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Stacey Dash Shows The World She Voted Early For Mitt Romney, Vivica Fox Rips Her A New One

Stacey Dash is a woman of her word.  She said she's all about Mitt Romney in 2012...and she just showed the world how she voted for him early.  Peep her pics inside...

The former "Single Ladies" star, Stacey Dash, hit up her local polling place in Cali yesterday to drop her ballot early.  She tweeted pics of her exercising her right to vote...and tweeted "That's Right!" to a fan who said "Romney 2012!"

Meanwhile, fellow 40-something actress in Hollywood, Vivica Fox, had a few words for Ms. Dash.  And they were mainly about that random red swimsuit Stacey rocked during her "coming out party" for Romney.  Viv told The Grio this week while doing promo for her Lifetime show:

“I don’t know why she [Stacey Dash] had to do a photo shoot in a Baywatch red swimsuit with the boobs and the whole flag behind her.  And she doesn’t have a job or something to promote right now. I just didn’t get it.

Bloop.  And before you go saying Viv doesn't have a job either--she actually has two right now.  She's the host of Lifetime's "Prank My Mom" and also stars in the upcoming sitcom "Mr. Box Office." 

Viv continued:

"She’s entitled to her own opinion but it was just surprising that first of all she was a Republican, and that she did it the way that she did. Most politicians when you support them, you try to support them with class, you don’t need to do a swimsuit shoot.”

Like we said before, you can endorse whomever you'd like.  But don't be surprised if no one takes you seriously when you're looking like an extra from 'Baywatch' while making your announcement...with a photoshoot.  Just sayin....




This old irrelevant hag wants

This old irrelevant hag wants attention. You hardly ever see any relevant people calling the camera crew to follow them to go vote.
qtpa2t's picture

Bottom line is they all

Bottom line is they all promise you things and most don't follow through. But Romney lost me with that whole 'he doesn't care about the 47%' comment. IMO, anyone in that 47% who votes for Romney is __________!!!!!
qtpa2t's picture

She (Stacy) wants attention.

She (Stacy) wants attention. And lastly, make you all are registered to vote. Peace.
Lifeatbest's picture

It's funny how people talk on

It's funny how people talk on this site. As if Obama pays for Stacey's life or puts food on her table or pays for the gas in her car. As if he takes care of her and therefore, she owes some unknown obligation or loyalty to him. What he's doing is asking her and everybody else for a vote to get a job he's not doing very well as it, and she's just saying NO! The funniest part of it all is that, he does nothing for any of u either!!!
Livey's picture

This 47yr Thristy Hag just

This 47yr Thristy Hag just wants attention. What A list star takes a camera to vote? None of them because only a ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ lister would pull a stupid stunt like this! The only thing she had going for her was a cute but rapidly aging face w/ no TALENT or PERSONALITY! This vote for Romney is not sincere and is coming from a very bitter place. We can't help that she is a washed up thrown out of Hollywood actress. Join a long list of other Hags that can't get work in Hollywood like: Sharon Stone and Demi Moore but I forget those names are household names and the name Stacey Trash don't ring a bell to most people and the most important thing of all is that you are a black out of work actress which is worst of all. This is inside knowledge that when this sea hag was pregnant w/ her first child from back in the day singer Christopher Williams he dumped her while she was pregnant to pursue Halle Berry because Stacey never had a personality and he did not want her! This Hag has hated Halle every since and is jealous of her success. Stacey has been used a abused by white men every since w/ the exception of Jamie Fox. The Hag slept w/ Jaime Fox hoping he could help her get roles. FAIL! The only thing she got is tossed up like a salad. Although Stacey thinks she's already white we all know that Jaime Fox likes his women 100% and black/Mexican don't count. Stacey Trash is irrelevant and everybody including herself knows it!
Shay's picture

We're just glad she could

We're just glad she could find time in her "busy" schedule to vote. We don't care about your party affiliation.
Denise2007's picture

Its like this. Republicans

Its like this. Republicans made it their objective to vote against anything Obama tried to accomplish solely because they wanted to see a black man fail. Now their argument is, you got nothing done. So it saddens me when some people (black people at that) don't open their eyes and fall right into the trap and start screaming that dumb ass shit too. They put the only black people on display for them to make it seem like they don't have a hidden agenda when they really do. You better just watch a day of fox news and see how you feel hated by all the negativity towards anybody and anything that isn't white.
stevieJ's picture

