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Toni Braxton, LisaRaye, Essence Atkins & More RAISE CASH For LUPUS + Tamar Braxton & Vince Herbert DISPEL DIVORCE RUMORS On "WENDY"


Yesterday, fabulous women like Toni Braxton, Kellita Smith and LisaRaye helped raise money at awareness for Lupus at a fabulous luncheon in Beverly Hills.  See the pics inside and find out what Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert revealed to Wendy Williams...


Yesterday, Lupus LA marked the 10-year anniversary of the Hollywood Bag Ladies Luncheon at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. The sold-out event was attended by some of the most charitable "bag ladies" in the country including LisaRaye, Kellita Smith (new "The First Family" star) and Essence Atkins




R&B legend Toni Braxton was among the attendees, looking amazing in this orange Tom Ford bsck zipper dress, and was honored along with other past recipients of the “Woman of Achievement” Award.



The R&B chick was supported by her family and fellow "Braxton Family Values" stars Traci Braxton, Evelyn Braxton and Trina Braxton.



Great look for her.


Legendary actress and upcoming "The First Family" sitcom star Marla Gibbs showed that good black don't crack as she went down the blue carpet.




LisaRaye rocked her white pants and a black and white sequined top to the luncheon.  She's been pushing the
Transforming My Body" diet & exercise plan and clearly it's paying off.


Actress Essence Atkins also stepped out in a white cocktail dress.


Emmy-winning actress Jackee Harry (who appears on "The First Family" with Marla) flashed her pearly whites for the cameras.


Marla and Jackee had a "227" reunion and posed with executive producer Carolyn Folks.




During the luncheon, the ladies were treated to a fashion show by designer Kevan Hall who has dressed FLOTUS Michelle Obama and plenty of celebrity gals.  Fab job ladies!


In other Braxton related news.....


Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert, who star on WEtv's "Tamar & Vince", stopped by "The Wendy Williams Show" to dispel rumors that they are getting a divorce.  Tamar said she didn't know where the rumor came from (oh, could it be the fact Vince said e's knows what he wants and it AINT "this"?) and that she definitely didn't "plant it" because she doesn't lie.  

The couple revealed that they are selling their new mansion because Vincent found a new one.  Why?  Because their 15,000 sqft mansion "wasn't big enough" for the TWO of them.  Yeah, they said it.  Vince told Wendy that he wanted Tamar to have a beauty salon...and he wanted a gym.  When audience members laughed at him about making the gym comment, Tamar snapped "Don't do that.  My man looks good." 

Tamar told Wendy she does not regret sharing her and Vincent's marital issues with the world on reality tv and added that divorce is not an option.  The couple also said they never sleep in separate rooms.

Then the couple made the "big announcement".....Vince and Wendy will be creating a "Wendy's Next Great Voice" segment in the show where viewers will compete for a demo deal with Vince!

Photos via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America



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Im so glad more people are

Im so glad more people are seeing Wendy Williams for what she really is, a a rude, loud, obnoxious, man looking, no tact having unprofessional buffoon with a talk show. Tamar & Vince are like an ongoing car wreck.
Realist's picture

Essence looks great. Lisa

Essence looks great. Lisa Raye's all white is getting tired. Toni looks bloated. Stop the fillers, already.
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They will receive some

They will receive some blessings. Toni looks good too.
In God We trust's picture

i used to watch Wendy but i

i used to watch Wendy but i realized she's a big advocate for the Kartrashians so i quit her fucking show, fuck dat

Tamar and Vince should keep

Tamar and Vince should keep their relationship off television. It seems like all they do is argue. Tamar is very insecure and that is bound to get on anyone's nerves. Vince and Miracle, you have my sympathy! LOL.
Capital Cutie's picture

Wow Toni looks like she doing

Wow Toni looks like she doing ALOT of those fillers and other face stuff like her sister and it Ain't Cute!
star's picture

The worst thing then dumb

The worst thing then dumb blacks are RICH DUMB blacks (ie Tamar and her husband). They don't seem educated nor wise.
Lifeatbest's picture

My friend interviewed Tamar

My friend interviewed Tamar and Vincent and she said their marriage is NOT an act. They really are in love. I didn't believe it lol but she said she it with her own eyes

That's precisely why I

That's precisely why I stopped watching Wendy's Incredible Hulk looking ass. Vince didn't even notice that people laughed about the gym comment and I didn't even notice, so there was no need for her to point that out and Tamar can shut up talkin about "don't do that". Uhhh is this the same person that embarrassed her husband introducing him as the Overweight Lover? Girl Bye. Anywho....... Essence's head reminds me of the characters on Bananas In Pajamas.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

LMAO...The thing is Vince has

LMAO...The thing is Vince has lost A TON of weight but you can't tell cause he still got a POT BELLY, and who can focus on him when Tamar KNIFED UP FACE, LACEFRONT GLUE, & GHETTO COLLOQUIALISMS are always stealing the spotlight? And I've always pegged Essence as more of a "Proud Family" type of cartoon looking character lol (That theme song is the ONLY SoLONGAGO song I like).
tori's picture

You're right, it doesn't look

You're right, it doesn't look like he lost any pounds, but Wendy shouldn't have brought attention to his weight like that. I admit I crack a few fat jokes here and there, but Wendy is just nasty and I felt so bad for him, especially when Tamar joked about it on their show. By the way, that Proud Family theme song was everything, I loved it. lol.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I agree with you! I can't

I agree with you! I can't stand Wendy either for that very reason. She's an obnoxious, mean-spirited horse and I hope she loses her voice one day--for MONTHS just so she'll learn how to appreciate it when she gets it back (hopefully). Toni Braxton looks great--she & Trina resemble each other when they pull their hair back. Jackee looks like an old church lady, swinging her purse like that. I have always said that Essence Atkins has a HUGE forehead. Much bigger/more prominent than Rihanna's and Tyra's IMO.

Who woulda thought Florence

Who woulda thought Florence would have out lived the Jeffersons & the Willis'? Is Sherman Hemsley buried yet? I'm sorry but the Braxton's are NOT cute! LisaRaye, Kelita (aka Wanda) & Essence are GORGE!
tori's picture

nope!! he died in july and 5

nope!! he died in july and 5 months later he is STILL in the freezer at the morgue. so trifling that his family wont bury him already.
shuga's picture

I know?! How gross--AND

I know?! How gross--AND disrespectful. Here's an idea; bury him with dignity with HIS money, then split up the rest. Jerks!

....and his whole family is

....and his whole family is fighting over a GRAND TOTAL of.....50k
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


50k? ARE U F*CKIN' KIDDING ME?? That's some petty SHEREE WHITFIELD type litigating nonsense? I thought he didn't have a WIFE or KIDS? That sh!t cray!
tori's picture

You've never not seen me wear

You've never not seen me wear white....b/c it makes me look darker ~ Sincerely, LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®© *uses fake ghetto accent*........,,,,,,,,,..
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Essence, please, for the love

Essence, please, for the love of all that is holy, WEAR A BANG!! a swoop, some shirley temple curls....SOMETHING!
shuga's picture

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