what is it about YOU that you seem to attract or at the very least you find your self in the midst of the rachet chic no matter wher you go? LOL
GetAtMe's picture

I have a serious question for

I have a serious question for you. So what is your ultimate goal? YBF is one blog out of many that is frequented by a select group of women of color interested in celebrity gossip. You say that you jump on sistas here because they deny what you're saying. So let's say, you came to the comments section one day, and on a story like this one, for example, all the women were saying "GOOD FOR HIM! MOST OF MY BLACK FRIENDS ARE TRIFLING! HE MADE THE ULTIMATE COME UP! BLACK WOMEN WE HAVE TO DO BETTER AND GET LIKE WHITE WOMEN SO THAT WE WON'T SCARE OFF OUR WOMEN." Would you be happy? Would you feel like your mission was accomplished? I'm just curious because you do very much seem like you have a mission, and I'm wondering what success would look like for you. Maybe you ought to start a youtube channel to discuss your perspective, that just strikes me as a more effective venue to effect real change if anything, rather than flailing your arms about the comments of a very select few women who may or may not fall into the categories you so adamantly discuss!
Girl's picture

Ive noticed his post were

Ive noticed his post were like that too, that's why I gave the example of my life,I guess to give him a glimmer of hope he sounds so bitter and hurt.

I agree with you about how

I agree with you about how sistas act and I forgot about how some college girls act too. Maybe the sistas that shut folks down have been hurt and don't believe they deserve better, with pain comes insecurities, you have agree with me on that. You also have to know that there are a lot of brothers who will play major games just to get some, I mean the elaborate lies, that make a woman feel like he's the one only to find he's a wolf in sheeps clothing. Brothers need to be honest, step correct, talk about their feelings you know what you guys want and don't want in a relationship. If your honest up front who can argue with that. And the biggie "stop saying you can be yourself with white women" that seems like code that you can cheat, stay out with your friends and she wont question you. thats just disrespectful towards the white lady and that's another topic. I mentioned my life so you wouldn't think I was trying to be something I'm not lol. I totally hear you though too many Evelyn lozandas, and not enough Angela Bassett's lol!

Come on let's not play

Come on let's not play stupid, BLACK WOMEN KNOW WHO AND WHAT'S GOOD FOR THEM!!!They just not into what actually good for them UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!!Check the song by Mary J called "Mr Wrong" it fly over alot of yall head , but that how i feel alot of these black females think. I mean forreal man, black women just like a man that can talk them out them panties, THEY KNOW THE GAME!!! Aint nobody tricking black women INTO DATING OR HAVING SEX WITH ANYBODY!! But the reason i say "with white women you can be yourself" is because me for instance and many other brothas HAVE TO PLAY THE ROLE OF A THUG, OR A COMEDIAN just to get WITH THEY OWN RACE OF WOMENNNNNNN, but with white women , we DIDN'T HAVE TO DO THAT!!We could just be ourselves, you don't have to be a thug, you don't have to be dysfunctional. And white women arent women you can "RUN OVER" i know alot of you black women like to think that BUT THEY NOT . If They think you cheating THEY'LL LEAVE YOUR ASS JUST AS FAST.
LetsGetIt's picture

C'mon Get It-you don't have

C'mon Get It-you don't have to play a thug with white women because the very fact that you are Black/Afr American give you an automatic "edge". You know that. You don't have to play a thug with black women either. Sounds like the women you are running into are very young-is that what you're into-teeny boppers? If not, those girls are usually distracted by shiney objects. Just toss some Skittles or new pennies in their path-the dimwitted wil be mesmorized and those with some substance will remain. Now, pick your queen from the latter
GetAtMe's picture