Stacey, sit your out of work

Stacey, sit your out of work BEHIND down! I cannot stand her lol she is really just trying to prove a point in gaining publicity & no one really cares that you do not have anything better else to do. NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

My biggest issue with Obama

My biggest issue with Obama is the fact that, even though he is extremely brilliant, and very focused and determined in his job... The Bottom line is regardless of who you vote for...both individuals are STILL taking care of white affairs... I honestly could care less about Mr. Obama being a 'black' President...after he won the first time...He's already done so much for us as a community for the 'black cause'.... My issue with our brother is the fact that everything that he has done in the last four year has been to further the agenda of the VERY man that he built his platform of change on (Bush)....The Reality is, just like during the Reagan Era (the 80's) the economy went to the shitter, and the wealthy got richer, the poor got poorer...and things leveled out in the 90's....that's ebb and flow of life, of business, of the world....Things go up...and Things go down.... I'm sure after Mr. Obama or Romney leave office...things will continue to improve, even if Ron Paul became President...What you all don't understand is that regardless of who is in the Presidency, 'our' (poor, minority, disenfranchised) issues will always be on the back-burner...and depending on what platform you're running on, if they think you are 'too' liberal or 'too' conservative, they call you out on it, and most candidates when elected flip the script, just to 'prove' the naysayers wrong...That's what Mr. Obama did...just to prove he wasn't a passive president, or soft, or meek...He damn near wiped our every 'enemy' of America in one term that four presidents before him couldn't even get rid of...In other words...he's out white-manning the white man.... See, at least if a guy like Romney came into office, you at least know you're getting a guy who doesn't give a F- about the poor, minorities, women (except the ones in his binder), and anything else other than his good ol' boys.... Well, I would rather have a person in office who I know his deal, than a guy who gets a Nobel Peace Prize, and pisses in the face of the committee, by continuing to fulfill the mission of his counterparts... So, yea, I may be called a coon, a dead beat black man, yada, yada...but I'm standing on facts...and the fact is Obama or Romney in the white house is NOT going to make a difference for 'us'...Its time for US..to do something for ourselves, and stop waiting around for some 'great hope' to save us...Christ already came and went...and he gave us the tools to become like him in order to seek and save ourselves.... and Side note... under Bill Clinton (the honorary first 'black' President)..there was more welfare reform and reduction under him, than there had ever been under Reagan, or Bush before him.... but hey, what do I know... I'm just a self-hating black man who probably dates white women right?
Grown Man Ish's picture

Look, here's the deal. We as

Look, here's the deal. We as black people are a minority in this country. We make up about 14% of the American population. That's it. We cannot expect the President of the United States to look out for the minority while ignoring the majority. We voted for him too but the majority put him into office. So the President has to do what's best for everybody, not just what's best for black people. Obama is a black man who is President. He is not THE black President. We as a race have to be responsible for ourselves. Obama can't do the job by himself. He's just one man. But his policies have greatly improved the lives of MANY black people (healthcare reform, cracking down on predatory lending, credit card reform, cracking down on Wall Street and ensuring American jobs stay in America). Obama has done his part. But have you done yours? Have you educated yourself so that you can qualify for one of the new energy jobs he wants to create? Have you saved to buy a home in order to take advantage of the low interest rates Obama created? Have you saved the money we got from Obama's tax reform and put it towards your retirement? See, we can't just be looking to Obama for a handout! If you want to claim your stake in The American Dream, you have to WORK for it!!! No Obama, no Romney, and no Clinton is going to just give it to you.
DesignDiva's picture

Agreed...however, I'm still

Agreed...however, I'm still voting for the lesser of two evils. Obama 2012
Zetagirl's picture

STACEY girl, you DON'T have a

STACEY girl, you DON'T have a J-O-B, I think ROMNEY was talking about you in that 47%. You trying to get that role in Clint Eastwood new flick "A STAR IS BORN"?
tori's picture

I say, GOOD on her. Who said

I say, GOOD on her. Who said u can't be sexy while u cast ur vote. Viv is just jealous, digging for holes where there's none. She should think about her receding hairline and getting into shape. Just because u can't flaunt it doesn't mean someone can't. Go Stacey!!!
Livey's picture

Bottomline: Even bubble

Bottomline: Even bubble heads have the right to vote for who they want. PREACH!@Mulan Iwilleaty
Realist's picture

