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Zoe Saldana CALLED OUT For EXPLOITING Nina Simone's LEGACY (And That Tragic Makeup) + Halle Berry's "Cloud Atlas" FLOPS At The Box Office


Zoe Saldana was given a "good talking to" in an open letter recently thanks to her Nina Simone role in an upcoming film.  Folks have something to say about the implications her casting makes about dark women of color and prejudices in Hollywood.  Decide where you stand on the issue inside and find out how Halle Berry's Cloud Atlas performed at the box office.


An interesting open letter to Zoe Saldana, posted on For Harriet, articulates for many African Americans the anger stirred up by the casting of Zoe Saldana in the upcoming film Nina, and what those actions say to Black actresses and the Black community as a whole.

Unfortunately...all of this seems to fly right above Zoe Saldana's head as her recent retweet about the criticism seems to assume the anger is simply about reverse racism and her light skin.....but it's actually much deeper more about keeping true to the whole purpose of Nina's legacy. 


A portion of For Harriet's letter said,

Perhaps you're just trying to hold on to whatever you can to justify your decision, but no, Zoe, this is not reverse racism. Reverse racism doesn't exist. Black women are not discriminating against you because you are a light-skinned woman. We are expressing our frustration at a racial hierarchy that renders us too unattractive even to represent ourselves. And if we're being honest, you got this role, in part, because of the privilege you've been accorded as a light-skinned Afro-Latina.

That's not to say I don't think you're a talented actress. You most certainly are. In fact, I think you could surprise us with your performance in the film. That doesn't change the fact that you are contributing to the ongoing invisibility of women who cannot remove their deep brown complexions, broad noses, and kinky hair every day after work. This project is a testament to the unconscionable arrogance of white supremacy. By taking part, you've condoned that arrogance.

And when Zoe makes comments in interviews like, "..why the f— would I sit down and talk about how hard it is for Black women in Hollywood when there’s a Black president in my country?” it does very little to win her support.

As an artist, Zoe has the right to accept whatever roles she offered, but does she also have a responsibility to acknowledge the deeper issues that her casting raises?  Speak on it...... 



Zoe was spotted rocking one of Nina Simone's signature looks, the head wrap, on the set of Nina in Los Angeles yesterday.  Though Nina Simone was most famous for her voice and poltical activism, it looks like the film will also showcase Nina as a fashionista. 



For a second look, she wore a burgundy maxi skirt and white top which she paired with some Afro-centric jewelry on her neck and in her hair.  This makeup though....


She's also wearing a prosthetic nose and has darkened her skin for the role.


She was photographed with her one of her adorable little co-stars in between scenes.


Nina is set to hit the big screen in 2013.



In other movie news...


Movie goers didn't show up to watch the Halle Berry/Tom Hanks flick Cloud Atlas over the weekend.  It landed in a disappointing third place at the box office.

Though the film had a budget off $100M, it only collected $9M in receipts, which couldn't have made Halle very happy.  Hopefully, she'll have better luck with her next movie outing, The Hive, which she stars in with Morris Chestnut.  Good luck with that.  That Oscar curse may have some legs to it.


Here's how the rest of the box office looked (new films are highlighted):


Photos via Fame/Flynet





There is actually no such

There is actually no such thing as a so-called "Light-Skinned Black" person ... but rather ... such individuals and groups are actually people who are of a 'Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed' (MGM-Mixed) Lineage that some may have been pressured or encouraged to ignore or downplay. . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4160 . People of Mixed-Race lineage should NOT feel pressured to 'identify' according to any standards other than one's own. . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4157 . The legal -application of the racist-'One-Drop Rule' (ODR) was banned in the U.S. way back in 1967. . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4162 . http://www.facebook.com/groups/253286018082418/permalink/253341891410164 . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4187 . http://www.facebook.com/groups/253286018082418/permalink/253341281410225 . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Listed below are related Links of 'the facts' of the histories of various Mixed-Race populations found within the U.S.: . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . There is no proof that a 'color-based slave hierarchy' (or that 'color-based social-networks') ever existed as common entities -- within the continental U.S. . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4154 . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4153 . It was the 'Rule of Matriliny (ROM) -- [a.k.a. 'The Rule of Partus' (ROP)] -- and NOT the racist-'One-Drop Rule' (ODR) -- that was used to 'create more enslaved people' on the continental U.S. . This is because the chattel-slavery system that was once found on the antebellum-era, continental U.S. was NOT "color-based" (i.e. "racial") -- but rather -- it was actually "mother-based" (i.e. 'matrilineal'). . http://www.facebook.com/allpeople.gifts/posts/309460495741441 . There were many ways (and not solely the sexual assault and sexual exploitation of the women-of-color) in which 'white' lineage entered the familial bloodlines of enslaved-people found on the continental U.S. . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4238 . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4239 . http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4240 . An 'Ethnic' category is NOT the same thing as a "Race" category: .b http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/4236 . http://www.facebook.com/allpeople.gifts/posts/300777016632181 . Other Topics: . https://www.facebook.com/allpeople.gifts/posts/279223868853420 . https://www.facebook.com/allpeople.gifts/posts/164203590359746 . http://www.facebook.com/notes/%C2%ADallpeople-gifts/the-facts-on-m%C2%AD... . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .

India Irie should have been

India Irie should have been cast as Nina, the women was a deep person and she was one who would not fake the funk or trade her identity for no one or nothing. She was one to put you in your place when you forgot who you were and who she was. If you get a chance check out her interviews in Europe and what her close friends have to say about how she really felt about her treatment as an artist from her prospective. I love her and her music she was amazing.

she does not fit the part for

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Poor choice of casting

Poor choice of casting indeed. I will not be supporting this film. I am so tired of black women with Deep Skin-tones (such as myself) being overlooked in Hollywood. This just tops it, and that makeup is a disgrace

When a person OF COLOR has to

When a person OF COLOR has to darken their skin with makeup to portray a BLACK person...the casting is WRONG. There are too many talented actresses of different hues who could have played this role. #EpicFail
tinytexan's picture

Forest Whitaker had to wear

Forest Whitaker had to wear DARK MAKE UP when he played Idi Amin in Last King of Scotland, and I love that movie!
tori's picture

I'm not necessarily happy

I'm not necessarily happy that they passed over black actresses or ignored the opportunity to cast a new face to add to the small selection we have but the main reason I'm choosing not to see this film is that Nina Simone's family isn't supporting it. If her family had agreed to the story and casting then that would be different.
WaterBaby's picture

Based on these comments,

Based on these comments, there are gonna be a BUNCH of y'all sh!ttin bricks in December (25) when that HILLBILLY, WOODY FROM TOYSTORY lookin RACIST, Quentin Tarantino film DJANGO UNCHAINED comes out! Fret not, all the slaves in the movie are AA, no BLACKFACE!
tori's picture

Just based on the history of

Just based on the history of black face in America- just by that alone, picking an actress were darkening her skin and adding a prosthetic nose is necessary is simply insulting! Who in their right mind thinks Zoe looks even remotely good in this getup? She looks like a caricature and makes a mockery of Nina Simone! A beautiful proud dark skinned woman. Nothing against Zoe, and there is no reverse racism happening here- we all know how hard it is for "darker" black people to get roles in Hollywood. This could have been a great opportunity to choose another dark skinned woman just based on that principal. And there are a plethora of talented dark-skinned actresses that many of you have already mentioned even! We need a wider range of complexion represented in Hollywood but it is obvious that the people involved in this project are either unaware or don't care about that which is another issue in it of itself. There isn't an accurate representation of us in all aspects of Hollywood. The screenplay written by Cinthia Mort, is a problem- Mainly because she is not black! How can she truly understand, accurately portray and represent our struggle and the powerful Nina Simone herself?! Answer is she can not! And seeing the choices made on this movie goes to show that many involved in the production of this movie do not understand that!     Think about the message it sends choosing Zoe over a darker black actresses- It says you are not good enough! And that is surely not the case.
AlwaysFabulous's picture

First, Zoe Saldana gets a

First, Zoe Saldana gets a backlash from the Hispanic community for getting the role in Colombiana. Flash forward now she's getting a backlash in the Black community for getting the role as Nina Simone. In the Hispanic community they wanted old ass Sofia Vergara (the annoying lady from the show Modern Family) to have the role because she is a white looking Colombian woman. Now here we go saying she's too light for this role. Really? Just in case some of you forgot she's an ACTRESS and it's her job to go after challenging roles. So the Hispanics say she's not white looking enough and the Blacks are saying she's not black enough. This just proves you will never ever be able to please everyone! I Repeat what I said yesterday. It's not like Zoe S has not played roles as a Black female before. Here are just some of the roles she as played. For example she played the daughter of Billy Dee Williams in "Constellation and Bernie Mac's Daughter in "Guess Who, Pirates of the Caribeans, Drumline, Haven, The Loser's, and Death at a Furneral. This girl has put in the work, Zoe does not turn down any movie roles. Zoe plays hispanic characters and black female characters this just shows how versatile her acting skills are. All those different roles she has played proved my point. In the Loser's she played an African female assasin and I have seen Ethiopian women that look just like her same type hair and skin tone. All I am saying is let's just give her a chance. This girl's resume of movies speaks for it self she has worked hard and has played in roles that other people would have probably turned their noses up at like Death at a Furneral which was a horrible movie. Colombiana was a box office fail because not enough people supported it. By the way she did a great job in that movie. In conclusion all I am saying is if we don't support movies like this movie about Nina Simone, there will come a time when Hollywood will just stop making movies about interesting black people like Nina Simone and countless of other stories about other Black people who's life stories will never ever go to the Big Screen. This is petty about the makeup and nose. Go see the movie then decide. If we don't support this movie Hollywood will not give the greenlight for future movies about Black people. One more thing Angelina Jolie played a biracial woman in the movie a Mighty Heart, she wore dark makeup and a tight nappy curly wig. They could have given that role to some that looked the part but they didn't. My point is this is how Hollywood works. it's not the actors or actresses fault it's the people who are running Hollywood fault. Signing a petition to get another actress for this role is stupid. The movie is already filming! Move on to more important matters in the world. I am soooo done w/ this topic. Moving Forward!
Shay's picture

