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YBF KIDS: Dame Dash Hits The Streets With Daughters Ava & Tallulah + Willow Smith "Hates Everyone"

Dame Dash was on daddy duty this weekend as he took his two fave girls out in NYC.  Peep the pics of his gorgeous daughters, plus Willow Smith letting the world know how she really feels....

Industry vet Damon Dash spent some time with his daughters he shares with ex wife, fashion designer Rachel RoyAva turns 12 in December and looks to already be on track to model for her mommy with her tallness.  And their adorable daughter Tallulah is 4 and a half.  And seems to be a daddy's girl.


Speaking of YBF kids, Willow Smith had to get something off her chest yesterday:

The actress/singer rocked a jacket that stated "I Hate Everyone" while she hit the streets of L.A. on Sunday afternoon.  And she's never been the one to shy away from expressing her disdain for all the public scrutiny she faces at times.

The 11-year old is gearing up for her 12th birthday on Halloween.  I see hobo chic is her forte of style these days.  Gotta love an 11-year-old with her own sense of self. 





Atta girl, Willow! … I really

Atta girl, Willow! … I really do think that Your Jacket should read “The Haters Love to Hate Me!” …or...perhaps a Big Fat Heart instead of the Word “Love”… Yep, you’re definitely Original, and I like that Willow!
rebellious soul's picture

The jacket should say "Please

The jacket should say "Please photograph me."
whatev's picture

I'm sorry, but this kid looks

I'm sorry, but this kid looks like she has a lot of issues, and needs an intervention, STAT. The more important question though is why is this 11-Y-O not in school, and roaming the streets of LA alone? Also, what is she doing wearing at ridiculous scarf on her head? I try not to be critical of children, but this child seems to be in dire need of direction and strong authority figures in her life.
PR22's picture

Damon's children look nothing

Damon's children look nothing like him, except for maybe a lil in the eyes (the oldest). You can't even tell they are a little bit black SMH! Black men... Sometimes I don't see what Aaliyah saw in him, maybe that's why God took her from earth, to get her far away from him. Willow girl I was with the whole 'whip my hair movement,' but this ish right here... I CAN'T! You are too YOUNG to be looking and acting BUSTED and BROKE DOWN!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

She looks like a stick figure

She looks like a stick figure and she always has that pissed off look on her face just like Jaden, don't know what it is to smile. lol
sweetpea1989's picture

Dame's oldest daughter looks

Dame's oldest daughter looks like Aaliyah.
shuga's picture

No resemblance whatsoever. I

No resemblance whatsoever. I hope you'll never have to identify a suspect in a lineup. lol.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

TF?!!! I know you did not

TF?!!! I know you did not just say that sh**! LOL
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Dames youngest is a doll, She

Dames youngest is a doll, She looks like her mama
TeaNicole's picture

This girl....

This girl....
TeaNicole's picture

I couldnt agree with Willow

I couldnt agree with Willow more. Statement!!
Realist's picture

Willow girl, it's called the

Willow girl, it's called the price of fame. I'm more annoyed at her parents for not preparing her for this. They basically pimped this child out to the industry before she even hits puberty and didn't tell her about all the shit she was going to get as a result of it. She's 11, famous, has famous parents, and earns 7 figures a year. Nothing about that is normal. Of course you're going to get scrutiny. Welcome to the public eye. Better toughen up girl! You can't wear that jacket err' day!
DesignDiva's picture

I find it commical some of

I find it commical some of these comments... the same scrutiny could be given to parents that let their children watch sexually charged violent , profanity lace music videos, or parents that give their 8 year olds cell phones, or parents that are sexually promiscuous with multiple partners cascading around their impressionable children... but curse Will & Jada for allowing Willow to wear a coat that says "I hate everyone!"... while I agree the jacket a bit much, she is just a pre-teen...
VIRTUOUS1's picture