That's good the girls are

That's good the girls are standing up to the cheating cause when I was younger the brothas used to say out of their own mouths they date white girls and other races because they could get over on them. I know black women get with no good ass dudes and I know sistas will mess over a good dude and that would piss me off cause he could have dated my sister or a single friend of mine. I feel so bad to hear about brothas going through this, I have a brother myself and we talk about the types of women where he lives and they are the SAME as the ones you're talking about. I can't even say its people ages and what stage they are in life when you have folks like Evelyn and Jackie on BBW messing it up for the older women. I am in no way fooling myself about how my sistas act and I surely can't defend that behavior, my friends and female family members don't act like that and it's too bad it's not popular in the media these days to promote being a positive and healthy black woman. Too bad not enough women are willing to know their worth and are willing to let a man be a man but also let their standards be known without emasculating him. I haven't always made the best decisions either but my dad kicked knowledge to me about how men are and I just didn't get serious about relationships. Hell I knew you dudes just want to kick it, sex, no attachment and no babies. I wanted the same thing. I wasn't trying to get married or be a baby momma, I just wanted to kick it. I didn't get serious about relationships till I met my husband. My husband and I can be ourselves around each other and I so wish that more black folks could really relax and be themselves and just enjoy life period.

Now you just told me EVEN

Now you just told me EVEN YOUR OWN BROTHER told you how alot of them black women act and they choice when it comes to men. Why do so many black women act as if THEY DON'T SEE THIS BEHAVIOR AS WELL and get mad at me. Because believe it or not JUST LIKE YOUR BROTHER TOLD YOU HOW BLACK WOMEN TREAT GOOD BROTHAS. One of my clown ass brothers told me what black women like , i told him he need's to act like he got some damn sense and you'll find a good woman, and he told me "Man these bitches don't want a good man, if i was to act civil these bitches would think imma square ass nigga" HE TOLD ME THISS!!! And that's when a light bulb lite off in my head saying "Aha that's why these negros are out here acting like a clown, because women like it" and i know they like it because you see the clown WITH TON'S OF DIFFERENT BLACK WOMEN, SHIT SOME ARE EVEN LIVING OFF BLACK WOMEN!!! But sista it's good u admit, see i be head onnnn, that even you didn't take GOOD MEN SERIOUS and that you wanted sex and fun. Most black women are like that BUT THE THING IS , THEY HAVE FUN AND BRING BABIES INTO THE WORLD, WHO NEEDS BALANCE IN A HOME. When they momma turn 35 and is looking for a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP it's too late because she got 4 or 5 kids and gain some weight. Black women want to have fun with the silly nigga when they YOUNG AND GOOD LOOKING, but when they all messed up and made some fed up decisions NOW THEY WANT THE REAL MAN IN THE HOUSEHOLD. But it's good you found a real brotha, that will hold it down for ya
LetsGetIt's picture

I forgot to add that I've

I forgot to add that I've seen dudes living off females, and not all these brothas getting treated bad are good brothas, some if y'all gotta get off that too. If you dating a gang of women and telling them you love them and know you're not ready for commitments you're not a good dude. And they aren't bringing babies in the world by themselves, you know some brothas make it hard for sistas to tell y'all to strap up, all the lame excuses about how they can't feel nothing etc. and birth control doesn't always work and leaving up to her alone is stupid. Black women have the highest cases of AIDS doent it take two to spread the disease?I don't like the fact that some brothas don t admit they mess up too. You'd rather blame the woman I stead of taking inventory of yourselves. Making sure you protect yourselves so you don't end up a baby daddy and stop helping to create these bitter ass black women. Some brothers like to play games and the shit gets old real quick. When I met my husband I was still young and fit so you can take me out that group too. Thanks for the compliment on my relationship. I kept my heart guarded when I was growing up so I have no past to be bitter of and no kids to remind me of my mistakes, so I just keep it moving. Stay strong and stick to your values and don't worry about those chicks. So what if you have to move out the hood to be happy, who wants to stay in that depressing crap anyway.

