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DRAMA: Kandi Burruss & Lawrence Washington Rehash Their BEEF Over MONEY


Oh the drama that never ends with those Housewives.  Lawrence Washington--Kandi Burruss' former (it's safe to say) hairstylist & bestie--tried to throw Kandi under the bus during last night's airing of Bravo's "Hairstylists Tell All" special for the "Real Housewives of Atlanta".  And it's all over money.


Deets inside...

Lawrence Washington is still bitter about Kandi not giving him his money he believes he's owed for that single they worked on together called "Closet Freak."

So during last night's Bravo special alongside Derek J, Lawrence said that he will never work with friends again, mainly because of how he believes Kandi stiffed him for the money he made on "Closet Freak."  He said he still hasn't been paid for the single's sales.

Kandi took it as a shot fired and gave him the real.  She tweeted:

  Closet Freak didnt sell hardly any copies.There was nothing left after paying the producer & recouping what i paid 4 studio time & mix fees.

WOMP.  Seems like Lawrence & Kim Zolciak are cut from the same delusional cloth about how this "business" works.  Gotta love them anyway.  By the way, Kandi hinted about a year ago that there were issues with her and Lawrence's working relationship, and now we know why.

BONUS: Kandi seems to still be cool with Derek J though as she hit up ATL's Cirque Du Soleil's TOTEM premiere with him and more of her current & past "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-stars this weekend like Marlo, Cynthia, Apollo & Phaedra.  And her new boo Todd.  Check out the pics HERE.

"RHOA" premieres next week, November 4th.


The Randomness:

1.  Toni Braxton is being accused of fraudulently giving $53,000 to her ex husband.  STORY




Last night's episode of

Last night's episode of Bravo's "Hairstylists Tell All" was special alright. Reminded me of In Living Color's It's Raining Men/Men on Film ~ Two snaps ~ HATED IT! ▼▼
GetUrLife's picture

Their beef needs to be about

Their beef needs to be about how aweful he styled her hair. I say she owes him the cash, plus interest, just on his effort to make this ugly mofo look half way decent alone. Why does Kandi's hair ALWAYS look bad, and her cunt region ALWAYS looks like it may stank? Umph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Lawrence is really pretty as

Lawrence is really pretty as a woman..Just like Ru Paul.
PacificGirl's picture

the two of them last night

the two of them last night were hilarious....'i wouldn't invite me either' 'i've seen your work' 'gag'...what they NEED is their own show on the LOGO network!!
ohgoodness's picture

I will never step foot in

I will never step foot in Atlanta

chile, me neither... I

chile, me neither... I subscribe to your YouTube channel☺ always great make-up & hair tips♥
Peace Silas's picture

If you lay it all out on

If you lay it all out on paper no one will get confused as to where the money went. That's all I'm saying. She could be right about there being none left and he could be right about not working with friends. If this was any other business transaction with a contract, there would be official paperwork that has to prove where the money was spent. When you work with friends they think they can skip this part and rely on their word. That's what causes the shade.

I watched the RHOA special

I watched the RHOA special last night & them 2 queens were 2 damn funny! "Closet Freak" was an "OPEN MESS" I would LOVVVE to know how much Miss Lawrence (smh) thinks he is owed!
tori's picture

They are some scary looking

They are some scary looking dudes......My stomach turns everytime I see them.......All these wanna be singers who don't understand the music industry and how much it cost to make a record need to have several seats.
Naomi's picture

If you think that's scary, I

If you think that's scary, I suggest you don't go to Atlanta, cause those two are just the tip of the iceberg.

All these wanna be singing

All these wanna be singing bitches got issues. They all want the Kandi money but aint seem to stay on the Kandi train. Whomp Whomp
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