I would have settled for Toni

I would have settled for Toni Braxton, sheesh, but India Arie would have been perfect for this role.
TeaNicole's picture

Not to be rude but Toni

Not to be rude but Toni Braxton can not act have you seen her in her one and only movie Kingdom Come? She was HORRIBLE and that's one thing that I just can not tolerate is: Bad Acting skills. As far as India Arie is concerned I have never seen her act before.
Shay's picture

OK, first, I'm french, so

OK, first, I'm french, so you'll all have to excuse my English. I am an athropologist, and i also am African descent. I am gonna try to make myself clear because I've been reading through your comments and seen a lot of weird arguments on all sides. @Denise2007 : M.O.N.E.Y. @LetsGetIt : I understand you are trying to defend Black People Here, but you are so wrong and delusional. Simple Exemple... I was born in Africa I have my own Ethnicy, my own language, my own culture, and we also have a religion of our own. Does that make me non black? According to your statements yes, which doesn't make any sense. @Cyn Flo was absolutely right, Black is a race not a state of mind, no matter how Light you can possibly be, if you have negroid features, then you are black. Those African Slaves descents are also black even if they have their own latin culture. And as far as I know... African American people also don't have the same culture as Caucasian American folks, as Italian descents and Irish ones are different in many ways in the way they interract socially, what they eat, the way they talk, their religions etc... Do not throw out ideas like you were some kind of scientist and theorician on the subject because you just make yourself look more ignorant. Other probleme with you guys oversea, is that you decline being black in a lot of declinations, which some dosen't make any sense, I am telling you... some Willie Lynch got your negro asses. @Shay "By the way Zoe is not lightskin,she's light brown" What the freaking hell does that mean? There were so many mixings (rapes, call it what you want ahah JK but still true.) in Latin America, America and the West Indies than a kid can be born light skin and having both parents Black. So please why degrading yourselves in such a dumb argumenting? Now that this is said, we all agree Zoe Saldana is a black woman, but she just does not admit it /identify herself as a black woman. OK that should be enough to not legitimate her playing a Black Woman Activist in a movie. It's just my opinion, but forget everything Color related, she is not a good actress and she doesn't even identify with Nina Simone and everything related she was. Everything about this movie is wrong, from Lisa Simone not being part of it to Zoe Saldana's cast. Most of you wont read this because it is long, too bad. I kinda feel sorry for all of you from those reverse racists to those who defend Zoe because they also are Light Skin, who's the reverse racist if black people don't like brown people, and brown people don't like black people. you all seem as stupid as each other. Thanks for those who read this.
Yaovi's picture

You are what ever YOUR TRIBE

You are what ever YOUR TRIBE IS. Man you people are crazy as fuck... If i had my own language, name, land, and culture/tribe. I WOULD NOTTTTT LABEL MYSELF BLACK!!!Fuck that!!I would be what ever my tribe is!! I would not call myself something a white man labeled another group of people he bought or kidnap!!!Now if you're ok with being called black fineeee. But im only black because that's all i knowwwwww!!I don't have a tribe, land , or culture. SO THAT WHY I IDENTIFY WITH BLACK.
LetsGetIt's picture


I POSTED THIS YESTERDAY: ''In this context black is a race, a race is a classification of human beings based on phenotype, ethnicity, culture, what they look like etc.... So basically black is a race with specific characteristics. Just to give you an example based on those characteristics, we're even capable of knowing a person's race if someone's died and all we found of that person is his/her skeleton but we won't be able able to say that if that person's Haitians or Jamaican or Somalian etc....with precision, that person would be classified as black.'' THE BLACK RACE CONTAINS TONS OF ETHNICITIES. I am a Haitian Canadian female with black features which means that I'm a caribbean woman AND a black latina. I don't say it because I'm light skinned or it makes me feel better about myself, I say it because it's a fact. My grandma had 10 children (all look like my grandfather before you try to say anything slick) of different skin tone some are light skin, some medium brown and some dark skin, they're all Haitians and therefore all black latinos. Now a Haitian person with white features is a white person, carribean person and white latino. Like I said previously just with your skeleton scientits can tell the race of a person but they will never be able to tell that person's ethnicity so that clearly proves that you can be black AND ALSO from any country.

