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MASSIVE CELEBRITY COSTUME ROUNDUP: How Your Fave Celebs Celebrated Halloween...


Halloween is over, but not the round up of who dressed up as what.  Check out tons of pics of your fave celebs putting on their fab & foolywang costumes....



Kim and Kanye celebrated Halloween at her own superhero style bash at LIV nightclub in Miami last night.  Kim's family & friends did a whole Batman theme--which, of course, made Kanye Batman and her Catwoman. 



Over at Mansion in Atlanta, Stevie J & Joseline (who people used as costumes themselves) went as the Pope and a nun. 


How totally appropriate....



By the way, WTF is going on Benzino?  Let's get some pep in our step please.


T-Pain was also there in a funny decked out scary costume...

Photobucket Photobucket

Usher surprised his son Naviyd at school by dressing up as a colorful pelican (likely the star of Rio) and he brought Grandma Patton along.  Naviyd looked surprised...but scared as all get out.


Toya Wright went as Wonderwoman...and isn't losing that high side ponytail anytime soon apparently.


Ludacris and his girl Eudoxie ixnayed the couples' theme for costumes, but still kept it fun:


Luda went as New Orleans Hornets baller Anthony Davis (ha!), while his girlfriend Eudoxie went as a zebra:


Or possibly just rocked a zebra print catsuit from American Apparel to be a video vixen/groupie or something.  Chick is gorge though.




Over on "106 & Park", Bow Wow & Shorty Da Prince went as old men, while Paigion went as an Evil Queen.


Meek Mill popped up to kick it with the crew too.


Just for S's and G's...Miley Cyrus went as Nicki Minaj.  Those square butt pads are on point.


Natalie Nunn and her husband Jacob kept it zombie inspired.


Monica posted her kiddies Rocko & Romelo looking adorbs.



Lance Gross took it back to the early rap days in Cali with that jheri curl.


Keyshia Cole's son DJ was in all his super hero glory.  And mom and dad got in on the festivities as a baby and a pimp...apparently:




Braylon Edwards hit up a party looking like a Chippendale dancer or playgirl stripper.  How are YOU doin Bray Bray?


Holly Robinson Peete went as Prince for the day.


Faith Evans posted a cute pic of her son as Spongebob.



Not sure what Eva Marcille is, but she was having fun with a little cutie on Halloween.

Mariah, Nick and Dem Babies Roc & Roe went as the 3 bears with MiMi as Goldilocks:

Photobucket Photobucket

So cute!



Christina Milian partied it up with her mom who put on a sassy costume herself, while Chris tapped into her sexy vampire ways:


Someone was serious about that face.

Over in Sydney, Australia, Mel B. and Stephen took the kids out trick or treating:


Phoenix went as Sylvester while Angel and Madison put on cutesy Halloween gear with Stephen in a blue wig:



Fun times for the family!


J.Lo and Casper went as a 70's hippie couple.  They also celebrated their 1 year anniversary this week and tweeted love dovey messages to each other about it.


Diddy's cutie Chance Combs went as Bat Girl:



Absolutely adorable.  And she looks just like her mom.



Radio Personality Egypt showed off her baby girl Kendall on her first Halloween.  Cute!


Kevin Hart kept it hilarious & 70's style with his girlfriend Eniko.  These two...



And Deelishis showed her T&A in a gold leotard.  All to become...Flavor Flav!  I see she's paying homage to who made her.  SMH.

Check out our previous posts on Rihanna & Chris Brown's costumes HERE & HERE in case you missed them.

Photo Credit: Napoleon Meadors, Twitter




Eudoxie needs to take her ass

Eudoxie needs to take her ass back to medical school we need more black women doctors. ever since she's been with Ludacris all i see her doing is anything to get a ring. you appear to be a smart girl, please go back to school and be somebody's wife later.

OMG Egypt's daughter is

OMG Egypt's daughter is soooooo adorable!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Holly sure is a much better

Holly sure is a much better looking Prince than Diddy was! Too bad Kim and Kanye can't wear masks everyday.
Denise2007's picture

Kevin Hart had me in tears as

Kevin Hart had me in tears as usual. Hands down the most adorable costume was Diddy's lil daughter Chance and a close 2nd was Egypt's lil cutie. Its funny that Holly R Peete got the Prince costume down better than Diddy did. Eudoxie's body is on point, loved her look. Milian's mom always outshines her, she needs to take some tips.
Realist's picture

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Everybody looks so cute,

Everybody looks so cute, folks went all out for Halloween it seems, Keyshia Cole looked cute as a baby, Monica's kids were adorable as Toy Story, Luda's girl has a bangin body but she didnt look dressed up for Halloween tho, Usher, brother and Grandma all went to his kids school during classes dressed like that???? Can you say publicity stunt? How would YBF ever get these pictures? hmmm. Braylon Edwards is fine, shit that body is point too, What was Nick Cannons costume, I think Kanye and Kim killed it with their real Batman and Cat woman costumes. Kevin Hart is hung or was that a sock, he girlfriend is pretty, Chance has a beautiful face, such a doll. Aint nothing "gross" about Lance, he is chocolate thunder. LOL It all looked fun, Im dressing up next year.
Birdfood's picture

