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Bobbi Kris, Nick Gordon, Pat & Cissy Houston In NYC For "The Houstons: On Our Own" Launch Party + The Fam Rolls To "The View"

The Houston family was in NYC last night in support of their reality show's debut on Lifetime.  See pics from the premiere inside.....


Last night in NYC, Bobbi Kristina stepped out in support of the Lifetime debut of  "The Houstons: On Our Own." 


And chick loves herself a sparkly dress:

Bobbi Kris's rumored fiance Nick Gordon, who also appears on the show, was on her arm -- and her lips -- at the launch held at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

Bobbi Kris posed with grandmother, Cissy Houston, who also stars on the show.

"R&B Divas" star Monifah channeled a little Khia for her carpet stroll.

Former "BBW LA" star Imani Showalter was also seen at the party in her Loboutin heels.  We thought it was Star Jones for a minute. 

The entire cast, which includes Bobbi Kris, Nick, Cissy, Pat Houston, Gary Houston and Rayah (Pat's daughter) all posed together during the event.

Pat, Cissy & Rayah all hit "The View" this morning to chat about the line of "Whitney" inspired photo books, candles & the album coming out.  And Pat claimed that she doesn't feel the reality show exploits Bobbi Kristina in any way, even though she said she was "worried about her" and her underage drinking at one point.

Cissy maintained that nobody made her do anything, in response to the rumors that she was forced into appearing on the reality show.  And as for 19-year-old Bobbi Kris, she's still very close with 23-year-old Nick (who's been in her life since he was 16), but the family is not keen on him becoming Bobbi's husband.

This show will be one for the books....

Photos via Michael Carpenter/WENN.com/INF




Barb got in they asses ..but

Barb got in they asses ..but ms Sissy was honest and real and I respect her for it the comments about the pictures on this post ,I can tell some of you have short attention spans.

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tom113's picture

BK looks and behaves real

BK looks and behaves real HOOD...can she take some business classes or something? She wants to be seen and heard so badly...she wants to be a star but she hasn't found her talents and skills yet because she doesn't seem to do anything of substance
Reign's picture

Ms. Cissy is a strong woman

Ms. Cissy is a strong woman who doesnt have to be talked into doing anything. If you watched the special Pat was famous in her time. Whitney loved and trusted all of them. Why cant people just be happy for them. They are moving forward and the show may help them with the closure. Thats just my opinion. We are all outsiders looking in. And i dont think its fair to call someone names. My personal opinion is that I dont like Nick. But Bobbi kris is 20, and hell at 20 the men that i choice was not always the business. She is a young adult.
@aggie_princess's picture

Pray for Bobbi Kris. When I

Pray for Bobbi Kris. When I look at Pat I see a conniving and money hungry woman. She cares nothing about anyone but herself and her pockets. She is always trying to push her daughter into the forefront. When they were on the Oprah special she made sure her daughter was on there playing the piano.
Ms Nay's picture

Hope BK is okay...

Hope BK is okay...
RO's picture

Bobbi & Nick look alike from

Bobbi & Nick look alike from the eyes down (EWW), at least someone donated a fresh wig to BK! Gary looks like he's ready to SCREAM "DY-NO-MITE!" Who invited the BIG drag queens?
tori's picture

Did Pat really say

Did Pat really say "Disprohibit"..........wow when did that become a word.....lmao
star's picture

Awwwww don't do Imani like

Awwwww don't do Imani like that....she don't look like no Star Jones....ok maybe a tiny bit.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Cissy has some LONG ASS

Cissy has some LONG ASS ARMS...,....I'll bet she can STILL DUNK from the FREE THROW LINE! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Cissy looks as if she was

Cissy looks as if she was coerced into doing this reality tv ish. They probably convinced her by saying, "This is for Nippy. This is for the family. We get to clear her name Mama Cissy. Please. Just do this in memory of your daughter. For Nippy. Your precious baby who is now in heaven." Barbra was digging in their ass and I loved it. I know she wanted to dig further as if The View were a Barbra Walters Special. This whole family is a sad mess.
Iridescent One's picture

Who "made" Cissy wear that

Who "made" Cissy wear that sheer top? SMH...Not right

LMAO!!! I was thinking the

LMAO!!! I was thinking the same thing! She is too old and has too much goiing on in the front for that to work!!
Mama Mia's picture

Rolling....I caught that too!

Rolling....I caught that too!
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