@LetsGetIt....... Dude please

@LetsGetIt....... Dude please do your research before you come out gun a blazing with your overly emotional inspired rants that are grossly incorrect. A person's race has nothing to do with what they ethnic tribe is OK.... Your argument has no legitimacy because based on your unfounded theory if people are what they tribe is, suggest thata White, Indian and Asian person born in Africa would then be considered black or negroid No???? Dude there are three specifics races in the world, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Negroid, within the races are different racial Ethnicity like Zulu, Khosa, Chinese, Japanese. However, someone can be from the Negroid race but of Japanese ethnicity because they were born and raised in that country, but it does not make them Asian. Dude if you are going to engage in race pedagogy , please read and do your homework. You cant make shit up along the way based on your personal opinion, because your personal opinion counts for 0.
Kai's picture

Wtf is a Negroid sista

Wtf is a Negroid sista please, LIKE I TOLD COUNTLESS OTHER PEOPLE ON HERE, i have my opinions and you have yours. How the fuck can a CRAKKKA that's new on the scene COME TO A TRIBAL group of people that's thousands of years old and say hey "You Negriod, or hey YOU BLACK" get the fuck outtta hereeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!Now you and i can indenity with that because we are under the rulership of whitey and got our language , culture, and names stripped from us, but people who still have all that I DO NOT THINK THEY SHOULD CALL THEMSELVES BLACK!!! WTF IS BLACK!!! I mean the Negroid , Mongoloid etc the shit don't make sense i've seen asians like the Andamanese , Semang people with feautures and a skin complextion NO DIFFERENT THAN THE SO CALLED NEGRIODS!!!! Sista kai u just stuck in the white man's paradigm!!!!!!!Like i said, YOU ARE YOUR TRIBEEEEE!!!!NOT A DAMN COLOR !!! I see why brothas and sista from all over the world look down on you niggas cause yall don't understand shitttttt, and yall act like slaves!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Dude you are the biggest

Dude you are the biggest contradiction there is and practically a fawkin joke.....actually i swear that you are bi-polar. Your ass has gotten on here and diss Africans and Caribbeans on more than one occasion but then wanna preach " black unity" . Plus you constantly hype up the light skinned avatars and diss black women on the regular. Dude u stand for nothing all you do is chat fart day in and day out about how " AFRO_CENTRIC " you are. Unlike u I do not have to wear my race or ethnicity on my sleeve for the world to recognize me as a black woman. My blackness is accentuated in the , Sway of my voluptuous hipsqnd my sensuous lips. I am reminded of my blackness every time I look into the mirror. Seems like you are just discovering your blackness dude.... were adopted by whites are something.
Kai's picture

Show me where i dissed

Show me where i dissed african and caribbeans!!! SHOW ME!!!!lol u can't!!!! And what light skinned avatars have i hyped up besides tori's?????You just annoyed by the fact that I CAN'T BE BEATIN BY YOU BLACK WOMEN!!! Now how in the hell is me saying people with they own name, language , and culture shouldn't call themselves something a white man named us how is that Bi Polar or Makes me adopted by whites. SISTA U ALL OVER THE PLACEEEEEEEEE AS USUAL!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

God of Troll.

God of Troll.

Semangs, and Adamanese are

Semangs, and Adamanese are considered as "Negritos" and just like many other ethnies from Asia and Pacific they are negroids, Actually Veddoids which is a subdivision of negroids, they came from african migration between -70 000 to -50 000. they didnt mix with the local population, more exemple: papous, kanaks, australian aborigines, etc.. so you still don't make any point here man. those are actually black not asian, even if they are there from a hundred thousand years, they are not from the same origins than the people they live among. you're still arguing on nothing concrete.
Yaovi's picture

Well said.

Well said.

