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Eddie Murphy Brings His New Chick Paige To His "Spike TV" Tribute



Comedian Eddie Murphy was honored by Spike TV and a room full of his peers last night for his enduring contributions to comedy.  And he brought his girlfriend along for the ocassion.  See pics of Arsenio Hall, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson and others who can to toast him inside...




Last night in LA, Spike TV taped a special tribute honoring Eddie Murphy.   “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only,” (airing on Nov. 14 from the Saban Theater) featured some very funny men (Jamie Foxx, Tyler Perry, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Keenan Ivory Wayans) telling funny stories about Eddie.

And Eddie was more than happy to walk the red carpet with model Paige Butcher (who used to date Russell Simmons of course) on his arm.  Hmm...he never brought Rocsi out to events like this.



Charlie Murphy was there to support his brother and share some jokes.


And Jamie Foxx paid Eddie the utmost respect during his tribute.

Photobucket Photobucket

Lovely ladies like actress Anika Noni Rose and tv personality Terri Seymour added a little beauty to the room.


And Samuel L. Jackson thanked Eddie for giving him his first speaking role in Coming To America.  He said, "If it weren’t for Eddie, we might not have all the wonderful films that I’ve made, He is a true movie star. You became an inspiration for all young African-American actors.”  His Coming To America co-star Arsenio Hall (who will be returning to television with a talk show) also attended the taping.


Meanwhile, Tracy Morgan dressed as Eddie from the classic Delirious movie, told a few stories too.


At the end of the tribute, Eddie took the stage and shared, “I am a very, very bitter man.  I don’t get touched easily, and I am really touched."

"This is really a touching moving thing, and I really appreciate it,” he said. “You know what it’s like when you have something like this? You know when they sing happy birthday to you? It’s like that for, like, two hours... and I am Eddied out.”

He told the crowd, “I’m just a retired old song and dance man. That’s what you do when you’re retired: You come out every now and then and talk about the old days.”

Retired?  Oh.



Photos via Getty Images




Tracey Morgan is so

Tracey Morgan is so Unhealthy, but he is Funny.
star's picture

Go eddie!!!

Go eddie!!!
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Nicole Murphy has already

Nicole Murphy has already OUTTED Eddie for being a DOWNLOW Brother during their divorce so, these woman like this Becky we see here is just hired by an ESCORT Service. Russell Simmons already hired her and now Eddie wants his leftovers. How GROSS!
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You sound dumb. Like Nicole

You sound dumb. Like Nicole called you as was like "girl....lemme tell you about this downlow n*gga" lol. Have a seat.
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Eddie... Diddy....damn I'm

Eddie... Diddy....damn I'm sick of these old ass men thinking they still in their 20's or 30's...they go an get themselves a young white or hispanic girl when they get old.to make themselves feel better i guess...midlife crisis!!?...Please go sit down somewhere eddie......PLEASE.
Didshesaythat's picture

Eddie still trying to prove

Eddie still trying to prove to the world that he is not GAY.
DominicanQueen's picture

I think Charlie is waaaaaaay

I think Charlie is waaaaaaay funnier than Eddie.
I Am Anonymous's picture

That's brotha got him a

That's brotha got him a blonde IDEAL white woman!! lol That's wassup !!
LetsGetIt's picture

What's so "IDEAL" about

What's so "IDEAL" about BECKY? The color of her skin & texture of her hair, because for all we know she can model gloves! Do you KNOW her? Clearly she wasn't "IDEAL" for that perve Russell, & he barely has standards!
tori's picture

Hey , that's not according to

Hey , that's not according to me!!! Im just saying , the blonde haired blue eyes woman is the idea woman FOR MOST MEN AND WOMEN around the world. Shit you got black women with blonde hair and blue eyes trying to look like them lol. Shuu that's the main reason i think black men like white women is because black women try to look like em.
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What do you expect when the

What do you expect when the UNIVERSAL standard of "beauty" is LIGHTSKIN, LIGHT EYES, & STRAIGHT HAIR??
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What is it with these DOWNLOW

What is it with these DOWNLOW BROTHAS & WHITE WOMEN? Is it BETTER to be labeled SELF HATING, than HOMOSEXUAL? I love me some CHARLIE MURPHY!
tori's picture

Yeah how about that? And

Yeah how about that? And poor, plain white girls at that. SMH...

I love Charlie Murphy...he's

I love Charlie Murphy...he's sexy to me.
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

TEhe...Eddie can't be denied

TEhe...Eddie can't be denied he is definitely one FUNNY mf-ucker!!! BaHa..I know ole Johnny Boi somewhere in da buildin poutin tho!! Smhlololol...
Like Really's picture

lol omg I had a dreamgirls

lol omg I had a dreamgirls moment when I saw that Anika was there to support Eddie!!
nikasosmo0th's picture

LOL...u made me think of

LOL...u made me think of Eddie's first scene in the movie. Smilin' all wide in his satin suit. LMAO

All the guys looked dapper in

All the guys looked dapper in their suits & then came Tracy (green face)
Realist's picture

Eddie Murphy was very

Eddie Murphy was very talented back in the day. But now I just find him arrogant and disgusting. I totally believe that he's 'bitter'; remember when he up & left the Oscars a few years back cuz he didn't win? Brat!

I guess Eddie said "FUCK YOU

I guess Eddie said "FUCK YOU BLACK BITCHES"!!! lol Oh Eddie...........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Well, I don’t know about

Well, I don’t know about that, but, I do know for a fact that in “Coming to America” Eddie said “Yes, yes, fuck you too!” ....
rebellious soul's picture

Eddie's such a dirty old man.

Eddie's such a dirty old man. As for her.... GO seduce your Grandpa like a sweet little girl......................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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