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BALL: T.I. & Tiny JET To D.C. For Homecoming At Howard U.

Everybody's rolling into D.C. this weekend for Howard University's Homecoming.  So T.I. & his ride-or-die wifey Tiny jetted into the nation's capital to party with the youngins.


Pics of the reality star couple making their "Ball"-erific arrival...


Carrying luggage that's more expensive than a person's wardrobe that's in it, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle looked...dare we say it...kinda cute for her flight.  She rocked a mint green & pink skull embellished fleece off-the-shoulder sweatsuit by Vintage Havana while her hubby kept it casual (with his sexy self) with his lime green studded MCM bag.

The twosome made their way into Washington DCA airport yesterday afternoon before hitting the party scene:

"Ball" rapper T.I. will be hosting a party at FUR nightclub tonight to close out the Homecoming festivities.


And he even performed in the pouring rain at YardFest yesterday once he hit the campus.





I heard of the rumors they

I heard of the rumors they getting a divorce, so I take it they just show the good part of their life on television, anyway they do a good job cause I like it, Im not worried about how other people dress or carry themselves, damn instead b8tching and complaining just quit watching the show if you dont like it.. Love them kids they are something else. God bless you and your little ones Tiny and Ti

i love these 2 and pray they

i love these 2 and pray they forever stay together my blessing for strength,guidance, protection and happiness go out to them!

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tom111's picture

I think they look really cute

I think they look really cute together. Fab fam...
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

I'm gonna need for T.I. to

I'm gonna need for T.I. to put some COCOA BUTTER on them ASHY A$$ HANDS! I hope that's ASH and not...RESIDUE from you know what!
tori's picture

Tiny has a youthful,playful

Tiny has a youthful,playful personality and T.I. always so damn serious like he wants to kill somebody. and Tiny needs to go back to blonde..i hate the black on her..she needs a makeover too. Too much money to always look so ugly and tacky. She has no real people around her telling her the truth.

T.I. always look "SERIOUS"

T.I. always look "SERIOUS" b/c he knows if he simply SNEEZES and fails to dispose of his kleenex lawfully, he will go back to the POKEY FOR LIFE! Tiny WILL ALWAYS & FOREVER be FACIALLY CHALLENGED and EVERYONE around her has ACCEPTED THAT AS FACT!
tori's picture

favorite couple

favorite couple
Thedondiva's picture

did they graduate from Howard

did they graduate from Howard or is TI just performing...
Reign's picture

Hell no! neither one of these

Hell no! neither one of these fools graduated from HOward. My alma Mater!! No Way. T.I is a high school dropout and I know tiny probably graduated from high school but never went to college. So the answer is no, not at all

I like this couple but Hell

I like this couple but Hell Naww bahahawaa..No graduation for these two!!
Like Really's picture

Ti prolly rollin in that

Ti prolly rollin in that pic...cuttin his eyes, bittin his lips n' sh!t, but then again maybe Cliff just gettin his sexy on! haha..*shrugs shoulders
Like Really's picture

I REALLY hope Mrs. PIGGY &

I REALLY hope Mrs. PIGGY & Kermet the FROG, kept their MOLLY'S at home this weekend, they are too damn OLD to be poppin pills with college KIDS!
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