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"L.A. Basketball Wives" Seem Unfazed After Four Get AXED From Show


When word hit the net yesterday that four out of the six stars of "Basketball Wives: LA" got their walking papers, none of the ladies seemed too fazed.  Check out how they responded (or didn't respond) inside....

What happens when VH1 reality show chicks don't allow "all of their reality to be filmed"....i.e., they don't allow for the cameras to fully exploit them like their Miami counterparts do?  VH1 gives them pink slips.

According to reports, Laura Govan, her sister Gloria Govan (who is now getting the axe for the second time), Malyasia Pargo & newbie Brooke Bailey have all been fired from the show.  All because--supposedly--they wouldn't allow VH1 to film "all" of their "reality."

The final straw for VH1 is when Gloria jetted off to Vegas to get hitched to Matt Barnes, all without letting the cameras in on it.  And she didn't let network know it was even happening.  Well welcome to the club VH1.  Womp.

So...Jackie Christie and her frenemy Draya Michele will be the only 2 asked back.  And what do the ladies think of this?  They found out yesterday along with everybody else--and most refrained from speaking on it.  And those who did--seemed pretty unfazed.


Draya said while partying it up in L.A. for Halloween Sunday night...as a "bad bride": "Basketball wife my ass. Waaaaayyyy baaaaaaddddder!"


Jackie Christie seem to not have a care in the world as she made her way to Shanice's show and Nick Cannon's party over the weekend, and said Sunday: "At movie with fam just had best dinner ever! :) hope your enjoying your day... Xo"


Laura (who tweeted the above pic recently of her and fiance Gilbert Arenas) cryptically tweeted Sunday evening: "Basic chicks start rumors."

Gloria & Malaysia have yet to comment on the situation...but are surely tweeting about everything else.


And Brooke wrote a mysterious: Everybody relax ... LOL ... This was after her party walk-thru in Birmingham alongside MiMi Faust of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" early Sunday.  Chick jetted to Vegas later on for more partying and wasn't letting the news get her down.

Gotta get those ends while ya can....

The Randomness:

1.  Evelyn Lozada reportedly wants her No Contact order on ex-husband Chad Johnson dropped.  STORY





I haven’t really kept up with

I haven’t really kept up with this season of Basketball Wives simply because it has been pretty boring. My roommate on the other hand is devoted to anything that has the word “housewives” in it. So our Hopper has been set to record every episode of the show this season and she usually catches up after work. In my opinion this show should have gotten the axe as a whole after three or so episodes. All the women on this show are crazy and don’t really have anything to offer other than the drama. My DISH co-worker is pretty excited that the Govan sisters may be on their way out. Either way, I don’t care. This show wasn’t on my must-watch list anyway.

Ratings were down, No one

Ratings were down, No one really watching the show. People are going to get the axe!
THE BUSINESS's picture

Man these niggas are some

Man these niggas are some suckers for bitches. We don't understand the power that we have as successful black men!!! Stop taking pictures with these bitches and giving them money, letting them get on TV AND LIVE UP OFF YOUR NAME!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Goodbye ~ Good riddance ~ who

Goodbye ~ Good riddance ~ who gives a sh*t ~
GetUrLife's picture

Jackie is the last one

Jackie is the last one standing...Guess she was right when she told them Heffas to bow down! LMAO. Don't quite understand them keeping Draya..she's the most annoying one this season. Bambi is more interesting than her. But of course then horse teeth would still be in the mix and she is as dry as the Sahara! I guess they figure they can milk the Draya/Jackie drama for another season at least.
PacificGirl's picture

Oh so its still on??

Oh so its still on??
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1. I AM NOT A BBALL WIVES STAN but I used to watch the 1st season of LA. Those chick terrorized Drea and Jackie. They jumped on Drea like vultures first chance they could when they found out she used to be a stripper and alla that. It wasnt til they cornered her over her son that they took her as a human being. And Jackie, who is still crazy, but they ganged up on her too. Honestly, they are the most interesting on there because Drea has personality and Jackie brings drama. The 2nd season was ter.rib.le. And why would you sign up to do a reality show, be down for fighting and cussing at each other, but your wedding? OH NO! Its not selling out if thats what you PURPOSELY signed up for. Im with VH1 on this

I'm sure Gloria and Laura

I'm sure Gloria and Laura didn't want the cameras to follow them in their homes because everything is a mess there! That was smart on their part because I'm sure it would have ended up pretty bad. So they decide hey let's just start stupid drama with Jackie. Malaysia big teeth arse brought her chicken headed friend to try to start ish but FAILED miserably. CANCEL BBWIVES ALTOGETHER! ---SHYT IS BORING AND TIRED
Chocoshake's picture

And drea gets to stay even

And drea gets to stay even though she's not a basketball wife? LAME!! They might as well cancel LA & MIA all together.
Tjblack's picture

I knew this was coming!

I knew this was coming! BBW:LA simply is just one big SNOOZE FEST! Exactly how did DRAYA, of ALL people get to stay? (I don't want to speculate on the OBVI answer)! Shaunie & those CHARGING BULL NOSTRILS need to cancel the show PERIOD & sniff out some new "talent!"
tori's picture

Beggars can't be choosers i

Beggars can't be choosers i guess. If you NEED to be famous, let the cameras film you
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