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The OMG Girlz cover the debut issue of KONTROL GIRL. See the photo inside.....

Atlanta's own OMG Girlz (T.I. & Tiny's daughter Star, Baby Doll & Beauty) cover the debut issue of KONTROL GIRL (dropping this week).  The new mag focuses on beauty, entertainment, fashion and style from a female perspective and will feature cover shoots with the hottest chicks in the fab.  

Inside the mag, Miss Baby Doll talks about what it's like being one of the only girl groups in the game saying,

“It is such a great honor and blessing to be one of the only girls groups out right now, and as more girls groups come along, we are more than excited to convey the message of girl power." She added, “We have all been very involved with the writing process for the album as well.”

And Miss Beauty revealed what fans can expect from the album saying, “The album is pretty diverse and not one specific genre. You can also get a feel for our growth as a group as well.”

Also, the "girlz" did a carnival themed photoshoot for ROLLING OUT Magazine.   Watch a sneek peak here:




The brainchild behind the OMG Girlz, Tameka "Tiny" Harris has her own magazine cover coming out. She tweeted a shot from her ROLLING OUT cover that will soon be available and said, "Had fun shooting cover for Rolling Out..thx to my glam @thatshekinah @shunmelson & @latashawright! & ofcourse @therealflyguy did his thang!"




Nique looks just like Tiny on

Nique looks just like Tiny on that cover...cute girls for sure

I like this woman...lol.

I like this woman...lol.
Gabbie's picture

This article was okay until I

This article was okay until I scrolled down to Tiny's photo. Don't get me wrong, I love Tiny, but seriously though, that picture is sooooo not cute!....Words just can't even describe smh...
thebeautifulone's picture

omg@that pic of Tiny, how in

omg@that pic of Tiny, how in the world did the authorise the release of that thing? absolutely horrific!! lmaoooo
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checked out the site, and i

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diamond2012's picture

OMG Girlz are cute.

OMG Girlz are cute.
holmesa925's picture

LOVE this group!! They're

LOVE this group!! They're beautiful & doing their thing!! I wish them all the best!
diamond2012's picture

She need to have a seat on

She need to have a seat on that horrible thing she calls a butt. Unfortunately she thinks that helps her situation.
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Tiny had her butt done for

Tiny had her butt done for real lol..She is a sweet girl in spite of that. And them OMG girls need to sit down & let all that funky colored hair go! NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

WHY is one of the girls

WHY is one of the girls touching the inside of the other girl's leg! and Tiny....if them not a$$ shots....
Classic87's picture

they're all touching each

they're all touching each other...a connection...nothing sexual. you have to understand photography, art, etc to look past what you're thinking.
diamond2012's picture

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Tiny's ass though. T.I. must

Tiny's ass though. T.I. must have one helluva strong stomache to look at all that err'day. Otherwise, she's so sweet and I'm digging the black hair. I'd like to see hee do something better with that snout, mouf and tail she calls an ass.
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