This is just a publicity

This is just a publicity stunt for Stacey to try to remain relevant. She knows that coming out as a Republican will throw some much-needed shine on her failing career. I will say this though: I may not agree with who the trick voted for, but at least the trick VOTED! I'm always shocked when I hear black people saying they're not going to the polls. People DIED so your black ass can vote! You're just gonna shit on their graves! So if Romney wins and decided to reinstitute slavery, ya'll no voting idiots need to just pick up a cotton bag. I hear Gucci might start making them.
DesignDiva's picture

I understand where Vivica is

I understand where Vivica is coming from in the way Stacey promoted Mitt...make me wonder if she's on the pay roll...know that ho ain't doing anything for free with no job.
Lola's picture

Well, I voted for the brother

Well, I voted for the brother in Round 1... kinda disappointed in him...so, I am going to abstain this time around.....and don't really care what you guys think...Right now, this election would be like voting between Satan and The Devil...
Grown Man Ish's picture

Grown man ish, You gotta be

Grown man ish, You gotta be one of the stupidest mf's on the planet.
stevieJ's picture

Cool, then you won't care

Cool, then you won't care when I tell you congrats on doing just what Mitt wants you to do and call you a no-count brotha...thats the most ignorant ish I'm hearing 'I don't like either so I"m just not voting'...wtf?? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense...maybe for choosing a tennis shoe but this is the state of our country...your a living example of foolishness at its finest. Im sure your personal ancestors who were getting beat for their right to vote appreciate you taking their efforts so seriously...get the f** outta here with that...again, glad you don't care what anybody else thinks...

Excellent, EXCELLENT

Excellent, EXCELLENT commentary. 110% agreed...playing RIGHT into their hands.

so take the lesser of two

so take the lesser of two evils then....If Mitt wins, republican agenda's will be implemented the next 4 years. If you don't vote, it'll only take 1 person's vote to positively affect Mitt.....If you vote for Obama, it'll take 2 votes for Mitt to trump your vote.......every vote counts
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

you sound like my mama. I

you sound like my mama. I never really got that whole .. "i rather not vote b/c I hate them both" agenda. I don't understand how anyone can be disappointed in someone who brought home bin laden, created tax savings for 95% of Americans, and SAVED our financial and automotive industry.. Sometime people think so small. It is the fact that he is a BROTHA why congress will not cooperate with him to do more. Let the man finish what he started.. I think you're underestimating the complexity and what it really takes. WE NEED YOUR VOTE! :)
lovelyj's picture

THANK YOU!! Well said. This

THANK YOU!! Well said. This election is about race and it's sad. This universe is doing a 360 and they're trying to revert back to slavery. People better wake up and I mean NOW! Vote People!! Exercise your rights. Don't lose sight of what our people fought for.
Iridescent One's picture

Agreed and well-said.

Agreed and well-said.

Thank you all for your wisdom

Thank you all for your wisdom and insight....Points well taken.... After much thought and consideration...I have decided that I'm still not Voting... :-)
Grown Man Ish's picture

Stacey Who ???

Stacey Who ???

When you are broke down, with

When you are broke down, with no job you will do whatever to get attention.

Stacey is just doing what

Stacey is just doing what Bey-Z did with Obama.....so if Romney wins, expect to see Stacey hanging out with Mitt....all around the White House pretending she's FLOTUS
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

im so tired of this chick

im so tired of this chick here, she just lost all fans CLEARLY...but who was really a fan of her's....shruggs...but no one cares about SD, she clearly is dumb as well, anybody in their right mind would not vote for that man, i see even famous ppl get a little dehydrated...thirsty folk
_speak's picture

