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ON THE SET: Future's “Neva End (Remix)” Featuring Kelly Rowland + "RHOA" Premiere Sets RATINGS RECORD For BRAVO



Future  teamed up with R&B chick Kelly Rowland for his latest video "Neva End (Remix)."  See pics of the duo on set shooting the video inside and find out how well "RHOA" did in the ratings last night......


As Kelly Rowland gears up for the release of her Year of the Woman disc, fans could say this is her "year of the feature" as she's already appeared on tracks for Big Boi and Ludacris.  Now, she's featured on Future's latest single "Never End (Remix)."  


The duo teamed up to shoot the video in LA over the weekend with Kelly tweeting, “Had a GREAT time this weekend shooting @1Future’s video for ‘Neva End (Remix)’ in Los Angeles.”  The song will appear on a repackaged version of Future’s Pluto 3D disc (Nov. 27th) featuring three new songs and two remixes.


Kelly also tweeted a pic with her beauty team saying, "the Pretty Committee #GLAM #NevaEnd."  


And on television....


Last night “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” broke records and became BRAVO'S highest-rated season premiere bringing in over 3.2 million total viewers and over 2 million adults 18-49. Also, this was the highest rated season premiere for all key demos.  And the success didn't stop on the small screen as "RHOA" had a 258% increase on Bravo Mobile and a 129% percent increase in Twitter mentions.


Watch a sneak peek of next week's episode here: 




Photos via Kelly Rowland







I can't STAND Kelly Rowland's

I can't STAND Kelly Rowland's dark butt azz. She needs to sit her average ass the FUCC down already.
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hooklookping's picture

Kelly, please stop with the

Kelly, please stop with the WEAVES so tight you get bumps around your edges b/c you are 2 sew-ins away from having ALL your edges SNATCHED BACK like Naomi!
tori's picture


Kelly- THOSE EDGES! OR LACK THEREOF! In pic 3...wheeeww chile...she is bald headed..watch out for a strong wind so your weave don't blow off
BEEMA's picture

I REALLY like neva end!!! but

I REALLY like neva end!!! but from the moment I saw the rhoa supertrailer, I immediately knew I was not goint to like Kenya. She is so beautiful, but so ugly. That scene at the Jet model call was horrible and she was so MEAN!!! Usually when ppl are mean for no reason like that, they are not happy with themselves. shame.

Kenya is a women who's

Kenya is a women who's "success" was built on her beauty, and no matter how confident she comes off as, she knows her looks will fade soon so she feels the need to attack ANY female half her age!
tori's picture

SO true! I know tons of women

SO true! I know tons of women just like that. After her little spat with Cynthia, she instantly looked like an evil witch in my eyes. Just like Evelyn. Some pretty women have the nastiest personalities.

Yeah, I think it's a defense

Yeah, I think it's a defense mechanism. I think chicks who have been told they're BEAUTIFUL their whole life would rather have someone say, "You have a bad attitude," then for somone to point out a physical flaw or say "Girrl, them thighs are looking a lot like cottage cheese", or "Are those wrinkles??" Lol
tori's picture

I heard a song of hers on the

I heard a song of hers on the radio this morning....I believe it was her featuring Lil Wayne. I think the song was called Ice or soemthing like that....that song aint goin nowhere. I like Kelly and I wish she could come out with a BIG hit. She's beautiful with a very harmonius voice so I'm hoping she comes out with something great in the near future.
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lee1111's picture

Kelly Rowland is sooo

Kelly Rowland is sooo beautiful and talented. I wish she would leave these little league rappers alone and focus on working with big name pop and dance artists. She has such crossover appeal she doesn't need to be the hip hop hook girl.
Shelley's picture

Kelly-girl you better go on

Kelly-girl you better go on somewhere with your beautiful self looking all gorgeous.☺♥ I’d really like to see her music momentum keep up and keep going. And I want those damn blue metallic jeggings or whatever they are.
Peace Silas's picture

KELLY you look like Patti

KELLY you look like Patti LaBelle singing all these hooks with washed up Rappers! Girl do like Brandy and get wit somebody with a fan base. I hope your album sells gurrrrrrrrrlll..! cdfu
BEEMA's picture

Urmmm looks like the only

Urmmm looks like the only record Kelz is goin to break is Guinness World fo' the most Urban Featured Female Artist of her time!! Smhlolol...
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tom008's picture

Kelly is featured on all

Kelly is featured on all these song but they're not going anywhere.

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