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CHEERTASTIC! Christina Milian, Trina & Flo Rida Kick Off Florida Cheer Competition

What better way to kick off a Florida Cheer Competition for the YBF youngins?  Get the cutesy chick who played every guy's fave gettable-with-a-bribe cheerleader to support the girls. 


Check out Christina Milian, Trina & Flo Rida giving back to student athletes inside...

Flo Rida and his friends Christina Milian, Trina and more hit the Dillard High School Gym in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday to launch Flo's Florida Youth Football League (FYFL) . The celebs came out to encourage the cheerleaders to focus on their education, understand the importance of teamwork, reach beyond the stars and to remember - regardless of which team walk away with the grand award everyone is a winner.


And since Christina sharpened her cheer skills back in the day in Love Don't Cost A Thing, alongside her then boyfriend Nick Cannon, she hit up the event to give the girls some fun words of wisdom.

And Flo had his artists Whyl Chyl and TeamPhylte there to cheer on the girls:

Peep the video below of Christina & Trina taping the girls flip it out and turn it out:


We love when celebs give back.  Even when it's in the form of cheers...

Photo Credit: NLPGimages




I know the kids were happy!!

I know the kids were happy!! Love it when the people they support also show support in return. Also loving Trina's sunglasses & tights.
shuga's picture

What in the Green Mile hell

What in the Green Mile hell does Flo-Rida have on his legs???? OAN why is C Millian standing like she gotta pee in the bottom picture?? Trina aint letting them lacefronts go for nothing or nobody. Overall who sent these ratchet pictures in and why do we care? haha at the "Slave Ship Collection" on his jeans. Them kunta-kinte jawns!!! Bhahahahahaaaa LMAOOO
Birdfood's picture

lmaoooo you double dead wrong

lmaoooo you double dead wrong *tearingthehellup*
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Ethel Mertz's picture

Damn I wish I was there .

Damn I wish I was there . Thats my high school and my hometown. Dillard High School, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Love when the celebs give back

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Who the hell are all of these

Who the hell are all of these IRRELEVANT BLACK PPL (please text YELE AMBER ALERT to 305305) I would LOVE to see Trina with those HAMHOCK thighs do a somersault!
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Christina is a true YBF'er

Christina is a true YBF'er and we have the SAME Air Jordan's!!!!!!! (where are my pom-poms??) .... and Flo's Jeans from the Slave Ship Collection <<------- aren't gonna fly
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lolol...Bahawaaaawaa that

Lolol...Bahawaaaawaa that nicca do like he just stepped off the Armistead!! Smdhlol...
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