I see a bunch of nutjobs and

I see a bunch of nutjobs and self-hating, arrogant black folk are sounding off about this. Well-let me add my 2 cents to the mix: I pride myself on being an intelligent black woman, with diverse tastes & a good career. I earn a great-living and have a degree. That does not make me special, nor does it make me any better than anyone else. My diverse, versatile taste in music, fashion, literature, etc--just make me-me. I don't have to broadcast every FUKKING thing I do like I'm on a higher plane than the average person. Even though I have a nice life, I do not let ANYONE--nor do I PERSONALLY-attack other black people who are 'thugged out, hood', living in poor neighborhoods or are less intelligent than me. Why? Because we need to be UNITED. We need to respect each other--or else no one will respect us. So while Stacey Dash is clearly entitled to her opinion, she's an asshole fo publicizing and exploiting her choice to vote Republican. Vivica said it best: what does displaying T & A have to do with how you vote/who you vote for? The same goes for these comments--you say you're not voting BUT you applaud Stacey's decision. Fukk U!! If you're not voting as an individual you have NO say! Someone else said half the 'urban negroes' aren't even voting--you kick rocks too! How do you know what half of the youth are going to do?? And let's not forget LetsGetIt ending his rant about what black women should do. You're a DISGRACE!! When you get a vagina and a period, talk to me. We are so negative & biased against each other its ri-damn-dic-u-lous. I am PROUD to say I am voting for Obama--AGAIN, because he does not spend his time hurling insults & pointing fingers. He focuses on the tasks at hand and he does so graciously, despite all of the SHADE he gets in the process. He also keeps the American ppl informed whereas Bush just did what HE wanted to do--never told the public a DAMN thing. No I don't agree with everything Obama has done but I respect the fact that he is taking action, doing SOMETHING. Big Business is withholding jobs in an effort to make him FAIL. I've always had a job & a work ethic--so I'm not looking for Obama to 'save me': save your DAMN self. But I would think that non-rich people of color, women especially, would vote Democratic because that's the party that identifies with your day-to-day issues...versus uptight, racist, millionaire Republicans who profit from the misery of others. Its outright SAD that so many of us are jealous & resentful of Obama & would even CONSIDER voting for a millionaire-Mormon whose son threatened to punch the Commander-in-Chief. Well--I am NOT drinking the Kool-Aid. OBAMA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voting for obama means you're

Voting for obama means you're drinking the kool-aid as well lol. Black people are way too emotional AND DON'T SEE THIS SHIT FOR WHAT IT IS. IT'S A GAME!!But i still love you sista, you can call me anything you want i still love you black women enough to tell you the truth!!! I voted obama, because i didn't want to disappoint my elders.
LetsGetIt's picture


Iridescent One's picture

Thank you.

Thank you.
Ethel Mertz's picture


_speak's picture

She's a loser looking for

She's a loser looking for attention...it's not about who she's voting for, folks don't mind that she's for the "other guy" but the way in which she's going about it...plus, we've never heard her express her political views or share where she stands on the issues, but all of sudden she's in a bathing suit letting the world know who she's voting for...like she's looking for attention aka publicity. She's lost a lot of fans because she's been a dimwit about it. We knew she was "clueless" but because she's a cutey we supported her...not anymore
Reign's picture

I see some have drunk the

I see some have drunk the cool-aid [sic] and are missing the point of distraction by those who support Shitt Romney. A music awards show is a TOTALLY different platform than the United States Presidential race. Wondering if these dipshits know the difference or are even registered to vote. OBAMA 2012 and NOT because he's black/half black.
GetUrLife's picture

Good for Stacey Dash for

Good for Stacey Dash for going against the normal " Group Think and Monkey See , Monkey Do " that black folks like to subscribe to. I notice that on urban blogs people like to bully others who have a difference of opinion or like people that they dont. And to Vivca Fox the cougar " cum bucket " for thugs and rappers I think that you really should be the last person calling out anyone, were you not dropping it like its hot on stage just a couple of years ago with your ole dun ass. You have 0 credibility, fucking 50 and then broadcasting it to the world to remain relevant. I suggest before you knock Stacey you check your trifling ghetto ass behavior.
Kai's picture

Your comment is very ironic.

Your comment is very ironic.
Ethel Mertz's picture

While I agree that the

While I agree that the bullying on blogs is unacceptable --- how do her relationships in the past have ANYTHING to do with her opinion on political discourse? Is calling her a "cum bucket" necessary? People have all kinds of drama in their personal lives, doesn't mean that their opinion has no validity. It has been alleged that Martin Luther King was cheating on Coretta -- now whether he did or he didn't doesn't change the fact that he was an incredible civil rights leader and champion of change. I am NOT comparing Vivica and MLK at all, lol, but I am saying that using a person's past sexual indiscretions to assess the validity of their claims isn't very fair.
Girl's picture

