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OUT & ABOUT: Kelly Rowland & Her Lollipop Have A Hollywood Lunch + Kimora & The Kiddies Hit The Pumpkin Patch


Kelly Rowland hit the streets of L.A. yesterday to have lunch with a friend.  Check out one of our fave YBF chicks looking cute & casual with her lollipop, plus Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou on mommy duty as she hit the pumpkin patch with the kiddies....


Rocking her coral skinny jeans and a white tee and wedges, Kelly Rowland hit up Jack N Jill's restaurant in L.A. yesterday with a friend.  And the lollipop chick looked glam & casual as the same time while grabbing a bite.  Loving these shades.



She rocked her MCM leopard bag and her hair up in a bun.  Such a cute look for her.  And by the way, the new video she's featured in with Ludacris, "Representin'", dropped last night.  Check it out HERE in case you missed it.



Elsewhere in L.A., Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou took the kids to the pumpkin patch--without papa Djimon.



The chic mom kept it glam in leather pants and a biker jacket and leopard top and booties.  Her daughter Ming Lee put on a scary face, Kenzo rocked his Spiderman costume, and Aoki Lee apparently said she was too grown for this costume foolery.

Gotta love those kids.

Pics: Splash/WENN



Kellys rump looks a little

Kellys rump looks a little frumpy!
BigJohn's picture

The bun is so played. Kelly

The bun is so played. Kelly looks outdated, and I'm tired of the bun. Kimora looks nice but overdressed for the pumpkin patch.

Kimora is sooo damn Rich...!!

Kimora is sooo damn Rich...!! She looks like money..FIERCE!!...cute kids
Didshesaythat's picture

I want those sunglasses,

I want those sunglasses, Kelly!!
blynne23's picture


star's picture

Kimora is SMOKING! It looks

Kimora is SMOKING! It looks like she got lipo on her neck for those hot dog rolls....And Why is Kelly's friend looking all stank in the pictures like somebody is trying to photograph her? Gurl FIX YA FACE! Kelly's hair looks great- she looks the best when she is not trying.
BEEMA's picture

Kelly looks great (she has

Kelly looks great (she has come a LONG way from her DC days)! What is REALLY goin on with KiKi & DiJiorno? Looks like Ming & Chris Brown got their make up done at the same place (maybe Koochi knows Kimora) Kenzo has the cutest hair!
tori's picture

CHILE PLEASE, sorry no kids

CHILE PLEASE, sorry no kids for me. You don't need to impress me at all. I was just sayin'. No need for me to argue or go back and forth with you - cus we don't know each other, so its not possible for me to take YOU personally. Not sure about the "comedy in everything" comment, but whatevs. ALREADY OVER IT!
shylibra's picture

Thank you. For some people,

Thank you. For some people, this is the only place they get noticed (through rude and mean comments) ignoring the low class loser it's the best way to go ; )

This uneducated JOKER

This uneducated JOKER attacked ME <-- @Luci Santos <-- do U have a green card???? If not, I will HIRE YOU to PICK-UP Dog Shit for a Living...................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

OUCH!! LMAO @ that damn baby

OUCH!! LMAO @ that damn baby you got as an avatar...looks like the ANTI CHRIST
tori's picture

..,,and that's why Bey-Z has

..,,and that's why Bey-Z has multiple teams of doctors fixing Blue's Face before she'll show Blue to the public (Bey is Nutty Shallow like that).
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You'll never get discovered

You'll never get discovered on this website! LMAO! Are you on Youtube yet?
I Am Anonymous's picture

Kimora kids growing up fast.

Kimora kids growing up fast. Kelly looks nice. Tired of these high buns already though. Everybody's doing it.
GeorgiaAnnaDaughter's picture

looks like Kimora FINALLY put

looks like Kimora FINALLY put the fat one (who looks like Charles Barkley) on a diet. And Photo #3....Kelly looks..like a man trying to take a piss
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That was low! It ain't

That was low! It ain't nothin funny about a grown woman (or whatever you are) makin fun of a child. You usually have funny stuff to say but that wasn't it boo boo. #youmissedyourmark
shylibra's picture

....Not trying to impress you

....Not trying to impress you <--- move on (there is comedy in ANYTHING unless YOU TAKE IT PERSONAL...you must have an UGLY KID....it's O.K......so do millions of people......get OVER IT)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lol stop it!!!

Lol stop it!!!
GeorgiaAnnaDaughter's picture

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