Kim and Kanye should've went

Kim and Kanye should've went as Kim and Ray J.
SadieJade's picture

KimYé looked BASIC, Luda is

KimYé looked BASIC, Luda is too damn funny I saw his costume a couple days ago! His gf EXODUS 20 put LALA to shame in that Catsuit! HO-LLOWEEN is like Atlanta's Mardigras so it was more RATCHET then usual romaming the streets! I thought Miley was Nicki for a second! Keyshia looks DISTURBED! Stevie J ("I am GOD") & BEAN-O look too damn OLD & silly! I hope José has that D!CK tucked!
tori's picture

Wow with those platform shoes

Wow with those platform shoes Kevin Hart is actually tall lol. Deelishis is a HOT ASS MESS like ALWAYS! Does she ever dress decent? I know it's halloween but she shows her ASS on the regular so maybe she should have challenged herself and dressed appropriately for once, since that is so out of the ordinary for her in real life. And just DEAD at the camera phone mirror pics! Like BITCH how old are you, REALLY?!!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

At least DEE-SGUSTING paid

At least DEE-SGUSTING paid homage to the man who made her more than a LOCAL "Big Booty Judy" (can't call her "famous")! I wonder what she's gonna do when that DONK start touching her calfs!
tori's picture

I would like to know the

I would like to know the answer to that as well lmao!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Is all of that Kevin Hart????

Is all of that Kevin Hart???? Or is that a sock? Mel B's eldest daughter is awkward looking. Toya Wright is gorgeous; why did Lil Wayne leave her? What race is Eudoxie? J Lo is gorgeous & her man is sexy. LOL @ Miley Cyrus & the but pads that Nicki USED to wear but has now replaced them with fix-a-flat. Mariah Carey & family look so cute! Holly Robinson-Pete made a good Prince. Christina Millian's mom is pretty. Usher's colorful pelican costume was cute.
I_love_laughing's picture

Ludacris as Anthony Davis is

Ludacris as Anthony Davis is friggin' hilarious and the Raymond-blood is working hard overtime in that family because Usher, his brother, and his two sons all have that same face.
Peace Silas's picture

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hooklookping's picture

Ha you can def see Kevin

Ha you can def see Kevin Hearts peeped slangin on the side! Geesh o____O
Rinny's picture

I was fine...until I got to

I was fine...until I got to the end...I'm so sick of seeing DEELISHIS' BIG, WIDE, NASTY LOOKING MOFO'ING ASS...AND THAT DAMN CELL PHONE...WHUH!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Halloween is definately an

Halloween is definately an excuse for these broads to wear bodysuits and dress like the hoes that they are. I appreciate those who stepped outside of that box. Anywho........ I wonder if Bey and Jay had costumes. They probably thought it was beneath them or due to their case of narcissism, they probably went as Beyonce and Jay Z. A good costume for Bey would've been a thief dressed in all black and a mask with a sack over her shoulder filled with stolen goods such as lyric sheets and Gerber baby food.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

boo you talkin about

boo you talkin about "narcissism"..you been on S.Rose's site for too long. THINK FOR YOURSELF...how dare you come in here acting like you had an original thought with that one. All she talks about is Beyonce being a narcissist. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?
BEEMA's picture

EXCUSE ME!!!!!! I sit here

EXCUSE ME!!!!!! I sit here before you and my creator to honestly state that I have never in my life been to (as you put it) S. Rose's site, plus I would NEVER EVER do something as stupid and lame as use someone else's comment as my own thinking that someone wouldn't notice and plus that's Cheesy as hell. Sorry Boo, but thievery is not my flow, it's BEY'S. Everything that was in my comment came straight from my head and no place else, so you can go somewhere with your false ass accusations YOU STUPID BITCH...... And yes I know exactly what narcissism means. It means BEYONCE, now reach around and have that seat that is so desperately waiting for you.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO...Ooooh B!TCH u did

LMAO...Ooooh B!TCH u did that! Stealing comments tho?? Who the f*ck does that? (I've had it happen once, it's amusing)!
tori's picture

Hell naw I didn't do no shit

Hell naw I didn't do no shit like that. It's so f--k--g dumb, lame and transparent. I don't know what part she's talking about but everything I wrote came straight from the top of my dome. I was tempted to check out what she was talking about, but then I said f--k it and f--k her too.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

WoW! Some of you eat and

WoW! Some of you eat and breathe Beyonce and Jay Z. They have nothing to do with this post but you just thought them up like that? If you think about them that much, just pop in one of their CDs and sing along.
Mama Mia's picture

Black women rarely seem to do

Black women rarely seem to do anything creative. Always wanting to wear the tightest and sluttiest outfits during Halloween.
jeze003@ymail.com's picture

Oh it's not just Afr Am

Oh it's not just Afr Am women. Pop on over to People and US Weekly sites to get some perspective Halloween is a HO down for all women alike.
Denise2007's picture

Since when are the love and

Since when are the love and hip hop cast celebrities?
Tjblack's picture

Braylon look a damn flaming

Braylon look a damn flaming ass mess. I loved Lance Gross and his homeboys costume! I Lol'd soon as I saw it...straight old school West Coast. Chance is a doll baby.
Keys's picture

What the heck u talkin'

What the heck u talkin' bout...Braylon looks sexy...I'm feeling Mariah, Jenny, Casper, Kevin Hart and Nick too...
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

Holly and Miley looked Great!

Holly and Miley looked Great!
star's picture

Kim & Kanye take the

Kim & Kanye take the cake......why is YBF hiding Rihanna's Marijuana Costume?????? Braylon Edwards is with THE BECKY OF ALL BECKY's <----for Christ's Fucking Sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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