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Chris Brown's Mom DEFENDS His Halloween Costume + Alicia Keys' NEW "Girl On Fire" VIDEO FT. Nicki Minaj


Chris Brown's mom recently defended her son's Halloween costume on Twitter.  Find out what she said inside and watch the "Girl On Fire" video from Alicia Keys featuring Nicki Minaj.

You may have heard about Chris Brown and his friends dressing up like "terrorists" for Halloween, and "you" might have been offended by it.  But one person who's in Chris corner is his mom Joyce Hawkins.  Joyce, who mainly uses her Twitter account to post inspirational messages and news about Chris, spoke about the controversy saying,

“Halloween is for fun, nothing more than just fun. Get a life please. So does this mean when we dress our kids as Satan we glorifying him or (is) it just out of fun???? … Keep smiling angel.”

Sigh.  A mother's love....she will defend Chris to the end.


And in new music videos...

The success of Alicia Keys' "Girl On Fire" single and video has prompted her to make a video for the "Inferno version" featuring Nicki Minaj. The track is the lead single off Alicia's upcoming Girl On Fire disc which she described saying, “This [album] is me stepping into my complete woman- hood, my journey to becoming fearless.”

Watch the new version ft. Ms. Minaj above....






Yeah, Fist Brown's mom and

Yeah, Fist Brown's mom and others may say it was just a costume. But if Justin Bieber were to dress up as a black rasta for Halloween(complete with black face and locs) most black folks would NOT see it as just a harmless costume.
GetAtMe's picture

PPL are so dumb ugh! I mean

PPL are so dumb ugh! I mean seriously Justin B. should just put some swamp clothes on and carry around a chained pregnant black female and say he's a slave master. And his slave is pregnant and he's going to have a light-skinned son who will be a singer and he's named it Chris. After all it's just Halloween right?
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I AM SO TIRED OF THIS HORRIBLE WOMAN AND HER MONSTER OF A SON!. Her son is a convicted FELON! She is his problem. He needs to stop doing illegal and offensive stuff and people saying he's just a kid. THe boy beat Rihanna to a pulp!..no a smack or a punch..but till she almost went unCONSCIOUS! THIS BEHAVIOR IS NOT OK. Now she stands by more stuff of his. I'm sure Fist Brown could kill another human being and idiots on here would come to his defense..and of his course his dumb mom.
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Why is she even

Why is she even acknowledging?? Makes her look just as ignorant as the ones making a big deal of it. I liked GOF until Alicia made the decision to team up with that Gimmick Garbaj fool.
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Chris' mom makes a good point

Chris' mom makes a good point though and I'm sure that Chris feels like 'Usama bin Laden in the media.
sunra's picture

Makes a good point, what a

Makes a good point, what a Joke...what good parent dresses child as Satan for the sake off Halloween...you have to think about what you are doing...I have friends who died in terrorist attacks..what the Hell, you people will never understand..I give up

If it WALKS like a duck &

If it WALKS like a duck & QUACKS like a duck...then maybe it is OSAMA BIN LADEN!
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Something is wrong with a

Something is wrong with a people who will glorify whoredome to the max and the same kind of killing that the Taliban commits right here in our so-called celebrity Rappers, but will be so quock to condemn this young man for a simple damn costume on Halloween...but these are the SAME idiots who will also be quick to hollar: "Don't judge..." I have a problem with certain folk wanting to set the moral code and standard in society and place certain ones in a box. I also have a problem with certain folk dictating what's okay to wear on a man-made holiday that's all about evil glorification. Some folk are truly fucked up and so conditioned in America that they don't even know it. Folk on' talk whether we do good or bad, so let 'em talk, do what you like, Chris...fick 'em!
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I'm gonna need for "Mama

I'm gonna need for "Mama VOYCE" to delete her twitter account ASAP! FYI: "SATAN" didn't fly them airplanes into the WTC killing AMERICANS on 9/11! What do you expect from a woman who was in love with a WOMEN BEATER, then BIRTHED one??
tori's picture

She actually has a point, I

She actually has a point, I never thought of it like that. If he were a regular person I don't think it would have mattered as much. Look at Prince Harry, last year he dressed up as a Nazi and people raised hell over it! So of course people are gonna raise hell over Chris Brown's terrorist outfit because he's a celebrity and he's "Chris Brown," people already don't like him.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

that must be because its a

that must be because its a stupid point...Dressing your kid up as Satan is sending a bad message...why not dress up as the KKK and have your friend walk with with a noose around his neck. You really don't get it do you Don't be so ignorant...you remember the saying "with great power come great responsibility" he has great influence over our young people and when acts stupid what do you think the end result will with our kids...just stupid

No you don't get it do you?

