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BABY FAB: Rapper Tyga & Girlfriend Blac Chyna WELCOME King Cairo Stevenson!


Rapper Tyga and his boo Blac Chyna are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy.  Get the deets on the expanding YMCMB family and their new digs inside.

Congratulations are in order for rapper Tyga as his girlfriend Blac Chyna who recently gave birth to the couple's son King Cairo Stevenson. The bundle of joy came into the world at 7lbs and 1 oz and Tyga tweeted a pic of himself holding the baby saying,  

Blac Chyna also posted the news to her page.

Hopefully the couple gives those racks and strip clubs a rest while they dote on this little cutie.


King Cairo will surely have a nursery fit for his name as his pops just dropped $6.5 million on a mega-mansion in Calabasas, CA.  Its got 7 bedrooms, 8 baths, a movie theater, pool, spa, waterfall, sports court, and gym.  Tyga must be raking in the dough with those strip club bangers.

The home measures 9,200 square feet and includes a gold-leaf entry dome, four fireplaces, a multi-station camera security system and an in-ground trampoline.

His labelmate, who will now be Uncle Drake also lives in the area.  Nice!

Photos via Instagram/Trulia




i don't like young money. but

i don't like young money. but i must say his crib is bad af!

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THE HATE IS REAL... HAHA. SO SAD... anyway... i love this couple. young black love. that house though.... omg they lucky

Hoodrats need to stop naming

Hoodrats need to stop naming their kids KING. I't silly.
tinytexan's picture

Im guessing they want their

Im guessing they want their kids to strive to be more than "hood". Just curious--what would you prefer the baby's name be?
shuga's picture

David, Robert maybe name him

David, Robert maybe name him after the daddy. I just believe their is only one king.... The king of kings and people don't have respect..
stepup2's picture

poor kid! And we wonder why

poor kid! And we wonder why the kids act up the way they do...so sad! Instead of trying to fight 420 they need to start giving parents licenses to have babies...clearly some should not breed!!!!
Lioness0129's picture

That name is going to be a

That name is going to be a lot to live up to when their is only one king can't wait to see when every tongue going to confess and every knee going to bow who is the true king.
stepup2's picture

Congrats to the two... Blac

Congrats to the two... Blac Chyna may be in a bad choice of work but..... She making it and living comfortable. She can work a pole like no other so before all you people commenting on how she shouldnt be allowed to have children b/c of who she is check your fav porn starts and see dont they have the same family life. Tyga is making money with being a booked artist. He is going on tour with Nicki (international) is just a min. He has money. People so quick to point fingers and say what they wouldnt do but behind closed doors and in the real world yall shit prolly more fucked up then the avg.. They are young and in love. Let them folk live. and FYI its been in her life.. Her mom is a porn star. And she looks 90 times better w/o all the theatrics too!

wow she does look like Teyana

wow she does look like Teyana Taylor. I like that silver dress tho. Its cute.
shuga's picture

Beautiful baby and home!!

Beautiful baby and home!! Continue to be blessed!
diamond2012's picture

Congrats on the healthy

Congrats on the healthy baby!! The home is silly and excessive tho.
shuga's picture

Dang ya'll some judgemental

Dang ya'll some judgemental people....I thought that was God's job??? Anywho, congrats on the beautiful baby. Babies have a way of slowing good-hearted people down, so maybe Chyna will find another way of life. Otherwise, it's her life to mess up so why dog her out...just pray for her and keep it movin.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

where the hell did he get

where the hell did he get $6.5mil from???? cuz he aint sell that many records. maybe he's renting that mansion from Wayne or Baby
monash's picture

thats what i was wondering

thats what i was wondering too. i didn't know he was relevant...lol

I was going to comment about

I was going to comment about pathetic this entire situation is & how I feel sorry for a child having to be raised by these two embarrassments. But u guys pretty much covered anything I could say and some! Thanks! Lets just all say a silent prayer for this child. He's going to need all the prayer he can get!
Tiff's picture

All this looks so wrong in so

All this looks so wrong in so many ways. These strippers think they are coming up. Once the sexual attraction ends and after she had done every split, flip, bounce, suck and lick ever possible from her to him then what? She just becomes a Non working broke stripper that has to depend on her baby daddy to take care of her. The way these people thank god for there foolishness never seems to amaze me. The baby is cute tho
wordstolivefor's picture

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tom100's picture

I could say a lot of things

I could say a lot of things but what I will say is congratulations to Tyga and his boo. New life should always be considered a blessing. Hope he can be able to juggle this and career, and hope the baby mama will not be trifflinnn.
vanessa.boo1's picture

So these two BAFOONS named

So these two BAFOONS named their son KING (from the STRIP Club they met at "King of Diamonds") and a city in AFRICA (Cairo, EGYPT) known for their CONFLICT DIAMONDS! I thought they WEREN'T creative, but now I see they were just plain ol' IGNANT..They LITERALLY named their son, KING OF DIAMONDS!!
tori's picture