@Yaovi..... Just to add that

@Yaovi..... Just to add that anthropologist have proven that although the Aborigines and Adamanese people are dark and in some instances black in complexion, their genetic make up is more in line with the group referred to as " mongoloid". Dude it is a challenge arguing with people who do not have the basic fundamentals of academia. Don't even try taking this dude on, I have in the past and it is exhausting. Wrong and Strong is his mantra and approach.
Kai's picture

@Kay, this is actually

@Kay, this is actually discussed since the studies on those populations is a little aged, this is what i actually am working on, African Diaspora, but it's a big subject, anyway the point here is more carribean and AA. I didn't knew the guy i actually don't read the comments, and i just signed up to answer those crazy things he was talking about, thanks for the support and LOL @ hooduniversity, the kid needs schooling for sure..
Yaovi's picture

@LetGetIt.....Like I said

@LetGetIt.....Like I said before you are a graduate of " The Hood University" , You are one of those brothers that read a book that's way over your own comprehension and analytical capacity. Then you go around regurgitating what you have read and mus-interpreted thinking that you are smarter than the average person. Your useless diatribe which historically never has any academic substance well get you no where but a " regular writer for gossip blogs". Carry on you are representing the "angry black man " very well. Talk a lot and do absolutely nothing to improve shit. I am done . When you take your Ativan and can be rational and mature , please Google " Negroid" its is actually an academic vernacular. Nonsense
Kai's picture

My sentiments exactly.

My sentiments exactly.

being from a specific

being from a specific ethnical group doesn't mean you are not black. You are quoting White men, hummm... are white men from different origins and cultures? why don't you call them by what they are instead of stating a RACE, do you see the paradox here? you are opposing two things that are not on the same level. Black is a Race, whatever it is a white men Word, it's english, if you want me to refer as Black people in an African Word, i can do it man, doesn't stop everyone with negro features to belong to the Black race. a Race and an Ethnicy are two different things you need to consider. I am Black, but within the Black, i am Beninese and everything... why can't it means i am not black? you are self called Black which is correct, and also correct for people that have other culture. Black is general, ethnicy is precise, two different not opposable things.
Yaovi's picture

I mean when i say "White" im

I mean when i say "White" im talking about people who identify with being "White". Italians, Russians, and many other Europeans don't like to be called white, they find it more of an american term!!!!Now what makes "Black aka a object, aka a color a race??? PLEASE EXPLAIN !!! Now if you say black means negro....them thats crazy because you are african, with your own tribe language and culture, but you identify with a SPANISH TERM????? Negro means black object!!! You see yourself as an object????? And wtf is a negro feature??? Big lips, well i seen so called mongoloid or Cambodian people with thick lips, Kinky hair??? Well I've seen Asians with kinky hair named the "Andamanese people" I don't get this black race shit, black race should only apply to those who don't have a culture , name, identity, or land!!!! White people in america call themselves white because they don't have a tribe or land only land they have is one they STOLE. You calling yourself black is like a indian calling himself red just because a white man labeled him red. SO THEY SHOULD SAY "HEY WE THE RED RACEEEE"??? SHIT DON'T MAKE SENSEEEEE. INDIANS AND MANY OTHER PEOPLE IDENTIFY WITH THEIR TRIBE AND ORIGIN alriteeeee NOT NO DAMN COLORRRRRRRRR ALRITE SIRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! BEING A BLACK RACE, IS LIKE SAYING IM AN ANONYMOUS RACE!!
LetsGetIt's picture


