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COUPLEDOM: Bobbi Kris & Nick Gordon JET Out Of NYC + Lil Kim & Boyfriend Mr. Papers GET KISSY

Couples were out and about last night.  Bobbi Kris & her boyfriend Nick Gordon quickly jetted out of NYC yesterday after their cancelled press dinner, plus Lil Kim gave some kisses to her boyfriend Mr. Papers.


Pics inside...

Bobbi Kristina Brown & Nick Gordon were in New York this week with the family doing press for their "Houstons: On Our Own" reality show.  And after their premiere earlier this week, and after the fam went on "The View" and got grilled by Babs Walter, they cancelled their press dinner last night last minute.

So Krissy & Nick were spotted jetting out of the city last night headed to the airport from their hotel:

And in other couples news:

Lil Kim is still in love with her rapper boyfriend Mr. Papers.  She tweeted some cutesy pics recently of the two.  And chick is looking majorly happy these days:





Stop hating on AA females...

Stop hating on AA females... Most women alter their appearances in someway. Tanning, waxing, weaves (all races wear it AA will admit it), contacts, veneers, surgery... Give me a break... HATERS have several seats in Cowboy Stadium!
Mz Issh's picture

Kim looks great. I have not

Kim looks great. I have not seen Kim look this good in ages.
Synsation's picture

Bobbi Kris looks geeked to

Bobbi Kris looks geeked to see the paparazzi. It's such a shame that Lil' Kim had to put on a BRAND NEW FACE in order to feel beautiful and gain some self-worth.
Anonymous10's picture

Poor Kim. She needs mental

Poor Kim. She needs mental healing.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Lil' HIM looks like a

Lil' HIM looks like a contestant on RU PAUL's DRAG RACE! Bobbi Kris always looks like she just stepped off the pages of a BIG LOTS SALES PAPER!
tori's picture

LMFAO!!!!! im leanin to the

LMFAO!!!!! im leanin to the side laughing.
Classic87's picture

She looks like Christina

She looks like Christina Milan in the last two pictures. It is very sad what she's become because she used to be such a pretty girl and now she just looks so plastic for a lack fo a better word. Low self esteem is written all over her, poor thing.
Marek's Wifey's picture

Christina milian?!?!?!?

Christina milian?!?!?!?
Classic87's picture

Dem a bleach ~ dem a bleach

Dem a bleach ~ dem a bleach out their skin . . . [blank stare] at Lil Kim and what used to be a pretty brown girl who is now a year round Halloween mask. ▼▼
GetUrLife's picture

Lil Kim truly makes me sad

Lil Kim truly makes me sad ... here was this pretty black woman, who oozed confidence and yet who morphed in front of our eyes into somebody completely different. I truly believe she is mentally ill (along with Nicki, Tamar and several other black men and women in hollyweird).. I mean I understand getting a little tune-up, men and women do it all the time -- but this is so EXTREME! Did people in her camp just not say anything?!
Girl's picture

I want to add a few names to

I want to add a few names to the list Beyonce, Rhi, Ashanti, Janet Jackson, $hit even first lady and just about any other female who does not wear her hair natural (i its original ethnic state) I understand if you cant beat them join em' mentality but that does not exclude anyone from being called out. Getting lighter and/or wearing hair that mimics nothing like a black person is self hate! Simple! So if anyone is calling lil Kim out and has permed hair, should STFU!!!! Blacks are still enslaved!!! If you feel that you need to be pale and lighter to sell albums, get movie roles, or have straight hair everyday by putting a harsh chemical on your scalp, then youre living life to please whites, essentially still a slave. I get upset in particular at AA women because of globalization. American media & entertainment is exposed worldwide! So other blacks have this image. This is why places like Africa and Caribbeans are also putting weave, contacts, and bleach on themselves.
PainfulTruth's picture

