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Halle Berry SMOKED Pot With Tom Hanks For "Cloud Atlas" + Tyler Perry Dishes On His Private Island With Chelsea


Halle Berry and Tyler Perry both made the talk show rounds yesterday to promote their latest flicks. Find out what Halle said to Jay Leno about smoking pot with Tom Hanks and what Tyler revealed about his private island.

Halle Berry, looking insanely fabulous in a sexy one shoulder grey dress by Helmut Lang and sparkling Louboutin Pigalle pumps, chatted it up with Jay Leno about her latest film Cloud Atlas.  She talked about dishing out Halloween candy to Nahla and said she's dressing as a mummy for the evening. She also jokingly talked about her character smoking pot with Tom Hanks in the film. But looking at her body language, it may be safe to assume they really went in for the scene.

And....Halle found out that she is related to Sarah Palin.  She wasn't excited about it.

Watch Halle's segments here:





Also on tv last night.......


Tyler Perry stopped by "Chelsea Lately" to promote his newest flick Alex Cross, and she asked him about his private island. He wouldn't reveal where it was or how much it cost (but we know it's in the Bahamas and worth several million dollars), but he said he likes to jet ski and lay on the beach naked. Oh?

Watch it above....




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tom113's picture

Ill definately be going to

Ill definately be going to see both Halle & Tylers work, even if Dark Tide her last movie was a major bust.
Realist's picture

I'll bet she smoked his pole

I'll bet she smoked his pole too (didn't she claim to be a horned-up sex addict?????????)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I agree w/ Tara Lipscomb. Go

I agree w/ Tara Lipscomb. Go see the movie, and then MAYBE, just maybe, your criticism might mean something. I went to go see it, just to see Tyler out of his element. And I must say he did pretty good. Only thing is that it was weird seeing him acting and being someone other than Madea! Way to go Tyler. You were great!

Great interview by Halle. She

Great interview by Halle. She always gives fun interviews. Just wish she had a better bra with that amazing dress. But oh well...chick is flawless!
Michelle K's picture

Halle looks amazing can't

Halle looks amazing can't wait to see Cloud Atlas. On another note Tyler Perry's new movie Alex Cross did not do well at the box office this weekend. When will this man learn to stop putting himself in movies? We know that the Denzel's and the Idris Elba type people make it look so easy. *Note to Tyler those men CAN ACT YOU CAN NOT! I knew when I heard him say " I will meet you in the gates of hell in the promo's that this movie would be bad. I refused to go see this movie because I knew that Tyler can't act. I was sooo right! My brother confirmed what I already knew. My Bro saw the movie and said Tyler acting was "ATROCIOUS"AND EVEN "LAUGHABLE"! He said if Tyler were not cast as the lead man in the movie that the movie would really be pretty good because everybody else in the movie acting was good. Tyler Perry needs to know that nobody wants to see his NONE ACTING, SMOKEY THE BEAR LOOKING SELF IN A ROLE LIKE THIS. This role should have been given to better actors like Idris Elba or Denzel or a new comer. ANYBODY BUT TYLER PERRY! What a waste of great role for an good acting black man. I guess this man will go bankrupt before he see's the fact that people are soo over him. I will never accept a Gay Men trying to pass as a straight man! Never!
Shay's picture

thats too bad that you didn't

thats too bad that you didn't see it for yourself and letting someone else tell you if its good or not. I saw it and Tyler did a pretty good job in it for his first serious acting/action role. No, he didnt what Denzel or Idris would've done but he still did a helluva job. WHat are you talking about it didn't do well? He opened at #5. Why would you put him down for trying to expand his experience in his craft? thats like you applying for a promotion and getting turned down before you even interview. Girl, open your mind and stop hating on folks

It's basic black people like

It's basic black people like you who will go see anything good or bad as long as you see a black face on the screen, forget about people like Spike Lee who Hollywood have shut down for the likes Tyler Perry type people. Basic, Basic,Basic,Basic, Basic and more Basic! People like you are past Basic to a just plain DEGENERATE! I am so glad you took that awlful pictue down w/ your Bugged Eyed Self!
Shay's picture

Well Dam!!..bahwaaaaa u went

Well Dam!!..bahwaaaaa u went in hard!!! Smhlol...but I agree the actin' was horrible!! Lolol
Like Really's picture

Well, even if you aren't a

Well, even if you aren't a fan of Tyler Perry Movies, OR even a Fan of Tyler Perry (which I can side with you on both...) I would say, still support the movie, because even with all the BS films that he has done over the years...there is a reason movies like 'Think Like A Man' proved to be a box-office success...because Hollywood saw that 'black hollywood' specifically black leads can be bankable...In essence in the last 6-7 years Tyler Perry has helped to change the notion that 'negro films' dont make money... So, even if you go see something else...but a ticket for the film...so that the NEW generation of Denzel's and Idris' can get a shot... Personally, I thought the movie was mediocre...the fight scenes were solid, but, yea.... Support anyway
Grown Man Ish's picture

As I was reading your post, I

As I was reading your post, I thought I was reading a first hand opinion of the movie. That's quite a bit of negativity for someone who hasn't even seen the movie...
VIRTUOUS1's picture

To me there's nothing worse

To me there's nothing worse than to sit through a movie w/ some bad acting going on. It annoys me to the point that I get angry and I will walk out! To avoid wasting my time and my money or my friends money. I would rather not go. My brother knows me and I trust his opinion totally! I was soo right he failed at the box office and 3 other people all told me the same thing. No negativity just the truth!
Shay's picture


Like Really's picture

It's nice to see a little

It's nice to see a little personality from celebrities!
nikasosmo0th's picture

She is definitely high..but

She is definitely high..but looks FANTASTIC! I have never seen someone that always looks flawless like Halle
BEEMA's picture

I think she had just smoked

I think she had just smoked pot right before she walked out there....
Grown Man Ish's picture

Jay Leno is a creepy douche

Jay Leno is a creepy douche who cannot look anyone in the eyes
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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