OKAY SO LISTEN RIGHT. THIS IS GONNA BE A DOOZY. BUT IM GOIN IN!!! FIRST OF ALL @LETS GET IT,,,I been keepin up w your comments for a while and shit...and sometimes i be like wtf is he constantly getting on this bitch to do??? LIKE DO YOU THINK YOUR COMMENTS ARE GONNA CHANGE ANYTHING THAT US OTHER BLACK WOMAN FEEL ABOUT OURSELVES??? CAUSE EVERYTIME I CHECK YO COMMENTS YOUR EITHER TALKING ABOUT HOW BITTER BLACK WOMEN ARE OR SELF DEPRECIATING WE ARE, LIKE KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF ALREADY CUHH!!! I LOVE MY DARK AS FUCK SKIN, MY HAIR THAT BE ON THAT BULLSHIT, MY ASS WHICH IS AMAZING, MY LIPS WHICH ARE GIFTED WITH WIT, MY TITS WHICH DO ALL THE TALKIN THEMSELVES, SO FUCK OFF. I DONT GIVE A FUCK IF YOU CANT SEE ME IN THE DARK TILL I SMILE, BITCH ILL KILL YOU IN YO SLEEP. real shit dawg if i didnt see yo pic I would have thought you were a white dood. I still dont believe it. -Now to the topic....WHAT YOU SAID IS SOME FALSE AS FUCK WILLIE LYNCH SHIT.. YOU NEED TO READ UP ON YOUR HISTORY BECAUSE IF YOU FEEL AS THO YOU DONT BELONG TO A "CULTURE OR RACE" OR YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR IN A "ANONYMOUS RACE"....well then I'm glad you dont fuck with black women because niggas like you need to get yo mind right, and stop suckin da sack (white sack) cause black women,,,,atop of all the other nonsense we go through don't need to be checkin for no SELF HATING HOE NIGGAS.... I myself....am A BLACK WOMAN...in reality they would probably say that because my father is Cuban that I am of mixed race, my father was Afro Cuban (DARK SKINNED), and my mother is STRAIGHT FROM THE BOAT MISSISSIPPI, who is mixed with Native American (LIGHT SKINNED)...Growing up I delt with racism and harassment as a child ON BOTH SIDES. My skin is dark but my hair is down my back. AND THE QUESTIONS I GET ON A DAILY BASIS I LIE TO YOU NOT IS WHAT YOU MIXED WIT?? Girls would tease me growing u, REMEMBER WEAVE- Y WONDER??OR THATS UN-BA-WEAVE-ABLE???(no, just me? fine fuck yall.lol) AND IVE NEVER HAD A SEW IN IN MY LIFE. NOW A DAY BITCHES spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR PUTTING IN SOMEONES HAIR ON DEY HEAD. Even to this day i deal with bullshit..But i don't live in that mind set.. I was raised by STRONG INTELLIGENT, CARING, LOVING, WILLFUL, AMBITIOUS, SELF SACRIFICING BLACK WOMEN, TO ME THEY WERE PILLARS OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A WOMAN. AND BE BLACK. AND THATS WHO I AM. AND EVERYDAY I AM REMINDED HOW LUCKY I AM TO BE A PART OF THE GREATEST NATION OF People. WE HAVE OVERCOME (free HUEY) OBSTACLES THAT THE DEVIL HIMSELF UNLEASHED Against the world...and what do we do..Complain about what the white man does to us... Like really BLACK PPL WAKE UP. THE WORLD HAS ITS PROBLEMS SO THE FUCK WHAT???!! ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO LET THE OPINIONS OF THE OPPRESSOR'S CONDEMN YOU TO A LIFE OF WORTHLESS, THEY DONT WANT YOU TO UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF!!!!REMEMBER THE LA RIOTS?? REMEMBER APARTIHED??? WHITE PPL HAVE BEEN OPPRESSING AFRICANS FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS! ALL OVER THE WORLD.THEY KNOW THAT WE HAVE UNTOUCHED POWER. WHAT DO YOU DO TO A DOG YOU ARE AFRAID OF....YOU MAKE EM FEAR YOU MORE THAN YOU FEAR THEM.. MY CULTURE includes, MARTIN LUTHER KING, MALCOM X, (obviously, lets get them out the way) JACKIE ROBINSON, ROSA PARKS, CORETTA SCOTT KING, ANGELA DAVIS, LANGSTON HUGES, WEB DUBIOS, EMMIT TILL, NINA SIMONE, KOKO TAYLOR, BIG MAMA THORTON, SAM COOKE, MARCUS GARVEY, HARRIET TUBMAN, TUSKAGEE AIRMEN THE LISTS GOES ON FUCK EVEN GABBY DOUGLASS. PERSONALLY WE AS "BLACK" PEOPLE HAVE THE MOST AMAZING CULTURE, WE SHAPED THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH. WE WERE BROUGHT AS SLAVES AND NOW WE ARE KINGS. HOW DARE YOU BELITTLE THEIR SACRIFICE, HOW DARE YOU WALK AROUND OUR COUNTRY WHERE BLACK MEN AND WOMEN GAVE BLOOD AND FAMILY CHANGED A NATION INTO REDEFINING ITS TERM FOR LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. THEY REDEFINED TO US AS A PPL AND TO THE WORLD WHAT IT MEANT TO BE BLACK. FUCK YOU, you dont deserve to call yourself a BLACK MAN. I DONT GIVE A FUCK WHAT THE WHITE MAN CALLS IT. I WAS BORN BLACK, AS IN MY PEOPLE WERE TAKEN FROM ONE PLACE TO AMERICA (btw @Yaovi...im confused by a comment of yours, but I'll clear up what I thought you asked...rhetorical or not...I am Black because my ancenstors were takin from Africa to America. In the past the general term was colored...I dont know what was said first. You prolly know...if your really an anthropologist. But Black came about in the Americas, to define African Americans. And its really only in US where ppl refer to themselves as black. We do so because we (I myself) cannot like yourself claim to be of Beninese orgin, because in fact, I do not know) A WORD IS JUST A WORD TILL YOU GIVE IT POWER, THEN YOU ARE LOST. I used to think my mom said it so I wouldnt get into fights, but now I see its application. And sure, now a days you cant find a nigga with good credit, no kids, STRAIGHT ON NO DL BULLSHIT (sorry frank), LIVING ON HIS OWN, who's understanding, HUMBLE, HUSTLIN (legit or not) LOYAL MEN, who ain tryna fuck every light skinned bitch he sees (no offense intended for the women). soooo...@lets get it... until you fit the epitome of what women should be praying for I suggest you stick a DICK in yo mouth n do us a favor, and give us ALL something to talk about. OH YEAH AND HOLLYWOOD MADE A HUGE FUCK UP WITH CASTIN ZOE. Dont get me wrong she is fuckin beautiful..homo(lol)..But there needs to be an understanding in Hollywood that you can erase a woman's spirit by showcasing her in that way. SHIT IF SHE WAS ALIVE NOW ESP NINA, with how in-tune she was with her Blackness BURN THE WHOLE SET AND HOLLYWOOD DOWN...this takes BLAXPLOITATION to a new Height. SHOUT OUT TO BLACK PPL WHO LOVE BEIN BLACK. YOU AIN ALONE. REAL NIGGA SHIT. IM OUT.. P.S. BLACK WOMEN---WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT IF YOU DONT LOVE YOUSELF?--k lamar.
SkinnyDEMARKO's picture