Im not trying to start

Im not trying to start nothing, but come on sista, DON'T JUST PICK ON LIL KIM. Black women in general want to look like somebody they not!!!They don't even like the texture of hair god gave them, they don't even like they own eye color. They don't even like the color of their skin. It's not just lil kim, MAJORITY OF BLACK WOMEN ARE WALKING AROUND TRYING TO LOOK LIKE AN EUROPEAN WOMAN. But want to call black men aka "the men that came from their household" self-hating if he prefers white women and lighter skin. Black women are creating that mindset within their boys that white is godlike and if you black it's a bad thing. And again im not trying to argue so don't curse me out, IM JUST TELLING YOU WHAT I SEE
LetsGetIt's picture

Lol, not cursing you out

Lol, not cursing you out brother, because I agree! I was just commenting on this post because it shocked me how everyone was like "Aw Kimmy looks cute" and I just can't go along with that. Not only do I think she looks worse than when she was herself, but I feel like complimenting her feeds into this twisted system. I do agree that Lil' Kim is a product of a very well institutionalized and systematic programming of black women by black women and men, as well as white media to get us to destroy ourselves -- one nose job at a time.
Girl's picture

If im not mistaken u normally

If im not mistaken u normally curse me out, that's why i said that. But i gotta disagree with the white media thing, i mean black people have their own channels and networks on television, shit i see natural hair black women on television all the time. I just think most black women don't like looking ethnic. Or having hair that's different from everyone else. Now if white women start to embrace kinky hair, and wore afro extensions, black women would get mad, and start bragging about how that's their hair, with a damn weave in their head looking a chocolate covered white woman. That's the thing though black women hate their look but will embrace it only if white women start to love it. Because black women hated their lips, but when white women start getting lip injections, that's when black women started putting lip gloss on their lip and acted as if they love their lips. but before white women they hated big lips and tucked that shit in all the time. It's a shame man, because the black community is ruled by black women that hate themselves .
LetsGetIt's picture

As much as I hate to agree, I

As much as I hate to agree, I do. However, I do not think 'most' women of color feel this way. There is enough of them to notice though. I'm beginning to wonder if there is anyplace left on this planet where my people don't absolutely despise themselves. From what I understand, there are huge parts of the continent of Africa that feel the same way. Unfortunate...
Zetagirl's picture

I think it's the majority of

I think it's the majority of black women that feel that way. You right though women in Africa are becoming the same wayyyyyy , with the weaves and skin bleaching. Although they hate to admit it!!Because you know African's have the mindset that they the best thing in the world and can do no wrong and once you point something out about them THEY GET MAD, JUST LIKE BLACK AMERICAN WOMEN GET MAD AT ME.But you sexy tho sista and u look natural where u from lol im letsgetit :).
LetsGetIt's picture

Women in Africa are becoming?

Women in Africa are becoming? I think we are already there unfortunately. There are more natural women here than in Africa. I would like to be there when you call an African out! Its foolish to get upset, I'm sure they were probably victims of self hate. Jamaicans are the worst with this topic. As in that artist Vybz Kartel bleaching himself and making songs about. Now theres a whole epidemic in Jamaica where men are skin bleaching!! Really men? So gross and so sad. When I say blacks are still enslaved, they want to get mad smh!
PainfulTruth's picture

lol i use to date african

lol i use to date african sistas, well she was american her parents were african, and when ever i talk about the things i see with africans that i see in black american women. She got mad!!!They do not like to be compared with black americans at all. And they'll call you a slave quick!! hahahaha!! Shit use to trip me out. But when i went to cape town for the first time, i thought they drop me off in new york or some shit. No African garbs or nothing, looked no different than black american women, only thing different was the accent. And jamaicans have a thing for white women, i never really got the big fascination with white women, they don't have that "it" factor to me. I LIKE ETHNIC WOMEN you gotta look like you got some african in you. I can't fuck with a woman with no features. But hood negros and islanders love white women, and black women allllllll over the world love imitating their look. And i think that's the reason why negros love these white women, because they own group of women like to look like them. Shit i went to school with white girls, and couldn't wait to see a new sexy black chick come over, because the white girl look is typical to me, which is why i don't understand why black women try to look like them.
LetsGetIt's picture

