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LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY: Rihanna Hits The Desert In Lingerie For "Diamonds" Video Shoot

Rihanna's still in the process of giving her brand new "Diamonds" single a visual.  Late last night, cameras spotted the sexy pop star in nothing but a negligee as she paraded around the cold 36 degree Lancaster, California desert.


Peep the pics inside...

It was a freezing cold night in the desert.  But that didn't stop Rih Rih from donning only her bedroom gear to get the late night desert shots for her new "Diamonds" video.  The starry sky will serve as the perfect backdrop for the song:


Rih changed up her pixie cut look for the vid and is back to her half shaven look. 

And a little Henna tattoo action.  You feelin' the vid so far?

Pics: INF



I personally have stated

I personally have stated continually on numerous occasions that this young lady is on a collision course with disaster and an untimely death if she does not cease with the drug use,drinking, and riotous lifestyle and provided that someone,somewhere,summons the courage to confront Rihanna about disgraceful and dangerous behavior in an effort of love and concern to persuade Rihanna to face the truth reguarding her actions in an attempt to convince her to change and I sincerely hope it happens soon.


I AM IN NO WAY A RHITARD FAN BUT....You act like this chick going around LIGHTIN BABIES ON FIRE! She CLEARLY works 24/7, the way she keep shootin ALBUMS and VIDEOS out her PU$$Y! She is only 24, she's NOT getting ARRESTED every other day or appearing in INTERVIEWS DISORIENTED so I say let her be! I still think she a HO, but she can take that up with God!
tori's picture

Just another HO at

Just another HO at work....NEXT!
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all this smoking is not cool

all this smoking is not cool or attractive
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

The song is BLAH!!!!! so

The song is BLAH!!!!! so whatever!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Young ~ Dumb and Full of Cum.

Young ~ Dumb and Full of Cum. While the new song is fire ~ I just can't rock with your antics anymore Rih Rih ~ ;o[
GetUrLife's picture

I couldnt agree with the

I couldnt agree with the poster below me more. That first pic gets a huge NO MAM!!!
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Rihanna really needs to quit

Rihanna really needs to quit with the smoking. So unattractive.

you can tell she needs to put

you can tell she needs to put things in her mouth at all times....like: cigs, beer bottles, blunts and ding dongs (and they all have a similar shape)........ don't be surprised if next you see her walking around town with a big rubber dildo hanging out of her mouth
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

i would love to see her with

i would love to see her with the rubber dildo hangin from her mouth LMAO
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Well isn't that special?

Well isn't that special?
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RiRi & Chris were high &

RiRi & Chris were high & looking at the sky one night and she says "Wow, the stars look like shiny diamonds" then Chris says "Bitch, you & me be like diamonds in the sky" ......the rest is history
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


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