quote @LetsGetIt: BEING A

quote @LetsGetIt: BEING A BLACK RACE, IS LIKE SAYING IM AN ANONYMOUS RACE!! Saying that you have no culture of your own is belonging to an anonymous race. but you have some culture of your own actually maybe different from caucasian's culture otherwise you wouldnt refer as yourself as Black, but American or even White American why not? you contradict yourself everytime stop talking and read more please.
Yaovi's picture

whatever the word is from..

whatever the word is from.. negro/ negroid is taxonomy, scientist anthropology term worldwide used, even in by Africans/African decents and activists. You don't even know what you are saying. What makes a black person are genetic physical skull and skeleton features together. you can state individual black features on other people, not all of em in the same person, except if that person belong to the black Race. You are pointless, i get what you mean but it still is uncorrect and totally wrong. Please educate yourself, and get you some Aimé Césaire books.
Yaovi's picture

Ummm... actually, most

Ummm... actually, most scientists agree that race is a social construct. Given that the slave trade & natural migration patterns have kind of obliterated set "characteristics" from one sect of people since groups of people all copulated with one another and mixed features, it's difficult to denote what color someone was just by their bones. Even now, I myself -- with both parents being "brown skin" -- am always questioned about my nationality and "where I come from" based on my physical attributes which apparently do not represent stereotypical depictions of what it means to be "black" in America. In laymen's terms... even if you collected a bunch of bones from all over the world, you wouldn't necessarily be able to note if one person is this color and another is the other. You might find similarities based on regional differences, and even then, you'd not know their color. (I mean look at Brasil for instance. A country that has a rich and incredibly blended culture with people's origins spanning all over.) But I do appreciate your opinion nonetheless and I wish LetsGetIt was more prolific in explaining his side as I see some valid points he made as well.
imjussaying's picture

Alright man, you are

Alright man, you are something white scientist and anthropologist made up. FUCK WHAT YOU BEEN CALLED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, forget the name your tribe/ancestors gave themselves yearssssss before those scientist were even thought of!!! I get it man...... BUT I'LL SAY THIS IF I HAD MY OWN LAND, CULTURE, LANGUAGE etc I WOULD NOT CALL MYSELF BLACK!!! End of discussion...
LetsGetIt's picture

Damn that was a lot of

Damn that was a lot of reading! Zoe identifies herself as a BLACK WOMAN, just not as an AA women, there is a difference! You say Zoe doesn't "identify/relate" to Nina & what she stood for but that's why its called ACTING! Halle played a crackhead in Losing Isaiah and I doubt she hit the pipe to "get into character!" Zoe is clearly stepping out of her comfort zone with this movie role so kudos to her. I guess we have to wait & see if this movie will be an epic film or epic fail!
tori's picture

you are actually right, she

you are actually right, she is definetly not AA, so i don't see any Self-Rejection here anymore. She is not a good actress tho, and the open letter was right in the sense that the whole thing about her makes darker women rejected in the film industry. Why cast a light skin woman and tan her, instead of just casting a natural dark skin woman. this is wrong, plus the make up is already a fail... don't even look natural... Anyway, it still is a real issue. About being what you play, i get it but i'm talking about the general message of a movie, like actor should be sensitive to what they play, Zoe Doesn't transmit anything usually on screen, so in a movie like that... I'm not conviced.
Yaovi's picture