No you don't get it do you? Because I don't give a SHIT!!! I said in a previous post that him dressing up as a terrorist was a bad idea because it's a touchy subject in America (for understandable reasons), that is disrespectful! However, there are thousands of people who are robbed and brutally murdered by robbers in homes, banks, the streets, etc. But you don't see people getting upset over bank robber costumes do you? Everyone has hurt or have family members that were hurt in this world. Just because some incident happened to you or your loved ones doesn't mean other people have to equate to your feelings and stop living their lives! If people want to dress up like Satan, terrorists, the KKK, or Nazi's then that's their DAMN BUSINESS! Like I said before, I don't GIVE A SHIT BECAUSE IT DOESN'T AFFECT ME! Yes it's offensive but it's Halloween. This is America DAMNIT! We're supposed to be the land of the free, yet aren't free to EXPRESS ourselves (EVEN IN COSTUMES). I still think Chris' costume was a bad idea NOT because he was a terrorist but because he's a celeb and people put them on a pedestal and hold them to sometimes impossible standards. A lot of kids watch him and look up to him, so yeah that makes it a bad idea. Plus the media hate his ass so why would he stir up further controversy? It was just dumb on his part given his circumstance. But if it was some regular joe on the street nearly NO ONE would care and you know it! Oh and for the record I'm far from ignorant, but seeing how you jumped down my throat for stating I can see where his mom was coming from with her statement shows me that you are! So quick to judge and jump down someone's throat without first looking from their perspective and then have the nerve to call someone else ignorant. TYPICAL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

People are willing to forgive

People are willing to forgive Chris Brown for his continuous obnoxious behavior, but demean Alicia Keys for being married to man who once was married. Something doesn't add up for me. This shows that women are willing to forgive a foul man and condemn a woman for not even doing remotely anything in relation to his antics. What's the rationale behind this behavior?
marylou's picture

@Marylou..... these 12 year

@Marylou..... these 12 year old girls, fat bitches and gay men make excuses for this loser all the time but will vilify and condemn women. Sad state of affairs.
Kai's picture

Ghosts, Devils and Demons

Ghosts, Devils and Demons havn't been proven to exist.

What about: Goblins,

What about: Goblins, Ghoulies, Evil Clowns, Gargoyles, Warlocks, Apparitions, Polergeists & Leprechauns? ??????????????????
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


tori's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Now we see why this MA-Child

Now we see why this MA-Child is so retarded. She defends everything he does , what a way to train your child. Well then again most black folks including the editor in chief on this here blog always have a damn excuse for him anyways while others are vilified. CB id heading for a grim end , mark my words.
Kai's picture

girl on fire is so mediocre

girl on fire is so mediocre to me
Reign's picture

I agree .. it just doesn't do

I agree .. it just doesn't do it for me at all

Seriously people!! It may

Seriously people!! It may have not been the best choice of a costume, but it is just that, A COSTUME!!! It's ok to dress up as whores, devils, satan and anything evil on halloween, right? Get over it folks!!

Thank You!!!

Thank You!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

It's a DAMN costume you

It's a DAMN costume you ignorant people!!!!!!!

Halloween is for fun.....no

Halloween is for fun.....no wonder he is so screwed up...I am sure they can say and will say, we are rich so we don't need consideration for other plights from these horrible people....oh yeah dressing your kids up as Satan is not a thing a good parent would do as fun...would it be fun to dress up as the KKK with hood and sheet and carry a cross with a black man hanging off of it .oh yeah its Halloween that makes it OK...WOW

It was Halloween, people...

It was Halloween, people... geez!!!
Michelle K's picture

that kid is lucky that one of

that kid is lucky that one of our Soldiers didn't have a FLASHBACK and go RAMBO on his ass. We could have accidentally BOMBED his house too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally some people are getting it...this is not OK

that FAT, High Yellow BITCH

that FAT, High Yellow BITCH sounds STUPID and quasi Retarded!!!!!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Surprisingly, I haven't seen

Surprisingly, I haven't seen much of an uproar about this as I thought it was gonna be,(unless I missed it) so if I was her, I would keep my tweets to myself. I don't know if the storm overshadowed it or if they just wanna keep the peace between the 2 countries and not bring attention to it, I don't know. (shrugs) Moving right along....... Not that I like Alicia's song, but there was no need for Nicki to be on that track. She added nothing.
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And this is why Chris Brown

And this is why Chris Brown is an overgrown, ignorant brat.
whatev's picture

Exactly! She seems to always

Exactly! She seems to always make situations more messy than they need to be when she tries to defend him on Twitter. She really outdid herself with those tweets after Michael Jackson died. "Girl on Fire" is just OK to me. I like "New Day" better.
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