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President Obama Shares PARENTING ADVICE He Gave Jay-Z, Says Beyonce & Michelle Are "Good Friends"

During an Ohio campaign stop, President Obama opened up about his budding friendship with music royalty Jay-Z and Beyonce and shared the fatherly advice he offered Hov.  Find out what he said inside....


While stomping through the swing state of Ohio, President Obama stopped by Cleveland's hip hop station Z107.9 to maybe sway a few listeners his way.

During the interview, he talked about becoming friends with The Carters (who raised $4M for his campaign last month). 

"I’ve gotten to know these guys over the first several years.  They’re good people. Beyonce could not be sweeter to Michelle and the girls. So they’re good friends. We talk about the same things I talk about with all my friends."

And the Prez is also a fan of the couple's music.  When asked about his fave Jay-Z song he said, “You know, I gotta say I go with some other stuff like ‘My 1st Song,’ which just kinda keeps me steady.  It’s a great song. It reminds you that you always have to stay hungry.”

He also offered Jay-Z some advice about being father to Blue Ivy.  "I made sure that Jay-Z was helping Beyonce out [with the baby], and not leaving it all with Beyonce and the mother-in-law."

And for voters who are still on the fence about who they'd like to run the country, President Obama drove home his accomplishments to the listeners,

"Think about all the things we've already gotten done.  We saved an auto industry, saved a million jobs throughout Ohio and Michigan, we've gotten health care reform, we have made sure that we expanded student loan programs and Pell Grant programs; so a lot of stuff has gotten done, but we have a lot more to do. My hope is we have a decisive victory in this election, that Republicans, who spent a lot of time worry about trying to beat me, will start focusing on trying to improve the country." 

Listen to the interview here: 



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Bitch this is exactly what I

Bitch this is exactly what I am talking about. I'm wearing a straw hat but you decided to called it a helmet, to make you hating ass feel good. You see, hating is not good for one soul. People that hates, tends to see the negativeness instead of positiveness when put right in front of their face. I see you turned your fabricated lies of Beyonce into reality in your little disgusting brain. You said, people around the world refers to Beyonce as ' UGLY AMERICAN'. i would take it that you haven't been outside of America yet, because that's so untrue. You need to double checked wherever you are getting those unnecessary fabricated information from.
Gabbie's picture

I can teach YOU proper

I can teach YOU proper english for $200 an hour (CASH ONLY). And don't lie....you know that's a "Special Helmet" that you're supposed to wear...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

This untame GORRILA (Lisareye

This untame GORRILA (Lisareye or whatever she calls herself) is one hateful little girl. She stays hating on the Carters 24/7 while they keep winning left and right in every way possible. Girl, i understand a person can't like someone but your unlikeness toward this couple and their family is beyond hate. Either you are OBSESS with Beyonce (her looks, her sucess, familyn friends) or you are being paid to hate on her(which i hope is the case). And i swear, I'm not fan of Beyonce but i have a lots of RESPECT for her as a person. Even if she is trying to be perfect as some of y'all claimed, at-least she is trying. she is one of the few best role models out there nowadays for younger girls (REAL TALK). I noticed your role model is Lisaraye. LOL! Now, that explains it all.
Gabbie's picture

Why are you wearing a

Why are you wearing a helmet????? Anywho.....did you learn english in the public school system?? Anywho.....I'm not a "role model" to anyone on the YBF. However, there are many intelligent women here who can SEE what a PHONY Bey-Z is and ALWAYS WAS. SHE is what others around the world refer to as "The Ugly American"....Power & Money HUNGRY at any Cost to her vacant SOUL. ...................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Beyonce and Obama are looking

Beyonce and Obama are looking at each like they wanna get it on. I am sure these two would if they wouldn't get caught. Obama appears to be the only other man outside of JayZ, Beyonce would let smash her.
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Are u kidding me??? She's developed psychogical problems by letting that Camel hump on her.....she's practically begging Obama for some new dick in those pics...........
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Girl you are something else,

Girl you are something else, but you are telling the truth. Obama's dick is the only new dick that could EVEN be introduced to her diamond sequin brazilian waxed you know what. She looks like she is in heat smiling at him. And Obama has that look in his eye, that he is weak around her. And she has on that red fire dress, beautiful face, nice body, hair is laid...and she is gracious. Beyonce gave ugly a chance (Jay Z) and she found a good man that loves her. More sisters should do it, give the nerd and ugly the chance.
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Barack is looking at Bey like

Barack is looking at Bey like he would like to Hit that if he could get away with it.
star's picture

Agree, now talk about a power

Agree, now talk about a power couple!!! And the gossip and news headlines these two would make if they got caught having an affair. But I really believe most people wouldn't mind if they did, I know thats wrong to say.
Lifeatbest's picture

Jigga is starting to look

Jigga is starting to look like J.J. Walker..Dyn-o-Mite! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is NO phony smile from Jay....with those TEETH sticking way out of his head like that.............
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All the bitches that hating

All the bitches that hating have a fucking seat beyonce is the mothafucking queen you may be hating but i bet all you hating bitches be singing her shit and buying it to. And let's not talk about the president the great leader of our country.... HAVE SEAT AND THAT LISA CHICK YOU HATING ON EVERY POST THAT HAVE BEEN POSTED. BITCH DIE

I'm gonna go out on a limb

I'm gonna go out on a limb here, BUT by chance were you and MEEK MILL's SISTER in the same REMEDIAL ENGLISH CLASS?
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OMG the negativity and

OMG the negativity and sheer-stupidity of some ppl knows no bounds...

you got to becareful who you

you got to becareful who you call friends



black culture can be

black culture can be destroyed by a few who dont care about the children triblal wars are so sad

"...not leaving it all with

"...not leaving it all with Beyoncé and the mother-in-law!" Perhaps Barack can pass that tidbit of info on to SO-YAWN, because Mama Tina is practically raising JUJU BEADS! Jay has made it from SLINGING YAYO to the youth to becoming BFF's with the POTUS #sweetbabyjesus #wemadeitinamerica
tori's picture

how do you know Tina is

how do you know Tina is practically raising Blu? Where did you get this info from?
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Please RE-READ my comment,

Please RE-READ my comment, twice if you must!
tori's picture

Just because he is the black

Just because he is the black president does not mean he is the best president he could be the worst.