I mean calling you a slave is

I mean calling you a slave is childish but right at the same time. We do not like to be compared to AA because we are not. But the thing that makes us the same is brutality by whites. Our lifestyle, culture, and drive is nothing like AAs. Now blacks like to look like white because it all stems from slavery. Blacks sometimes got treated differently when the were a product of a slave master or any white overseer. When freedom in the north took place, the majority of freed people were the ones that look mix (light skin). The whole mentality white is right and black stays back have been put into blacks head since the 1700's. So black women think to get more respect and a more universal appeal is to strip as much ethnicity within them as much as possible! And you're right, whites do not look as diverse as blacks. Whites look the same more or less. But blacks dont even appreciate themselves. Whites are in power and majority rules. As I said, if you cant beat them join them I know where they are coming from (doesnt mean it's right) but at the end of the day blacks still have to know they are basically still slaves.
PainfulTruth's picture

lol why do yall call us

lol why do yall call us slaves to be insulting though, we weren't slaves THE AFRICANS THAT CAME HERE WERE SLAVES lol. But if i could i'd marry a african woman, but their parent are racist as hell. And they naggin makes my head spin, but overall i like african women they sexy, smart, DON'T HAVEEEEEE A WHOLE LOTTA KIDSSS. I mean shit they perfect.
LetsGetIt's picture

lmao, the africans that came

lmao, the africans that came here were slaves but you as an AA isnt a slave? AA or Black American history 101 Well Black history 101. Africans were taken from West Africa and parts of Central Africa and brought to many islands in the Caribbean, Brazil, and the south of the US. Africans were taken from the 16th century -19th until slave trade ended in about 1808ish. Slavery existed for many years later. Africans have since then morphed into a product of their land making them AA, Brazilian, Dominican, Hatian etc. AAs are several hundreds of years displaced and detached from Africa. Just as you wont call a redneck from Mississippi European, it's not appropriate to call a black American, African. Black Americans have their own culture, rituals, practices, set of beliefs children and history. We are completely different types of black ppl. So being that Africans today stayed in Africa and were never taken to be sold and tormented (basically were never enslaved) is just that Africans were never slaves. But any black person not directly from Africa, ancestors were slaves. So Blacks in America, Hatians, ppl from Barbados, Jamaica, Brazil, PR, etc are descendants of slaves.
PainfulTruth's picture

Lost soul, black women DID

Lost soul, black women DID NOT create that mindset within our sons! THE WHITE MAINSTREAM MEDIA DID! We are at fault though for allowing our sons to subscribe to this brainwashing. Black women simply straightened our to hair to assimilate for better career prospects, since black men and white employers prefer straight hair. I am so happy to say though that is fast becoming a thing of the past. I'm seeing young high school sisters proudly rocking their fros and all sorts of natural styles. I myself have been natural since 98' actually I hardly know anyone who still wears weave and relaxers, not that theres anything wrong with either. so your assessments as usual are wrong.
KENNEDY78's picture

Come on now sista KENNEDY!!!!

Come on now sista KENNEDY!!!! Me growing up in a single parent home, i can say that a black woman had MORE of a effect on me THEN WHITE MEDIA EVERRRRRRR DIDDD!!!!If black women calling everything black ugly, and everything that's mixed and white beautiful, then it plays a big role on the mindset of a child that's black. IT AINT GOT SHIT TO DO WITH THE MEDIA, BLACK WOMEN BEEN WORSHIPING white and mixed women, before TELEVISION WAS EVEN OUT!!!!It aint a thing in the past, because I JUST GOT OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL and it was only 1 natural sista INNNNN THE WHOLE DAMN SCHOOL. And most of the black girls would say "eww she need a perm" while the white girls would tell her "how beautiful her hair is" SO COME ON WITH THIS WHITE MEDIA SHIT. Black women just hate themselves!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I love me some Kimmy! She is

I love me some Kimmy! She is looking unusually cute in these pictures. I hope she's decided to stop doing plastic surgery

I hope Lil Kim finally found

I hope Lil Kim finally found love, she needs something to right for her & right now too.
Realist's picture

Lil Kim lookin like a

Lil Kim lookin like a boricua. I love lil kim. I wish she would drop a dope album though.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Wow! Lil Kim looks really

Wow! Lil Kim looks really cute in these pics! I have never said that before!
Mama Mia's picture

I agree! I almost didn't

I agree! I almost didn't recognize her
Candace's picture

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