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Solange COVERS Elle South Africa's November 2012 ISSUE + Oprah Winfrey ROCKS Harper's Bazaar Shoot

Solange rocks the cover of the November 2012 issue of Elle South Africa.  See the pic inside and photos of Oprah in Harper's Bazaar where she talks about the struggles of OWN.

We told you previously about Solange's photoshoot is Cape Town, South Africa and now we have a peek at the cover of Elle South Africa she shot.  The "Losing You" singer looks radiant styled in the mix/match of colorful styles and prints.  The folks at Elle South Africa, also shared BTS photos of Solange.

See Solange behind the scenes here: 

Despite her undeniable style, Solange says she has no interest in starting her own fashion line.

 She worked with fashion editors Asanda Sizani and Poppy Adams for the colorful shoot.


In other magazine news......

Oprah Winfrey was shot by Terry Richardson for Harper’s Bazaar US November 2012 issue.

In the mag, she explained why she really left the Oprah Show and formed OWN. 

"When you have reached the peak of a mountaintop, which is where I was with the Oprah show, you have absolutely no worries. I'd been in the right space at the right time, and I'd done that in the best way possible for 25 years. But you have two choices: You can come down from the mountain and spend the rest of your days thinking it was so beautiful there, or you can create a vision, look upward, see the next mountain, and start the climb all over again."

Yes to the vintage-inspired O!  Oprah also reveal that when it comes to some of her famous lines, even she still had to work at it. "Live your best life. I'm a work in progress when it comes to practicing my most famous motto. Like this morning, I had the intention to meditate for 20 minutes, but I really only made it about 12. And then I said, 'Okay, don't beat yourself up; you did the 12.' I had the intention to work out for an hour, but I only did a half. And even with that I was still a half hour later getting here, so..."

Nice to know even Oprah has room to grow as a person.


Photos by Juston Polkey/Terry Richardson




Solange ain't have a career

Solange ain't have a career in how long, and she's still getting magazine covers? WTF?!
Jernero94's picture

She looks good in everything

She looks good in everything with that slim rocking body of hers.
Zanya's picture

Solange is photogenic; she is

Solange is photogenic; she is a model in her blood. Her body is fab. Oprah looks good!
I_love_laughing's picture

Oprah look A-MAZING! I'm

Oprah look A-MAZING! I'm really feeling both looks on her! As for Solange., ok look, I'm gonna try to be nice ya'll. Solange is a pretty girl. She always gives good photo...good photo, not GREAT photo. I feel like all of her photo shoots are styled the same...big hair, mixed funky bright prints, over-sized accessories and statement necklaces, etc. You can't tell one shoot from another one. And she never transforms when she models. It just looks like Solange. And she's always serving the same broken doll poses with her head tilted to the side. If she's going to do this model thing for real for real, girl needs to sit with some real models and take notes.
DesignDiva's picture

Hi all, first of all, South

Hi all, first of all, South Africa may be in Africa, however we are a successful, beautiful and growing country with its eye on fashion and everything thats poppin up...we were not desperate by putting Solange on the Elle cover, we've had many international stars on the Elle SA and will do so for many years, the problem with all you young americans commenting on blogs is all that bravado and big talk means nothing...you're broke, boring, ignorant, tired and need to get a life! im so sick of reading your silly comments about people who are actually living their luves and succeeding...whats your bank balance??? or do you ned to go collect a government cheque first??? wether you like Solange or not...truth is she looks better than you, has a successful family and travels the world,, most of you 'kids' commenting on this site have never been to any other state than the one you were born in, have never seen any other country let alone continent, this as far as you'll even be exposed to culture. stupid bitches.

I could buy AND sell your

I could buy AND sell your dusty African Ass. I need a full time servant...............,
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Dam dam dam...LMAO ROTFF...y

Dam dam dam...LMAO ROTFF...y did I scroll back!! BBahawaaaaaa
Like Really's picture

Solo-angel looks stunning as

Solo-angel looks stunning as well well Ms. Oprah. I lo♥e seeing beautiful, smart black women doing it BIG and keeping it positive.☺
Peace Silas's picture

Her n Beyonce look alike

Her n Beyonce look alike because of those chiclet teeth, Kim should stop doing that bozo hair on everyone. Nice try SK.
TeaNicole's picture

Wow Natasha ,the way that you

Wow Natasha ,the way that you are oohing and aahing over Solange's shoot I could imagine if she actually made the cover of Vogue you would have an instant orgasm. All you try to down play the achievements of others but heightened Solange's mediocrity she is still gonna be always best known for being Beyonce's lil Sis who needs to travel to Africa to get some shine. Pathetic.
Kai's picture


Realist's picture

I believe that her family

I believe that her family kept her locked in the basement, chained to a furnace, only fed her porridge and beat her until she repeatedly said nice things about her big sis and she told them "give me my free, and I promise to never say anything bad about big sis again". She kept her promise and now they've freed her, gives her an allowance and big sis even makes a few phone calls to some people to get them to act like they're actually interested in her and look at her now on the cover of a magazine of a land far far far far far away from the country of which she actually lives in. What a lovely family.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

i got SO excited when I saw

i got SO excited when I saw Solo on the cover of Elle but THEN I thought twice like "wait.. this is too good to be true, this is probably Elle for another country" and lo and behold I was correct. It really bothers me that it is so taboo for black women who are not Beyonce, Rihanna & Zoe Saldana to grace the cover of American magazines. It's like saying our demographic is not as much of a priority or that it has more importance in other countries. We are a HUGE part of this country and should be regarded as such. And i'm so sick and tired of people comparing Solo to Bey and saying she wishes she could be Bey. NEWSFLASH when you LOVE who you are and have a HIGH REGARD of yourself you don't aspire to be someone else and you certainly don't find it necessary to degrade someone else as if they're a downgraded version of someone else. Regardless if Solo is not as famous as her sister I can almost guarantee that she is probably a lot happier than you hateful bitter trash talkers that come on this site to put people down so you can feel better about yourselves! http://www.theinfamousl.wordpress.com

Publications OVERSEAS tend to

Publications OVERSEAS tend to OVER EXAGGERATE the "CELEBRITY" of people in AMERICA so they're MORE likely to put a LESSER KNOWN AMERICAN on the cover of their MAGAZINE than WE are!!
tori's picture

This is completely

This is completely inaccurate. If you don't like Solange, all well and good, but no need to try to discredit her with false information.
imjussaying's picture

You know what you're

You know what you're absolutely entitled to your opinion... but just cause you can doesn't mean you should say any & everything....
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Laawd Po' Solange...I Know

Laawd Po' Solange...I Know She Had To Express At Some Point In Her Life, Why Bey And Not Me?
Keyths'Girl's picture

Child go Home and RAISE YOUR

Child go Home and RAISE YOUR SON. a good mother stays out these streets whoring.
lola69's picture

Great point....but she

Great point....but she clearly GAVE UP raising that poor looking child soon after birth and let Nutty Granny Tina Knowles raise it. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The media machine is pushing

The media machine is pushing the less talented, less beautiful, less poise Knowles on the rest of us so we can just throw up in our mouth. Really Solangy, go home and Parent.
lola69's picture

So-YAWN gets a BIG Destiny's

So-YAWN gets a BIG Destiny's Child "NO! NO! NO!" from me! And O-PRESSED, how can you shoot with a PEDOPHILE?? Terry Richardson is SIIICK!
tori's picture

Solange look much better if

Solange look much better if she paint her face with dead dog shit *goes shopping for a new Sock Monkey*................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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