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Supermodel Jourdan Dunn GOES TOPLESS For Rag & Bone + Azealia Banks STARS In ASOS Video Teaser

Jourdan Dunn's latest ad campaign for Rag & Bone, features the fresh-faced model going topless in a DIY project where she called the shots. See the pics inside and watch Azealia Banks new video teaser....  

The folks at Rag & Bone gave Jourdan Dunn a camera, a bag of clothes and told her to go shoot her own ad.

The supermodel chose to shoot in Central Park and her London flat. 

The company was excited with what they saw as Rag & Bone co-designer David Neville said: ''Jourdan is definitely one of the top British models in the industry right now... It was cool and fitting with Rag & Bone that she chose to shoot her Project in both cities."

Looking good Jourdan!



Azealia Banks joins singer Ellie Goulding and model Charlotte Free in the video teaser for ASOS #bestnightever holiday campaign." Are you ready? 





I'm in love with Azealia

I'm in love with Azealia Banks...Joudann is very pretty, but I do not think the asian chic in the pics are her...

Ummmm FYI ... pic 2 & 3 are

Ummmm FYI ... pic 2 & 3 are not of Jourdan Dunn :)

Jourdan Dunn's shaped like

Jourdan Dunn's shaped like the number 1.
Realist's picture

eww that first picture looks

eww that first picture looks like my 10 year old son's back. stop celebrating starvation as sexy!
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*waits for all the Americans

*waits for all the Americans to start hating on Azealia* Well you guys might not like her but us Brits lover her and yes we'll keep her. You can take Nicki though
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BEAUTY (Jourdan) & the

BEAUTY (Jourdan) & the WILDEBEEST (Azzcrap)!!
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