@Girl.....I said the " cum

@Girl.....I said the " cum bucket " in regards to her talking about Stacey Dash being in a " Baywatch swim suit to make her announcement" and secondly I see all kinds of fools on here disrespecting celeb females all the time saying the most despicable things and none of you will ever stand up and challenge it. Because " Group Think" is the norm on this site. But I say something about irrelevant Vivica Fox , Attention Ho in Chief and yall butt hurt. Please when yall are fair in ur judgement of others I will consider.
Kai's picture

Because we respond we're

Because we respond we're "butt-hurt"? Don't agree with that assessment whatsoever. And actually I will respectfully disagree with your comment about group-think going on in this site. I see colorful discourse all the time -- People will go IN on people in posts, and some of their fans will defend them. Some people love Obama, some people don't. Some people love Beyonce, some people don't. Like many of us, I didn't understand why Stacey Dash combined her Mitt Romney support with a Baywatch photoshoot -- it just seemed random! I'm just as critical of the Obama's for associating with the Carters -- So no, not butt-hurt, I was just curious about why Vivica's comments struck such a deep chord with you.
Girl's picture

Who is ever this pressed to

Who is ever this pressed to show who you voted for? It's one thing to throw fund raisers but to actually show who you dropped in the ballot box is a bit thirsty. I guess she needs all the attention she can get!
BooLuv's picture

At least she voted half of

At least she voted half of black America is still unregistered uneducated and will remain unfocused yet have so much to say. Get off the blogs beefing and go mke the change you want vote. Just make sure you not selling out. Mitt Romney is rich bitches and not thinking about the poor out of work negros.
TeaNicole's picture

Vivica fox shut the FUCK up!

Vivica fox shut the FUCK up! U sound jealous go fight with 50¢ stacey is not bothering anyone and she looksbetter than u. No one has to dress up to go and vote bobble wig headed old woman!
doll's picture

Shout out to Stacey Dash for

Shout out to Stacey Dash for voting!!!Vote for who you believe is best for you. Every ethnic person doesn't have to vote for Barack. Vivica Fox can't act for shit, and in her 40's dating some young clown ass club promoter with a fucking nick name like slim. I mean these are the negros that's voting for Barack Obama??? No wonder he don't really kick it with you negros or care about the black community anymoreeee WHY SHOULD HEEEE!! I mean the only thing black folks care about IS PROGRAMS, atleast the republicans talk about jobs and the private sector. You niggas just suck on the democrat titty, while they say "Yea we'll add more programs in the black community, more planned parenthoods to kill those babies, more food stamps, medicaid , welfare, and public assistance" IM SAYING FUCKKK ALL THAT, PUT THESE NIGGAS TO WORKKKKKKKKK them damn democrats love keeping poor people pooor and ignorant, and the republicans love keeping the rich people rich. ALTHOUGH IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO'S IN OFFICE...STILL TAKE YOUR ASS OUT THERE AND VOTEEEE. I already voted for Obama , because he the best talker. Aint no other reasons to vote for the dude, and Mitt Romney is going to have russian troops kickin your doors in for talking all bad ass. So if you like war vote for him. If you like being in the same position VOTE OBAMA, if you like War vote MITT ROMNEY.
LetsGetIt's picture

Just by seeing Romney's

Just by seeing Romney's spoiled, douchey looking sons after the debate made me wanna throw up. You can tell they've never gotten their hands dirty......EVER. Then, they went on Twitter saying "our father CLEARLY won the debate"......which means they are bold faced liars too.....I don't wanna see those assholes hanging around the White House for the next 4 years....and turning into a big Frat House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Mitt Romney is just a rich

Mitt Romney is just a rich jackass from Detroit. Now we know what to expect from Obama, WE DON'T WHAT THE HELL THIS GUY will do once in office. He's all over the place!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

This is what happens when

This is what happens when OUT-OF-WORK actresses ain't got sh!t else to do in the morning. Boo, maybe you can play ANN ROMNEY in the MADE FOR TV movie about his life! (two words...NINA SIMONE!)
tori's picture

lmao, mad at that Nina Simone

lmao, mad at that Nina Simone dig
Girl's picture

Good for her if she likes

Good for her if she likes Romney BUT advertising it like that shows she just looking for publicity (good or bad). Why is Vivica so BUTT HURT about it??? Maybe Viv is just trying to get some pub too. And for anyone to think a president is going to help YOU just because he's black is narrow minded. We are all responsible for our own success or failures in this country.
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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