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NEW GIGS: Rocsi Is New "ET" Correspondent + More


Former "106 & Park" host Rocsi Diaz is back in the tv saddle as she landed a new gig over at "ET."  Check out what she'll be doing inside, plus LaLa Anthony's new big screen gig...

Her former co-host Terrence J. isn't the only one moving on to bigger & better hosting gigs.  As Terrence kicks off his "E! News" duties next month, Rocsi kicks off her new job tonight.

The New Orleans native posted the above pic on Twitter showing off her new work digs over at "Entertainment Tonight."   She told her fans that she's the new correspondent, and you can catch her in her new role tonight.  Congrats Rocsi!


And LaLa Anthony, spotted above hitting the nail shop yesterday, also has a new gig.  She's been added to the star-filled line up of the rom-com Baggage Claim.  The movie stars Paula Patton, Derek Luke & Adam Brody.  And recently, Christina Milian was added to the cast.

David E. Talbert (who is also responsible for the comedy "First Sunday") is writing, directing and producing the adaptation of his novel. Paula stars as an unmarried flight attendant who becomes determined to find a man as her younger sister's wedding approaches. So LaLa will be portraying Paula's energetic co-worker and accomplice.





Aww they gave poor lil thang

Aww they gave poor lil thang a job. I wonder who she sucked up????
Classic87's picture

I just wanted to comment that

I just wanted to comment that every time they have mention the new David E Talbert Movie and list the cast they keep missing out Trey songz. Trey songz is also in this movie baggage claim okay YBF give everyone who is in this movie credit not just some. You also forgot Jill Scott, Lauren London, Taye Diggs as well as Kimora lee Simmons husband Dimjon. Please if you are gonna post about a movie please include all the actors YBF thank you.

Rocsi, another gig?? good a

Rocsi, another gig?? good a girl has got to eat. Lala has NEVER!!! met a camera she did not love, she craves the attention!!!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Congrats to Rocsi and

Congrats to Rocsi and Lala....Lala looks pretty in the above photo.
Ethel Mertz's picture

Rocsi's voice sounds like

Rocsi's voice sounds like fingernails being dragged across a chalk board. Thank goodness I watch E! and have the option of changing the channel. Let's see how long knee scraper can keep this gig.
GetUrLife's picture

Oh ok....thanks for the

Oh ok....thanks for the lowdown on her speaking skills ( or should I say Non-speaking skills)...cracking up
star's picture

Yes, Rocsi is from New

Yes, Rocsi is from New Orleans.

Congrats, Rocsi!! Go 'head

Congrats, Rocsi!! Go 'head Girlie!! Now Lala didnt quite hook those shoes up with that outfit---HATED IT!
BooLuv's picture

Yeah I also wonder how Rocsi

Yeah I also wonder how Rocsi got that gig.....I need to hear how she speaks...
star's picture

Lala might seem boring but I

Lala might seem boring but I love her! And once again Congrats to Rocsi on her new career :)...

Congrats Rocsi, I guess all

Congrats Rocsi, I guess all that SLOBBIN & BOBBIN paid off! Now put some ICE on those KNEES and a CHIN STRAP on that JAW & get to WORK!
tori's picture

congrats to all 3 for

congrats to all 3 for furthering their careers and actualizing their dreams! thats hot!! Rocsi from New Orleans tho? I need to see the receipts on that one....lol...she sure doesnt sound like it.
shuga's picture

I wonder how she got that

I wonder how she got that gig??? Somehow, I'll bet she has an EXCLUSIVE interview with Eddie Murphy coming up soon........LaLa could water-ski across the Atlantic Ocean on those feet
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

ET? Forgot they even

ET? Forgot they even existed.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

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