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NEWS: Police REVEAL DETAILS And Identity Of SHOOTER Who Shot Chuchgoer INSIDE Creflo Dollar's Megachurch

In Atlanta, a former World Changers Church International employee reportedly shot and killed a man during this morning's (Wednesday) prayer service.  Get details about the incident inside.....


Members at Creflo Dollar's Atlanta megachurch witnessed a murder at point-blank range this morning when a former employee shot and killed a man leading a prayer.

Sources say 52-year-old Floyd Palmer calmly walked up to a 39-year old volunteer, who was leading a prayer at the time, and shot him at point-blank range.  Witnesses say Floyd calmly walked out of the church, wearing a suit, after the shooting and was seen leaving in a Black Subaru.

There were over 20 witnesses in the chapel who saw the shooting and who were in shock because they knew the shooter. Floyd is being described as a former employee of the church who resigned in August 2012.  

The victim was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to Fulton County police Cpl. Kay Lester.

So far, Creflo Dollar has not released a statement and witness are being interviewed.  We will keep you posted as details are still emerging and the suspect is still on the loose......

Church is no longer a safe heaven from murder?  Sad day.




Unreal, half of these

Unreal, half of these comments. What I find so funny is the fact that there is concentration on the fact that this happened in a church. So if it's just a building as some of you would say, costing millions of dollars, what's the difference??? Because it's a church, it's to be immune from from sin and sinful things??? That's the problem with people. "If you're Christian, you should be perfect. You can't mess up". NEWS FLASH! No one is perfect! This is why christ came to die: for the opportunity of forgiveness and salvation. So that should your walk become unruly, he is there to reel you back in. I'm tired of the "OOOhh, so it happened in a church, the church MUST not be saved! Church must be greedy and wicked!" Unfortunately, that's the case for many churches, but the point I'm making is that indeed mistakes will be made. As for this man who came and shot someone....it's a terrible senseless taking of a human life. But that's exactly what it is. Someone took someone else's life, whether in or outside of a church. Satan will use anyone who will allow themselves to be used by him, and it's unfortunate that he chose to do this. That's all I wanted to say.
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Either they were gay lovers

Either they were gay lovers or something related to sex! Because that was a personal killing there right there. Sad but that seems personal.
Lifeatbest's picture

So this man (Floyd) walked

So this man (Floyd) walked into a CHURCH, SHOT a man, and WALKED OUT & DROVE off...and NO ONE did anything?? WTF...
tori's picture

they did ..they prayed n

they did ..they prayed n started taking up collection ... goes to show evil is all up in the churches on the pulpit every sunday living the high life on ur holy dollars..
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I WOULDN'T be surprised if

I WOULDN'T be surprised if Creflo "ALMIGHTY" Dollar had sumthin to do with what happened! Didn't he smack up his daughter earlier this year & she pulled a Wyclef & "dialed 9-1-1?"
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You don't want to mess with a

You don't want to mess with a man with a gun. By this being a Church I doubt that anyone else was packing. I think the best thing to do was call the the police and stay the hell out of his way. It could have been worse!!!
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If the man was willing to

If the man was willing to walk in the Lord's house and shoot someone praying or not point blank, then he had no problem shooting others if needed. I don't blame them for not getting in the way of someone that crazy.
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Who says it's the 'Lord's

Who says it's the 'Lord's house'...Sorry, I've just never truly believed that the Father lives only in buildings. I pray they find the criminal.
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I agree, God is EVERYWHERE,

I agree, God is EVERYWHERE, and the Lord I know wouldn't spend $18 million of his congregation's money to build "his house" and buy ROLLS-ROYCES, JETS & MANSIONS, when his people DIDN'T have 2 pennies to rub together!
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I woulda CLINCHED my Rosary

I woulda CLINCHED my Rosary Beads and threw a Bible at the back of his head and hoped one of the sharp edges CLIPPED him!
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God doesn't make

God doesn't make mistakes....it was meant to be (it happened in God's House for Christ Sakes). The dead person is in heaven now..playing dominoes and trying to de-flower the Virgin Mary)
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what is: shit that George

what is: shit that George Zimmerman says
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Karma's gonna be a bitch for

Karma's gonna be a bitch for LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®© blurting that one out....smh (probably wouldn't have said anything but it happened in Crelflo (CashFlo) Dollar's Church....that money worshipper can't afford a security guard.....but he can buy up everything else on earth.....Negro can't even pay his volunteers)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Are you kidding Creflo Dollar

Are you kidding Creflo Dollar has more personal security than the damn President.
JJFad's picture

EXACTLY...but for

EXACTLY...but for HIMSELF.....not the church
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Prayers going up for the

Prayers going up for the victim's family as well as the other church members who were there and witnessed this terrible act. Sending up an extra prayer for the murder's family as well.

Wow. Prayers for the victim's

Wow. Prayers for the victim's family.
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