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Evelyn Lozada & Shaunie O'Neal PITCH IN For Habitat For Humanity + Rihanna Spotted At RECORDING STUDIO


Newly dark-haired "Basketball Wives" stars Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neal attended a Habitat For Humanity Gala in LA last night.  See the pics inside and candids of Rihanna hitting that studio once again...

 Last night, the Faithful Central Bible Church and Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles threw a benefit concert honoring Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer at Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel in Century City, California. Reality stars Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O'Neal were among the attendees who watched Gladys Knight and Maze perform.  The two tweeted about having some much needed catch-up time.  Likely to see what all Shaunie will be able to use on "BBW" of Ev' latest relationship hoopla.


Evelyn's gone to the dark side with her hair now.  She tweeted, "I thought blonds have more fun?!hmmm I'm a brunette now, lets see how this works."

Although Shaunie didn't attend "the wedding" of Ev & Ocho, she and Ms. Lozada have remained friends through the drama it seems.  We guess it's safe to assume Evelyn will be returning to "BBW" next season.

They both posed with some fab women including John Salley's wife Natasha.

The pair also caught up with Mary Mary's Erica Atkins- Campbell.

Then they chatted with with their friend Edward who tweeted, Beauty at its FINEST!!! @ShaunieONeal @evelynlozada

"Hollywood Exes" star Sheree Fletcher was also at the event looking pretty....but not this outfit.


And in music news....

With her song "Diamonds" already a worldwide smash, Evelyn's good friend Riihanna was spotted shielding her eyes under her diamonds as she walking to the studio yesterday.  

Rihanna was spotted walking into a recording studio in LA yesterday where she likely is still working on tracks for the upcoming release of her "Unapologetic" disc.  

The VOUGE covergirl dressed in layers and her short shorts and sneakers.

Who's copping the new album?

Photos via Headlinephoto / Splash News / Rob Latour for LE / Splash News




The headline reads Evelyn and

The headline reads Evelyn and Shaunie "pitch in" for Habitat for Humanity. I assumed that meant caulked a tub, or hammered a nail, or something like that. All they did was attend another party. They probably didn't even pay for their plates.
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tom111's picture

I almost didn't recognize

I almost didn't recognize Evelyn with that dark hair...
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Why do I think Shaunie Oneal

Why do I think Shaunie Oneal and Evelyn being at a "habit for humanity gala", is offensive?
toomuch's picture

After all the damage they've

After all the damage they've caused to society they want to give back through habitat for humanity at a church function...wow...not believing their sincerity.
Lola's picture

Damn evelyn looks old! the

Damn evelyn looks old! the dress she's wearing make her looks 5 months pregnant. I guess we are supposed to take her serious now " yeah right b****" have several!!..... rihanna please smile , this is what you signed up for to be famous well you got it! if you want privacy stay in the house...
REd™'s picture

evelyn looks pregnant in that

evelyn looks pregnant in that dress....the dark hair looks really good on her
litebrite's picture

Love the dark hair on Ev!

Love the dark hair on Ev!
Dria's picture

Blasphemy!! Habitat for

Blasphemy!! Habitat for Humanity, Church, and Exorcist Evelyn and Satan Shauni don't belong in the same sentence.
MsKizzy's picture

OMG...in the1st Photo,

OMG...in the1st Photo, Shaunie looks like that stressed-out Chihuahua on The Ren & Stimpy Cartoon.........................!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


I_love_laughing's picture

pffft@Shaunie & Evelyn

pffft@Shaunie & Evelyn looking 2 old aunties. Rihanna is just bewwwtiful. Will Smith's ex needs a stylist ASAP.
Realist's picture

Rihanna has the best team.

Rihanna has the best team. They always call the paps every time she's going into the studio. other artists need to take note.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

rihanna hasn't been smiling

rihanna hasn't been smiling much lately. life can be a challenge no matter who you are
Reign's picture

Life can be a challenge. but

Life can be a challenge. but when cameras are flashing in your face every place your at, even on vaca, that can get a little nerve wrenching. We don't see Rihanna when she's alone with family and friends.

Evelyn has had her nose done.

Evelyn has had her nose done. I have noticed that Tiny has as well.
imjussayin's picture

Yes Evelyn looks better with

Yes Evelyn looks better with Dark hair as someone else pointed out. And I like to point out the ill fitting and ugly dress she's wearing.....lol
star's picture

This post of full of wanna be

This post of full of wanna be celebs dressing badly...I find it odd that Shaunie or Evelyn know anything about 'Humanity'. They should've burst into flames when they walked into that event. Rihanna's haircut is cute--but that outfit is not.

Urrm Why wear shorts that dam

Urrm Why wear shorts that dam short to tuck a dingy azz shirt in'em and then use sleeves as BELT...I swear that sh!t is NOT fashion...just plain DUMB!!
Like Really's picture

RHIOVER is the poster child

RHIOVER is the poster child for those D.A.R.E. campaigns "THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS!!" I bet she gets confused when she has to piss!
tori's picture


Like Really's picture

Is it just me or does shaunie

Is it just me or does shaunie face look like a nervous wreck in those pics..especially next to EVILYN!?...SMH..*shrugs shoulders
Like Really's picture

Evil Ev looks better with

Evil Ev looks better with darker hair. Rihanna looks miserable, either that or she's tired.
Yas's picture

I guess Evelyn thought

I guess Evelyn thought getting rid of the TRASHY BLONDE HAIR & covering up her "FUN BAGS" are supposed to make people take her seriously lol ok girl! Who the hell SNACTCHED UP Shaunie's EDGES? Did Shaq take them in a NEW SETTLEMENT? RHIBOUND still lookin SALTY...where FIESTY FISTY?? Oh yeah with WONTON SOUP!! HA!
tori's picture

Good cause Hags helping

Good cause Hags helping Habitat for Humanity! Rih always looking stylist as ever.
Shay's picture

Don't be FOOLED.they are

Don't be FOOLED.they are building Evelyn a "SAFE HOUSE!" She gonna train just like J.LO did in ENOUGH & whoop Chad's a$$!
tori's picture

Shaunie looks like she picks

Shaunie looks like she picks her nose......ALOT! !!!!! or Shaq must've farted in her face all night for 15 years because those NOSTRILS are stuck like that
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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