I'd have that jacket on too,

I'd have that jacket on too, if I were her. I have never seen an 11 almost 12 yr old be bashed the way she has. Never. This universe is sad. Today's generation is sad. Grown ass adults accusing a child of being gay. Calling her too grown and ugly. Teenagers do it too. Let this child live. Let her be free. Let Will and Jada raise their children. Just because Will and Jada raise their kids to be free, doesn't mean that they're wrong. They have boundaries too. Everyone is different. Just because a person writes a book about raising kids, doesn't make what they write right. Same thing with Supernanny. Sometimes, sitting a child in the corner with a 3 min timer doesn't work. You have to tap that ass. Everyone is different. We might share similar qualities with someone, but we're different. If she didn't have parents like Will and Jada that taught her to be strong and to not pay attention to what others say, she'd probably have hung herself behind the negativity she gets on a daily. Do you know how many kids kill themselves behind shit like this? She's going through that pre-teen phase. We all went through it. Wore shirts like 2 Legit 2 Quit. and other corny phrases. New Jack City shirts that said, "ROCK A BYE BABY!" Mo' Money shirts. Wore three to four different color socks with the baggy jeans and rugby shirts. Oversized overalls with only one strap fastened while the other was hanging off and dangling with men boxers underneath. 5411 Reebok sneakers or the LA Gear sneakers with the three different color laces. Doc Martin's and the Cross Colours jean suits. We all had a phase. No one accused us of being gay behind wearing the baggy ass clothes. Now today, you see a girl wearing baggy clothes, she's called gay. It's sad.
Iridescent One's picture

Urrm the jacket is silly but

Urrm the jacket is silly but my concern is how an 11 yr old kid that isn't even a pre-teen yet get to roam the streets by her dam self! Is she really alone ..Where are her parents looks like she just left the bus station!!
Like Really's picture

This is so not cool on so

This is so not cool on so many levels....It's kinda scary to think that Jada and Will is giving her total grownup space - whether we like it or kids need to be guided at a certain age....not to say they are not doing a good job as parents, but to let a kid wear a jacket that clearly states I hate everyone, is not a good look only because at the age of 11 you should not really be hating on anyone...maybe except your parents from time to time...
lifeisgood's picture

tallness? I think you meant

tallness? I think you meant "height". jeez, Natasha.
shuga's picture

If I didn't know any better,

If I didn't know any better, I would think that Willow was on her way to a Soup Kitchen. That right there is completely uncalled for.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

so the front pocket says "us

so the front pocket says "us air force" and the back says "i hate everybody".... wtf kind of designer would create such a jacket?
Candace's picture

Willow is so "different" from

Willow is so "different" from all of us.....I'm sooooo impressed. We should all strive to be just like her. ....................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


whatev's picture

you ought to quit with that

you ought to quit with that baby with those soup coolers as your avatar ROTFL I can not! Ooooh the stans gonna git you ha!
Mouse's picture

I can't look at Damon Dash

I can't look at Damon Dash without hearing him say "Roca-pads" in my head damn you Dave Chappelle
Mouse's picture

It's an 11 year old's opinion

It's an 11 year old's opinion take it as such, just because she's famous doesn't exclude her from normal 11 year old BS I'm pretty sure if all of our mistakes and dumb shit over our pre-teen and teen years would look bad too if it was pubicized and scrutinized by the world.
Mouse's picture

I LOVE me some Dame Dash!

I LOVE me some Dame Dash! "Why are you calling me? Do you know what today is? IT'S DADDY DAUGHTER DAY! Willow needs a PRAYER & a COMPASS cause she clearly has NO DIRECTION in life, walking around looking like she bout ROB a BANK like her mama in SET IT OFF!!
tori's picture

Stuff like this pisses me off

Stuff like this pisses me off -- I'm stressed, broke, and struggling through grad school so that I can one day become a professor -- I don't spend my money on silly stuff but times are still hard -- and this silver spoon fed brat is walking around talking about "I Hate Everybody" -- the same "everybody" that made your mom and dad millionaires so you can walk around the streets of LA doing NOTHING? GTFOHWTBS
Girl's picture

I agree. There is

I agree. There is self-expression...then there's being a disrespectful BRAT! But I don't blame Willow-I blame her parents. They've gone so Hollywood that they are not raising their kids to stay in their lane, rich or not.

back away from the

back away from the ledge...she's 11
Nena23's picture



Girl, I'm sorry lol it's just

Girl, I'm sorry lol it's just one of those days!
Girl's picture

I feel ya ma, but she is only

I feel ya ma, but she is only 11............... give her some slack after all it's just fashion
kizmit0609's picture

See, this is my thing. Where

See, this is my thing. Where are the parents in this? No way would I buy or allow my child to wear something with such a bold, callous statement. She clearly has some issues and, again, her parents are to blame. SMH....When kids grow up too d*** fast.
MrsCPA's picture

I laughed when I saw the back

I laughed when I saw the back of that jacket. Willow "Doin too Much" Smith needs to sit down.
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