I see someone is pulling a

I see someone is pulling a STACEY!! It's too EARLY for ALL THAT!
tori's picture

they are not to straight

they are not to straight laces classic 87.

The smile that she has on her

The smile that she has on her dumb face is not that of a friend. It's the smile of an opportunist. She looks so excited. I bet she had to run her cheeks in hot water to get them to unfreeze with her phony ass. She just want it to go down in history that she was an ASSOCIATE (not friend) of the 1st black pres, plus she's trying to wiggle her way in to get them to let her perform again. The most imortant advice that Michelle can give her is to teach your kids not to lie and steal (Bey's crimes of choice). I can only imagine the conversations that she'll have with Baby Blue (in her deep, dumb sounding voice while sewing Baby Blue her first leotard saying) "Baby girl, nothing else matters in the world but yourself, money, and big shiny trophies and if you ever want something that's not yours, just steal it and if you get caught, just smile and claim that you were inspired". (smiles and then leaves baby unattended in room while she steals/gather inspirations) THE END!!!!!!!!
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I'm gonna need you to explain

I'm gonna need you to explain what you just said, in ENGLISH this time.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Girrrrl we some "ASS WHOLES"

Girrrrl we some "ASS WHOLES" lol! This the type of BUFFOONERY that happens when PARENTS DON'T PASSWORD PROTECT their electronic devices!!!
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Boooooooooooooooom.......thanks for speaking the TRUTH and exposing this PHONY FRAUD <<--------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

No problemo. I could do it

No problemo. I could do it all day. LOL.....
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Omgeeee bawahahawaaaaaaaaaa........ooOW! TY
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LMAO...you always go in on my

LMAO...you always go in on my girl Bey, but you know damn well Bey don't know how to sew (look at HOUSE of DEAD&GONE)! I bet the only reason she married Jay is because she learned in one of her G.E.D. classes that CARTER was a PRESDENTIAL last name lol.
tori's picture



(BLANKSTARE) I see you were

(BLANKSTARE) I see you were CLEARLY the CHILD that got LEFT BEHIND! If you keep your TANTRUMS to a minimum, I MIGHT order you some ROSETTA STONE so you can get aquainted with the ENGLISH DICTION!!
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U better chill out them homo

U better chill out them homo niggas will whoop your ass over Beyonce lol.
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That LIL B!TCH kill me b/c I

That LIL B!TCH kill me b/c I am a HUUUGE Beyoncé fan, but ain't no need going around attacking folks who aren't! He's probably a 10 yr old SWEET BOY, perfecting his NASALLY GAY VOICE and doing the "UH OH DANCE" in the mirror when HE THINK no one is lookin! I bet he CRIED 24HRS STRAIGHT when JERRY SANDUSKY got convicted! AHHH MESSS! He probably look like CHIEF KEEF, but DRESS & SOUND like ROSCOE DASH!
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LOL, you're so right. I

LOL, you're so right. I should've said Mama Tina instead. Bey really is that shallow to marry him because of his last name. Precious Bey, I shall pray for her. LMAO.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Mitt Romney for president!

Mitt Romney for president!

aight keep on Keke...TAsha

aight keep on Keke...TAsha will put u on PUNISHMENT!!! bahahahahaha.......
Like Really's picture

love the carters...love the

love the carters...love the Obamas. anything negative is NULL AND VOID
Classic87's picture

open your mind to the truth

open your mind to the truth about the carters

Do you know them personally?

Do you know them personally? *waits* Didn't think so. All is see is Blacks supporting each other. If I were a celebrity, I would use my popularity to influence others to vote as well. What is wrong with that. They are PEOPLE who make mistakes just like us. This goes for any celebrity who is supporting our president. Open YOUR mind.
Classic87's picture

Amen!! 110% agreed. People

Amen!! 110% agreed. People get too damn PERSONAL about celebs. This is a blog...why can't we keep it light? Its like black folk are allergic to positive energy. When I look at The Carters and The Obamas, I see sheer respect and admiration for each other in their faces. Beyonce does not smile at ANYONE like the way she smiles at the Obamas: Jay is too cool to smile, period. LOL...He even said on MTV that he (Jay) doesn't like politics or believe in government, but feels he HAS to suport Obama. Excellent! Why can't we all be more supportive of each other--even if we don't agree with EVERY little aspect of each others' lives. No-one is saying that Obama is Jesus but if folks think he's a bad president I wonder why they think a conservative, millionaire Mormon will give a damn about them. Obama 2012!!!

A huge AMEN to that!!

A huge AMEN to that!!
Realist's picture

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your comment! If the world only focuses on our flaws, we will get NO WHERE....end of story. The government wants us to depict each other. Think about it: Why do think they are giving these black women these reality shows left and right. So they can sit back and watch us be entertained by our foolery. NOW, young people are thinking it is okay to do what they see on TV. "Its okay to act a fool now" NO---we all need to take personal responsibility (especially as black folk) to encourage each other and kill these GIVEN STEREOTYPES!
Classic87's picture

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