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AGAIN??? Bobby Brown BUSTED For DUI In L.A.

Troubled R&B legend Bobby Brown was busted for DUI in LA last night. Get the deets on the bust inside.....

Singer Bobby Brown was arrested for DUI in LA this morning, around 1AM, after he failed a field sobriety test.  TMZ reports that Bobby was driving erratically down Ventura Boulevard and Corbin Avenue.  The smell of alcohol was loud and clear once officers approached his car.  

When Bobby got out of the car...his sobriety test didn't go so well.  This is his second DUI this year and comes after he did a short stint in rehab in August.

THIS is why you shouldn't leave rehab early just to continue on with your tour.  We hope he pulls it together.....






"These DRUNKS be actin' up &

"These DRUNKS be actin' up & the LAPD ain't lettin em'!!!"
tori's picture

Damn Bobby...do better! You

Damn Bobby...do better! You need to do better for your kids!

No surprises here with this

No surprises here with this asshole!! It was just a matter of time he showed us who he really is, a person who is ultimately selfish, stupid, ignorant and very very unattractive....and definitely is not aging well at all...I can see why Bobbi K wants nothing to do with her dad...
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Come on Bobby...Again..You

Come on Bobby...Again..You should have stayed your ass in Rehab..this is getting old..you selfish man..you have a small son to think of..get it together..

screwed up people breed the

screwed up people breed the most (it doesn't even faze them)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Thank you and Amen!

Thank you and Amen!
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And folks wonder why Bobbi

And folks wonder why Bobbi Kristina is such a hot halleluja of a mess.
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Yeah, I hope he pulls it

Yeah, I hope he pulls it together too....Well actually, I don't give a damn.
Ethel Mertz's picture

I hope he woke up in jail

I hope he woke up in jail this morning with Swamp-Ass, a Sore Mouth and Hurt Butt and Dollop of Jizz floating around in his Face Hole and some dude stroking his Dong
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