It's where my brother lives

It's where my brother lives that has to do with the quality of chicks he's run across, as I've said before MY friends aren't like that. We grew up in the hood and the girls I went to school with were different. Some were ghetto as hell, but most act like they had sense and back then the boys wanted loose girls and not good girls, and i wasnt allowed to date so it wasnt an issue,i didnt have to deal with. As far as in my twenties I knew dudes didn't want a relationship but just to have fun and I was cool with just hanging out having fun and being friends. Being a baby momma was not an option, I would find out dudes were clowns and had to keep it moving, I didn't hang around for dumb shit. I met my hubby when I was 25 and I haven't look back. I know black women act like that, I've grown up around it. But what I don't like is people blaming and bad mouthing all of us for that percentage of women who do act that way. My brother, sis and I don't have kids and I know folks who are married and don't have kids. It's not all of us and it takes time to find the right one. They always say you have to go through a bunch of losers to get to a winner. Oh yeah my bro maybe having a hard time finding the one but he is not willing to get a Becky to solve his problem he dont deal with them period. He wants a black woman period and he's not willing to negotiate. So he's not able to be lumped into the self hating, black woman hating club. I think if you took a deep breath, focused on you and stop worrying about simple sistas your woman will come to you when you least expect it.

Yoooooo where the "love has

Yoooooo where the "love has no color" posts at????
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Here you go-Love has no

Here you go-Love has no color. But what has that got to do with anything? If a Black man wants to marry outside his race-so be it. But don't say you marrued a non black women becauce black women have issues or don't know what they want or whatever excuse some black men say to justify it. Just say you fell in love and that person happens to be white, asian, hispanic,martian....
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Now I DON'T know these two

Now I DON'T know these two PERSONALLY, but I'm willing to bet that if Mr. Carlton BANKS wasn't still getting RESIDUAL CHECKS out the a$$ from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, his Becky WOULDN'T have sneezed twice in his direction, but hey I COULD be wrong and these two could be "in love" and as happy as CHRIS BROWN with a fresh pair of SOCK'EM BOPPERS!
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says tori you a nigga with a

says tori you a nigga with a white name..run along and pat ur weave if u have nothing to contribute but speculation
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(UNCLE) Tom is it? I'm

(UNCLE) Tom is it? I'm actually LATINA, and have NEVER worn a weave a day in my life so who is the one SPECULATING here, you PESKY TROLLOP??
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You nor any of us are

You nor any of us are "niggas" BUT you are very much a black Latina, Tori. Black Latinos seems to love to hide behind culture versus race. Its well known the racism in Latin culture in times ten, but you are black plain as day to anyone. Curlier hair does not negate that. Black is universal and you are clearly a black woman from another culture no different than a Haitian, Jamaican or French black person.
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I'm sorry...WHEN DID U MEET

I'm sorry...WHEN DID U MEET MY PARENTS, & RUN A GENETICS TEST on me?? My parents come from CUBA & the D.R. (the Caribbean) and I have stated that my ROOTS/DESCENT may come from AFRICA (clearly) but they also come from SPAIN and other parts of EUROPE as well as SOUTH AMERICA! I identity as HISPANIC because that is my NATONIALTY! Am I "BLACK?" NO! Am I AFRICAN AMERCAN? NO! I am a LATINA, with AFRICAN/LATIN/EUROPEAN ROOTS! (RINGS BELL) That CONCLUDES TODAY'S HISTORY LESSON!
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Oh I see.... you spout the

Oh I see.... you spout the typical response black latinos are trained to give while standing here darker and more black looking than me. I would be willing to bet that either both or one of your parents is black. LOL. . You do know there are more black skin people in Cuba and DR than white right? You do realize you look like nothing more than a black girl right? You do realize that most black people particularly African Americans are mixed race right, like on the average 21% to 30% white alone? You do realize that you are still confusing your culture with your blatant black race right? Matter of fact you are more black looking than even Lala. Girl have a lifetime of seats in a genetics class.
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You are a MESS! I guess the

You are a MESS! I guess the UNITED NEGRO COLLEGE FUND is going to need more than the USUAL DONATIONS this year! At the end of the day I don't have to prove my ETHNICITY & NATIONALITY to ANYONE, it just kills AFRICAN AMERICAN that HISPANICS have their own culture (and are PROUD), when AFRICAN AMERICANS love to DIVIDE & DISCRIMINATE IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY and DOWNPLAY BEING STRAIGHT FROM AFFFRICA!! I love my ROOTS and being LATINA! We come in ALL shades AS WELL...NOW RUN to to th BARCLAY's CENTER and have about 20,000 seats!!
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I don't downplay my african