Yea... What she said ^^^^^^^

Yea... What she said ^^^^^^^
Tiff's picture

Wonder what she looks like

Wonder what she looks like when not in full costume. He has destroyed his neck and body. Still don't get the tattoo obsession. Also heard of him but not that familiar, but is he really balling like that? Serious quest. #noshade
TeaNicole's picture

When BLAC CHYNA retreats back

When BLAC CHYNA retreats back to the LOCKER ROOM in the back of King Of Diamonds after a night of "HARD WERRK" and LETS the AIR OUTTA HER A$$, takes off that WIG, THEM LASHES, & MAKE-UP, she looks EXACTLY like....TEYANA TAYLOR (womp)!
tori's picture

That picture of the two of

That picture of the two of them together is a simple illustration of all that is wrong with our Black youth. Congrats tho.
Anonymous10's picture

black guys are obsessed with

black guys are obsessed with getting Asian broads Preggy (and Fat White chix from the Trailer Park)......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ok let me get this straight.

Ok let me get this straight. U actually thought this chick was Asian?? Was it because of her stripper name? was it because u thought that God awful wig was her hair? Or was it those HORRIBLE colored toothpicks she applies & calls them lashes are so heavy she cant open her eyes?? Smh what is this world coming to?!
Tiff's picture

i wouldn't be surprised if

i wouldn't be surprised if she was 42% Mongolian and Asian
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The ONLY thing ASIAN about

The ONLY thing ASIAN about "BLAC CHYNA," is that BLONDE YAKI WIG on her head that was MADE IN CHINA©
tori's picture

i really can't tell

i really can't tell anymore....everyone looks Chinese, Asian & Oriental to me..........smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

They do make up about a 1/6

They do make up about a 1/6 of the world's population. Which STILLS makes that 1/15 of 1% that Jay-Z owns (sponsers) of the Net's look LAUGHABLE!
tori's picture

that was Travis Barker &

that was Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler's house. Did she sell it after their divorice????? Anywho......Obama won the debate tonight....1 more to go....and he's gonna SLAM DUNK Romney's big head off the podium......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The fact that they're

The fact that they're responsible for another life worries me. Anywho.... I'm so sure that house will be in foreclosure within the next 6 months. smdh
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

The fact that your mama

The fact that your mama didn't get hit by a car and break her neck and DIE when she was pregnant with you just makes my eyes bleed! So MAYBE just MAYBE you will get hit by A car and DIE tonight or in the Morning will work just fine for ME;-)
MsMidwest's picture

DAAAAMN did I miss

DAAAAMN did I miss something?? That sh!t sound HELLA PERSONAL, it hurt MY FEELINGS just reading it! Did my girl cut you off on the highway or something?? NEVERMIND...it AIN'T my BIZNESS! But OUCHHH!
tori's picture

Exactly!!! I'm looking like

Exactly!!! I'm looking like uhhh did I miss something. Hopefully all will be fixed once she takes her meds. That shit CRAY. lol.......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture


I mean, DON'T GET ME WRONG, I can appreciate a GOOD READ, and I love GOING IN, but ONLY on CELEBS (or HATEFUL A$$ HO'S that TRY ME)! But hey...IT IS WHAT IT IS, I guess.=\
tori's picture

Such harsh words my friend.

Such harsh words my friend. What's wrong? Did your layaway order get cancelled today because you were late making a 5 dollar deposit for the 7th time, or did you finally come to the conclusion that you're worthless? What is it boo? Sit on my lap and tell Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr all about it. (grabs kleenex box) Let it out baby.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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CONGRATS to the PARENTS...but KING is T.I.'s son name (so 7 years ago) and Cairo...as in Cairo, EGYPT?? (Alicia & Swizzy's son's name)...NOT VERY CREATIVE! I wonder how many of "Blac Chyna's" FAMILY MEMBERS are living in that house! I also wonder if they are neighbors with the KARDASHIANS! I'm surprised Tyga can AFFORD that house (I only know his song "Rack City") I doubt he will have it for long! I bet BOW WHACK sleeps in the BASEMENT on a BLOW UP MATTRESS!!
tori's picture

Your comments always have me

Your comments always have me CTFU LOL..BOW WHACK HAHAHA TO FUNNY!
MsMidwest's picture

Glad they had a healthy baby;

Glad they had a healthy baby; but SMH otherwise...a Dad whose lil body mimics a tiger's-literally; and a rump-shakin' momma with a God-awful weave amongst other things. Nice to know God looks out for fools and (their) babies. SMH...

lmao @ crazy sexy cool....is

lmao @ crazy sexy cool....is it necessary to have a home that large?
litebrite's picture

Give the strip clubs a rest?

Give the strip clubs a rest? Naw that would just be too classy. I bet they'll bring the little one with them to the strip clubs so they can teach him how mommy started out before she came up (thanks to daddy) and how daddy wastes money on women like his mommy. The strip club would be SO EDUCATIONAL for this infant. They're gonna be such GREAT parents. CONGRATS GUYS!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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