I agree the make up is

I agree the make up is hideous, & down right disrespectful, but has it crossed anyone's mind that the casting directors may have sent out the scrpt to ESTABLISHED black actresses and they turned down the role? A lot of AA actresses don't want to play or go through the transformation to embody a dark skin woman with a fro & pronounced African features! We often times see Sanaa, Nia, Gabby Union, Halle, Kerry Washington...etc on screen rockin a European look (bleached skin, straight hair, contoured noses) and a lot of them aren't willing to be seen rockin a NATURAL look, so they could have very well passed on the script. The only young AA actress that Ican think of would have embraced Nina's look is J-Hud, but she's a crappy actress!
tori's picture

OH yea well since u mentioned

OH yea well since u mentioned TRANSFORMATION let me just say thats a pretty BOLD assumption on behalf of the ESTABLISHED blk actresses mentioned...Im willing to bet neither of them wudn't mind going NATURAL to have a chance at that "OSCAR" performance as well!!! Hmmm..but what the director did pass on was Nina's only daughter who was totally discredited as well as the LIST of actors that she advocated for and im sure they wud have embraced the role 100% if given the OPPORTUNITY! Ijs..I highy doubt a AA actress wearing her hair str8t is the reason behind this DEBACLE of DISRESPECT!! I have nothing against ZOE all im sayin is she CLEARLY does not identify with black if she believes RACISM does not apply to her in the industry!! *sigh...just my 5 cents and..*note..NIA n' Gabby are already beautiful dark skin SISTAS..
Like Really's picture

India Arie, Lauren Hill, Tika

India Arie, Lauren Hill, Tika Sumpter, Mary J. Blige, hell Macy Gray might even have pulled it off... the make up and that prosthetic nose is really bad and not helping the cause, maybe if the make-up/special effects didn't look cheap it would be more believable.

Girl you are clearly

Girl you are clearly reaching, really you would what to see MJB butcher this role, chick cant act , lets not forget that awful chicken commercial, nuff said. Tika Sumpter you must be kidding and India Arie's acting resume includes exactly what credits? . So basically what you are saying is as long as the person has a dark complexion they would be better that Zoe because she is light and of Dominican heritage. Black people are we really this petty and simple minded ? I swear we are more race and color conscious and absorbed than other races. We even turn on each other based on light skin / dark skin ish when there are no whites to blame huh. Black is black no matter what hue. SMFH
Kai's picture

At this point, I am confident

At this point, I am confident this movie will not do well AT all. People who are Nina Simone fans are outraged enough to not see it (there are numerous petitions going around), and nobody else will care enough to see it. Out of the people defending Zoe, how many of you will actually go and watch the movie?
Girl's picture

I hope it does well. She is a

I hope it does well. She is a good actress
Tracie Prettie Rickett's picture

I likely won't if we're

I likely won't if we're keeping it real. Not because of Zoe, but simply because docudramas tend to be hella boring.
MyAlterEgoStoleMyIdentity's picture

Kimberly Elise would have

Kimberly Elise would have been better.
TeaNicole's picture

That was Nina's daughter 1st

That was Nina's daughter 1st choice. If NeNe Leaks could act like anyone besides herself, this could have been her BREAKOUT role on the big screen!
tori's picture

But she is constantly in

But she is constantly in movies that appeal to a predominately white audience, where the main characters (including her love interests) are white men. The same with her real life relationships. They could have picked someone else. Hell, I could have walked down the street and picked someone better. jmo
Classic87's picture

By the way Zoe is not

By the way Zoe is not lightskin,she's light brown. Leave Zoe alone she got the role and she has earned it! If I'm not mistaken some of you complained when Paula Patton got a role that some of you thought she should not have gotten. Some of you said she was not black enough and she's too light. Stop it Enough is Enough! We need to move past this foolishness!
Shay's picture

Zoe is NOT "lightskin," she

Zoe is NOT "lightskin," she is just lighter than Nina Simone. While everyone is trippin on Zoe, only a handful of people commented on the post about the FIRST BLACK BOND WOMAN in the new 007 flick!
tori's picture

The first black "Bond girl"

The first black "Bond girl" was in one of the Roger Moore (as Bond) films, the second was Halle Berry when Pierce Brosnan played Bond. This chick ain't the first black Bond girl.
jgraves58's picture

I mixed up her being the 1st

I mixed up her being the 1st Black Bond girl and her talking about Idris Elba being her pick for the first Black James Bond (my b, I'm not a James Bond fan)! My point was, there are still black women in HOLLYHOOD gettin cast (not just in Tyler Perry films)!
tori's picture

I'd like to know who wrote

I'd like to know who wrote the "open letter"? Whoever it is, they are racist. Zoe Saldana isn't light-skinned, she's brown. Light-skinned is Halle Berry, Lisa Rae, Faith Evans etc. The people making the film wanted Zoe Saldana, she didn't cast herself. They obviously don't care if she is lighter than Nina Simone. This is just more stupid whining from another sad, stupid, racist.
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