I don't downplay my african roots AT ALL!!! These silly ass negros and black women might claim everything but african. But with me it's a different story, i embrace EVERYTHING THAT'S AFRICAN ABOUT ME. It's these damn black women that try to claim indian, irish, white etc....but then want to get mad at YOU because you can claim to be LATINA. And they only mad because they can't claim to be something they see as EXOTIC and BEAUTIFUL.They stuck with the black label soo they mad at you sista!!! You have to understand sista Tori NEGROS IN AMERICA HAVE NOOOOOO PRIDEEEEEE WHAT SO EVERRRRRRR IN THEMSELVESSSS!!!!So they'll say ignorant shit like "The white man see us all the same" like the lady below. lollll NIGGAS IN AMERICA HOLD EVERYTHING THE WHITE MAN DO TO HEARTTT
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Oh my Imma needz u to get it

Oh my Imma needz u to get it together...no one in this convo is mad but u...Hmm who said anythin' about dismissin' ur rootz...just bcuz America is ran by yte...and last but not least with out pride I cudn't have survived long enough to be the Smart BiSH who doesnt need anyone signature but Her OWN!!! Smhlol...Nite Nite!!!
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My statement was in REFERENCE

My statement was in REFERENCE to what @JJFAD said!! I just think AMERICANS in general, BLACK & WHITE, are very DISCONNECTED from their roots but that's THEIR PROBLEM!! It's just HILARIOUS that a person I have NEVER MET, would try to TELL ME about MYSELF and my ROOTS!! smh!!
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If i had a culture, a land,

If i had a culture, a land, and a tribe of people. I wouldn't call myself black either. BLACK IS A TERM WHITE PEOPLE GAVE US, AND YOU NEGROS CLING ON TO IT.But when people who have melanin from different part of the world don't claim "Black" you get mad. lol Shit they have they own land , culture, language , and spiritual system WHY SHOULD THEY THROW THAT AWAY SO THEY CAN BE NAMED SOMETHING THAT THE WHITE NAMED YOU , WHICH IS BLACKKKKK. What land is called black, what culture is called black, what is BLACK LANGUAGE ??? exactly there is none!!!!They are they OWN SPECIFIC GROUP OF PEOPLE!!!!Yes they have african blood, BUT EVEN AFRICAN DON'T CALL THEMSELVES BLACKKKKKKK, THEY GO BY THEY TRIBE AND REGION !!!THAT'S HOW THEY ARE LABELED.
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Mad? *clears throat... Okay

Mad? *clears throat... Okay first of let me just say in "White America" even with a blk prez me n' Tori are viewed as AA...Yea the same thing everybody on this post see including u playa...The same as My kinky haired Brazilian momz who came ova here went 2 school and fell face 1st for my dad, a straight haired BLACK Doctor just as dark are viewed..btw*(whose mother was caucasian) and I been checkin' black all my dam life and ain't Neva looked back ok sweetie..Now a Statement like I am not a nigha I'm actually LATINA.. Proves nothing ova this away... When Color aint really gotz shitnz to do with how u act...and Evilyn is a good example hell all RACES consider her the worst kind of nigha!! Hehe... But at the end of the day I don't give a flying ratz azz what anybody thinks bcuz it hasn't stopped me from being the self-made successful woman I am today!! Im all mixed up too but I choose to check what I was taught to be proud to f-ing Be! America still racist as hell but it don't mean u can't succeed in raising a stable home n' Fam of color enjoyin' life!!
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I don't really CARE what

I don't really CARE what other people see me as, I'm simply HISPANIC!! I have people in my family that look "WHITE", with NATURAL BLONDE HAIR & BLUE EYES who will GLADLY correct someone if they call them WHITE...EVEN THE WHITES...we ALL are proud of where we come from and don't give a DAMN what people label us, ESPECIALLY is they DON'T know us! Some may be confused about who they are but I AM NOT!!
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Thats Nice but I agree u not

Thats Nice but I agree u not supposed to care...No harm pun-tent itz just what MOST can identify... No biggie... My real point was that nothing about race or color shud make anybody LESS than...and Letsnotgetit is good at the oldest trick in the book... spinning webs of deceit with DIVIDE and CONQUER!!! smhlol...That shitnz is RI-DIC!!
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